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The 3 Steps To Getting Started With Your Book Idea

Written by: Tunji Olujimi, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Is writing a book something you have always wanted to do? It might be on your vision board, or it might be on your bucket list. I really do believe that everyone has a book in them, but they just do not know it.

Sometimes you are reluctant to get started on a book idea because there is an internal voice saying:

  • I don’t know how to write a book

  • I don’t know where to get started

  • I don't have the time to write it

  • I keep getting writer’s block

  • I’ve got nothing to write about

  • No one is interested in what I have to say...

When it comes to writing your book, you should understand that writing is not the first step but rather planning your idea is. There are three components that will help you get started on your book idea — finding an opportunity to write about, researching your book topic, and getting it written and published. With these 3 keys, you have the tools to get from idea to manuscript in no time and bestseller status.


Most people feel they have nothing to write about, but when you look around you, life presents opportunities that we can write about if we are careful to pay attention. I remember when the pandemic hit, so many people seized the opportunity to write a book about it.

Find an opportunity in the space that you’re in, which might be finance, health, and fitness, personal development, career development, business strategies, relationships, or spirituality. Be aware of gaps in the market and find a topic that suits the audience. There are so many topics you can write about to help your audience by giving sound advice, helping them reach achievable goals, providing tips to building their businesses, and open their eyes to being financially free.

Another way to find a topic to write about is to explore your passions. This can provide great ideas for a book. Write a list of everything you are passionate about and spend time brainstorming ideas about how to turn each one into a book.

You can also look at your life experiences and find a topic that way. You may have been through something in life that can help and inspire someone else who is going through a similar situation and looking for a way out. It could be in relation to relationships, business, health, career, family, or even your faith.


After finding an opportunity to write about, you have got to acquire the right. Knowledge to put it in a book. This may be the most important step of the process because, without it, you cannot complete your book. Once you have the knowledge, which in this case, I would call your planning and research stage, then you are on your way to getting your book done.

You must be able to do the research on that topic you sourced out as an opportunity. For example, once you know you would like to write about how to be successful, do the research so that you will be able to provide the right information to your readers.

Spend time finding out everything you need for your book to make it a best seller. The content within a book is as important as being an author. If you produce low-quality content, then you will never be seen as the go-to person or an expert in that field. Make sure you have done your homework, and you know your stuff before producing the content and publishing your book.

In order to get your book done, you need to do your research on various things such as who your target audience is and their needs, how to become a bestselling author, how to get your book published, and what platforms you can use for promoting your book.


The final piece to completing the puzzle is making sure you take action on writing the book and getting it published. Once you have found your opportunity and you have the knowledge, then create the time to write your book every single day. This is vital in the steps to becoming an author because a book idea must be written and published for you to call it a published book. If you never write it, your book idea will not come to life.

Find your writing place and have a set time to write and get it done daily, and you will see that in no time, you will be an author. Get your book cover done, edit your book, format it and then go on to the publishing platform and get your book published. Commit to doing what it takes to get your idea out of your head, onto paper, and into a book.

As they say, “Action speaks louder than words.” You must be a person of fast response, don’t delay, just do it and make it happen for you. Put your head down and let the writing flow so your book can be ready in time for your launch.

The world is waiting to read your message or your story, so take action now to boost your business, gain a new income stream, attract new clients, become an expert and authority in your field.

You must make the move to writing and publishing that book as it can be used as a marketing tool for you and your business. Do not let anything stop you in your tracks to becoming an author but go all in and play full out because you have got what it takes to make it.

Go Write and Publish Your Book Now!

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Tunji Olujimi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tunji is a speaker, pastor, author, and CEO of Accelerated Authors Academy. He has worked with over 100 people to write and publish their books and has coached over 1000 people through workshops and speaking.

He helps faith-based coaches, consultants, business owners, speakers, trainers, and entrepreneurs to create authority, profitability, credibility, and visibility using the power of writing and publishing their first book in 90 days or less to build their business, profile and brand.

He is also the CEO of Accelerated Properties Ltd, where he finds and secures below-market value deals for property investors to build their portfolios.

Tunji was born premature and weighed 1 pound with no hope of living along with his twin sister, but he also had a hole in his heart and needed an operation. In addition, growing up with Dyslexia made it difficult for him to excel in education. Still, it also gave him the determination to make something of himself, and he has now written and published five books, started two businesses, and running a ministry.

He is married to Elizabeth Olujimi, and they have a beautiful daughter called Janaya Olujimi.



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