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The Cost Of Working ‒ 8 Ways To Take Back Control

Written by: Christine Patton, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Working can ruin your life. It also funds it. Therein lies one giant conundrum.

The idea of a stressful workplace is not news however, more people are feeling the pressure to perform in their jobs, with a workload that is overwhelming. People may or may not realize that over-working and taking no breaks seriously depletes the body until the point of “burnout”, which often requires medical leave.

The World Health Organization identified burnout as an “occupational phenomenon” which impacts many workers worldwide across many different industries. It defines burnout as “a diagnosis of a worker who is feeling constantly depleted and exhausted, less motivated to do one’s job, and a severe lack of passion in the work, as well as experiencing reduced professional efficacy”.

Nearly two-thirds of those polled in one survey said they thought job stress had caused them to become ill at some point and 45% said they lost time on the job because of it.

Equally significant, only 3% of the more than 6,700 people surveyed said they did not experience stress at their jobs.

This burnout has multiplied as many North Americans have begun working multiple jobs to keep up with the soaring costs of living. The future appears dim when one examines financial and political forecasts.

Therefore, it behooves both employers and employees to find solutions – and fast! The cost of doing business and the cost to human life are both horrific.

I suggest you do not wait for someone else to pick up the ball and run. Take control of your work life now.

What can be done?

  1. The first thing is to recognize that the present circumstance is a gift. How else were we, personally, and as a human collective, going to recognize that nothing outside of us is ever going to save us or take responsibility for our health and happiness? How bad does it have to get before we realize that we must take control of our own limits, boundaries, wellness, and satisfaction? Decide today to take back control of your life and how it will be done.

  2. Plan a 360-degree approach – nutrition, supplementation, water, exercise, sleep, meditation, bodywork, and relationships. Make this a year project if need be – you are worth every second!

  3. Test and invest – try everything that appeals and see what truly works for YOUR body, mind, heart, and spirit. This may be just a tweak if you already have a good lifestyle but be prepared to change something. Shaking up your life is often required to get out of a slump. Employ an expert if you feel one is necessary.

  4. As you grow stronger within yourself, you will notice that things change around you. As within, so without. Your outer circumstances cannot stay the same when there is an inner shift. One of two things will happen – either the outer piece will shift to match your vibration, or it will become so dissonant in that place or relationship, that you will have to leave. Voila!

  5. Don’t be afraid – your soul has chosen this journey and it knows what is best for you. Learn to accept that your path is unique and valuable all on its own – do not compare yourself to others. You are a special soul, doing special work, with your special capabilities. Get excited for the possibilities that await you!

  6. Avoid the outer condemnation of your new state. Become comfortable with the fact that you will ruffle feathers as you go. When you love yourself (as you are when you embark on this safari), you train others how to treat you. They see you standing up for yourself, with care, love, and compassion, and they may decide to do the same. Hooray! You are a shining example to the world!

  7. Watch for the amazing new opportunities that you are magnetizing to you. Sometimes you can experience a tower moment (defined as a sudden collapse of the old) but always know that the timing is right because you have prepared yourself. Trust in yourself and the process.

  8. Give kudos to yourself and keep going! Celebrate your wonderful self – even the very small steps you have accomplished. Each successful small step breeds incremental success. You become invincible – one bit at a time!

If you think this has nothing to do with your work, think again. Your job or career is an expression of you and only one arena through which you live your life. How you create your boundaries, care for yourself, command respect, stay whole, swing for the stars, and reap the rewards is endemic to the broad spectrum of your life.

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Christine Patton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Christine Patton is a personal development expert who excels in the delivery of information, tools, and support to enhance empowerment, resilience, and passion. She is the founder of Power Within, through which she speaks, coaches, trains, and writes about the importance of our inner connection for rapid transformation. She is a Certified Trainer with The HeartMath Institute, has written a book called Showing Up-Becoming the Me I Want to Be – Aligning Your Life and Work for True Success and has had a radio show with called Unstoppable You! and does a regular podcast called WunderWisdom. She believes a better world is around the corner, and we create it with our own inner work.



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