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The Exchange Of Money – A Case For Engendering Abundance

Written by: Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Money has been a subject most everyone in the world has had to deal with in their lives. The world is run on this system of exchange. It is how we buy food, pay utilities, mortgages, rents, health services. It is how we open, run, and maintain businesses, and much more. Money is our medium for surviving and thriving.

pile of money coins and a jar full of coins with growing plants

Money Is Emotionally Charged

The subject of money causes endless stress for many people. If you have plenty, you may stress about how to keep it, where to invest it, or how to keep producing more. If you lack it, you may stress about how to acquire it, and that lack may cause you to worry about the survival and well-being of your family. In today’s world, with inflation, the high cost of food, utilities, gasoline, mortgage or rental, and increasing interest rates all create additional stress. You might complain about the increasing prices of things and worrying about how to make ends meet.

You may find yourself cutting back, or denying yourself simple pleasures like a dinner out, a family vacation, or skimping on a birthday party. It is very easy to react with frustration and anger in these times, especially because the source of these increases has not come from us. This has not been our fault.

How do we handle this in a way that won’t magnify lack?

If thought is creative, every time we curse the cost of things, the more we increase the fear of not having enough. We affirm lack and make more of it.

Gratitude And Appreciation

I brought this issue to God-Source and asked for understanding. I was told that perhaps our attitude about money should change. The act of exchanging money for goods is actually a way to give and receive benefits. It is an act of gratitude and appreciation. It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the gift that is there for us to receive. Thank you for the farmer who grew the food, thank you for the trucks that broughtit to the grocery store, the shopkeepers, the merchants, the market. Thank you for the store that was built allowing you to get what you need.

We are still free to choose from a plethora of foods and goods for our pleasure and nutrition. So, when we’re at the cash register, instead of reacting in anger about the bill, we could hand the cashier our money with an inner mentality of gratitude and appreciation for all the goods we are receiving.

This is the same with everything we purchase. When we hand money to someone for an item, our giving payment is a way of saying thank you. It can be a necessity, a service provided, a wonderful handmade craft or art piece, a dinner out or a day at the spa.

Using money as a tool of gratitude and appreciation is an affirmation of the abundance of creation. In this way, both giver and receiver are always in the flow of abundance and prosperity. This act will also help us stay out of fear and lack of consciousness and allows the ‘exchange of money’ to be a friend instead of an enemy.

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

AHONU (Ireland) & Aingeal Rose (USA) are a Twin Flame couple who, following numerous personal tragedies, have devoted their 50-years combined experience to providing self-help solutions and practical spirituality in this fast changing world. In 2016, they founded Twin Flame Productions which has published over 1,000 children’s and consciousness expanding books which have empowered people worldwide to positive growth and loving change.



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