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The “Momma Universe” Advantage

Written by: James "Jay" Hollingshed, Executive Contributor

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It has become a common practice for business owners, organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes to send up a prayer or two requesting Divine assistance with their future endeavors. However, studies prove today’s generation of millennial leaders and a few older exceptions benefit greatly from doing more than just sending up a prayer as their spiritual action.

They now visualize the exact results they’re expecting and pour continuous positive thought energies into their vision while feeling what it is like to have achieved their desired results. In some cultures, this example of channeling thought energies and feelings is a form of meditation. Some say it’s a form of concentration. Both interpretations are correct. Meditation is simply a prolonged form of concentration. The following short examples explain how channeling your thought energies and feelings for manifestation can be used as a simple plug-and-play formula to reach organizational, leadership, entrepreneurial, athletic, or personal goals.

The story is told of a child who excitedly walks into a toy store with his/her mother. The child follows the mother throughout the store going from one aisle to the next and is constantly telling the mom, I want this, or momma, I want that. The child sees more toys, bigger toys, better toys, and says, momma, I think I like these better. The child wants 20 different toys from 20 different aisles. Seeing and feeling the conflicting energies from her child’s lack of focus, she smiles. She is convinced her child is overwhelmed, excited, and confused. Momma gives the child a big hug and buys nothing for the child. She says we will come back and get something when you are ready.

A second story is told of a child who excitedly visits the toy store with his/her mother. As the child followed the mother into the store, a green toy on the third shelf of aisle one catches the child’s eye. The child stops, picks up the toy, and examines it. The mother kept walking, not realizing her child was still on aisle one examining the toy. Momma circles back and summons the child. Reluctantly, the child puts the toy back and takes mom’s hand as they walk from one aisle to the next, passing a plethora of fascinating toys. Every aisle they walk down takes them further away from the child’s desired toy.

When entering a new aisle, the child would say, momma, I want the green toy, on the third shelf of aisle one. They kept walking, and the child ignores twenty different toys from twenty different aisles. The child kept repeating, I want the green toy, on the third shelf, on aisle one. Seeing her child’s energy and feeling the focus, momma is convinced her child is not confused and knows what they want. She gladly walks back to the green toy on the third shelf of aisle one and purchases it for her child.

“Our thoughts create our reality – where we put our focus is the direction we intend to go.” –Peter McWilliams

Let’s substitute the toy store and new toy for that upcoming work presentation and your desired presentation results. Close your two physical eyes to reduce distraction and see with your mental eye your desired results on aisle one. Being on aisle one could also represent your first mind or your initial thoughts. How many times have we said to ourselves, I should’ve followed my first mind or my gut feeling? Subsequent aisles in the store now represent tempting ideas or ideas from coworkers who want to see you succeed and even those who want to see you fail. You have many outcome options to focus on but keep in mind, only one of those options is your vision.

Your visualized outcome is what you intrinsically feel and internally see for yourself, not what someone externally told or gave you. Stay focused on your vision of an outstanding presentation regardless of what else is presented to you. In your vision, feel yourself basking in the celebratory success of your presentation. Once there, express gratitude for the experience and look forward to it soon becoming your physical reality.

According to Forbes Magazine,

“Successful small business owners say they started their businesses because they had a vision and followed it. And as they pushed forward with their plans it was important for them to keep their eyes on the big picture.” – Eilene Zimmerman

For the sake of understanding this plug-and-play concept, let’s plug the late great Steve Jobs into the equation. Let’s say Steve Jobs was the child in the second toy store scenario and the iPhone idea was the green toy on the third shelf of aisle one. Figuratively, Steve Job’s mind represents aisle one. The other 20 or so aisles in the store figuratively represent the minds and thoughts of Steve Job’s peers and advisors. These would be the same ones who advised him against entering the phone arena to create the iPhone and to stick with advancing the iPod.

Jobs was presented with various other ideas to make the iPod greater, but with each idea presented, he stayed focused on the idea in his mind, entering the arena to create what is now known as the iPhone. His vision of an iPhone in every hand and feeling the excitement of that reality is what he held on to. Of course, the rest is history (as many of you are currently reading this article on your iPhone). Seeing Job’s energy and feeling his focus, momma universe was convinced that Steve wasn’t confused and knew exactly what he wanted. She gladly aligned the right people and circumstances in his favor to manifest his desire.

When it comes to manifesting your desires, the momma in the story represents the universe. We represent the child following momma throughout the store, and the different aisles represent the many different distractions and options we are faced with. When our mental energy is channeled towards our desires with an unwavering focus, momma aligns our circumstances allowing us exactly what we want. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, organizational leader, entrepreneur, or athlete. The next time you send up a prayer for Divine assistance in your endeavors, don’t just stop there with your spiritual action. Understand that circumstances are spiritual. Visualizing only your desired results and feeling the excitement of that soon being your reality will spiritually work in your favor.

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James "Jay" Hollingshed, Executive Contributor

Jay is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach. He coaches driven individuals beyond the problems they have and don’t want the solutions they see and can’t reach. Jay’s process developed from decades of struggling with his seven chronic mental disabilities and intellectual disorders (the problems he had and didn’t want). His struggles resulted in an ACT score of 12 and other disappointments. Now Jay teaches his developed skills to address problems at the subconscious level and provides coaching as clients apply these skills to problems they have and don’t want. Jay has coached hundreds of athletes as a Mental Game Coach, from the USA Jr. National Circuit to the NCAA D-1 Level, and numerous entrepreneurs. Jay is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer. A master level Usui Reiki Practitioner, Ordained Minister of Healing, and a bestselling author. Jay has more than 20 years of experience in Healthcare & Mental health and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration.



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