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Written by: Sukanya Datta, Executive Contributor

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Want to do all work by yourself? and still be productive? The answer is MAYBE or MAYBE NOT. Time management is really important for everyone in every industry. Most of us only plan and keep planning. How do you plan? Just in the mind or taking notes, every now and then? It may not be the most correct way to balance work and life, especially if you are an early-stage entrepreneur.

The topmost priority is planning, scheduling, budgeting. Stage 1 is planning that most of us are good at it. Most business owners plan well ahead of time that might create friction with work when plans get uncertain in the future. Yes, I have personally experienced that planning may not always work the way we want. Many of us might be juggling between full-time jobs and business ideas from a totally different field other than your own work profile. Maybe you have never explored the field in-depth and still want to do it?

So here is how to proceed. Develop a scope that outlines the work the needs to be done and is urgently needed to get the idea started. Add tasks that are not important at the moment and can be accomplished later. Create a four-quadrant matrix to diversify detailed tasks. You will soon realize how certain “non-important things” occupy our minds and time. Having the right mindset and organizing priorities will help balance work and life.

Once done making a plan sheet comes scheduling. This is the most important aspect of when implementing. Not every task can be implemented together or at once. Some tasks need to start when the predecessor is complete or some may need simultaneous implementation. So how to do it? Does it result in mental distress or confusion? Preparing a time management schedule is highly recommended and mandatory. Sometimes we all wished if we could have a personal assistant or a robot to help us with our chores? Right? But we haven’t reached that century yet where we robots would be the helping hand. So now what? Get back to your routine, prepare a “timetable”. Yes, a timetable really works. There are various apps to get your planning digitalized or a manual self-written timetable works good as well.

Taking in the right requirements needed to accomplish tasks and implementing the plans makes the person timely and wise!

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Sukanya Datta, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sukanya Datta is an electrical engineer. Along with the tech side, she is also a certified fashion designer. Being a tech lover, she has had a penchant for creativity. Entrepreneurship is a big journey and both tech and fashion have been a boon in her life. From developing monetary strategies and embark on the body positivity mission across the world and bridging the gap between women and fashion.



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