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The Keys to Manifesting Your Dream Love Relationship

Written by: Eleni Poling, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Over the last five years, I have guided many women who are on life purpose to manifest their dream love relationship by holding space for them to heal their heart, release trauma, and guide them to come to a place of wholeness within themselves.


How may you ask?

When women have been traumatized by the masculine in their past, the trauma is stored in the body. And the memories from past events are also stored in the body until they are cleared out of the body.

This is why so many women are disconnected from their bodies and operate mainly on a mind level. When we drop into the body, we drop into feeling, and we also connect to our pleasure.

The thing here is, if there is trauma stored in the body, women tend to disconnect from their feminine pleasure and softness and are either a) unable to feel because of the armor around their heart and/or b) because of the lower vibrations of energy stored in the body and a woman not feeling safe in her body.

This will normally mean that women who haven’t healed these parts of themselves will continually attract men of a lower vibration who aren’t the type of men they actually desire to be in a relationship with.

For example, say there is a woman who keeps attracting abusive men into her life, and she doesn’t know why it keeps happening. No matter what she tries to do and how much she tries to change herself, change her actions and change how she shows up in her life and relationship/s, she cannot attract a healthy masculine man.

The reason for this is not because there is anything wrong with her. This is because there is stored emotion and energy in her body and subconscious mind that is attractive in these men. On some level within herself, this woman believes that ‘this is what I am worthy of,’ whether she is conscious of it or not.

The work for her here is to heal her trauma and look at her beliefs that she is carrying about men - as these two things are the very things creating her reality and experiences with men. Healing her trauma and replacing her non-serving beliefs with beliefs that serve her will change her life and the men she attracts into her life forever.

Many ‘dating experts’ suggest that many women are ‘too masculine’ and need to try to be ‘more feminine’ to attract a healthy masculine man. Many women have been shamed for this. In my opinion, this is not okay as it puts unnecessary pressure on women to feel that they have to mold themselves into being something that they are not - which is superfluous.

I believe and know to be true through my work with women over the years that there is always a match out there that aligns to a person’s energy and vibration. When a woman heals her trauma and purifies her heart, she will naturally soften within herself without needing to do anything externally or manipulate energies to attract the right masculine man. This means no trying to be ‘less masculine’ or ‘more feminine’ or anything like that because it will just happen naturally through her healing process.

In my opinion, the most important work is for a woman to know who she is, for her to be connected to her inner power and also to feel safe in her body.

When a woman comes back to her wholeness and natural state of love, releases attachment to her trauma, and raises her vibration, she becomes magnetic to a man that can love her from a place of wholeness also, as he too feels whole within himself.

I don’t believe people need to feel ‘perfect’ to desire or want to be in a relationship. However, I do believe that it is important for a person to be connected to their purpose, to their power, and to also be happy and content on their own first, before seeking out a relationship to fill a gap or a void in their life due to past trauma that they may still be holding onto.

Manifesting the most beautiful love relationship is possible for anyone willing to go deep within themselves and find deep love. The best way to do that is by healing stored trauma and coming into the deepest and most intimate relationship with yourself. You then become an energetic match for the love relationship that you know in your heart is yours.

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Eleni Poling, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Eleni Poling is a teacher, mentor and healing channel who supports women to embody their most authentic spiritual and sexual expressions in the areas of intimacy and life purpose.

Through live trainings, workshops, group programs and private mentoring, Eleni provides women with wisdom and somatic-based practices to embody their deepest love and deepen in their capacity for intimacy - within themselves as well as their relationships.

Her brand of coaching is far from generic. Through her intensive studies in vibrational healing and mindset work, she created her own approach to transformational healing that allows her students and clients to crush limiting beliefs, break free from self-sabotage and step into being the woman that they know they were always born to be.



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