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Supersede AI By Doing This – Expand Thought Through Your Inner Guidance

Tia Danyette is an emerging leader with an innovative spin on Health and Wellness. Despite misfortune and trauma experienced growing up in the inner city of one of America’s poorest zip codes, she enacted her will to thrive, persevering nature and spiritual intuition to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Executive Contributor Tia Danyette

The expansion of knowledge is a hot topic in this era of technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Although the potential of AI is promising, the origination and evolution of knowledge remain existential. Activating and accessing inner guidance is an art form of human nature that, when persistently used, will allow for the transcension of thought into realms in which technology can only assist.

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Answer me this


This article is for my exceptional thinkers: You are highly intelligent. You are high-level earners and high-level learners. You have advanced degrees and are proficient in your craft. You are abstract thinkers. Your ability to comprehend and dissect the most obscure, intellectual concepts is off the charts. You’re at the top of the cognitive food chain. Did you know there was something more? There has to be, because here’s what’s on the other side of all of that if there is not: pure… and utter… boredom. The universe is too evolutionary and expansionary for this to be true.


Expanding knowledge and schools of thought have occurred since the beginning of time. You know this. You’ve read all the books, research studies, and articles of opinion. You understand conceptual history as well as the means of its future trajectory —and yet, you still have questions. Fortunately, you’re in the perfect place because where there is a question, there is always an answer. But how do you find new questions and answers as a vanguard at the forefront of thought?


What would you say if I told you the answer lies within you?


Let’s unlock your potential


Come with me on a journey of unlocking the answers within me to unlock the answers within you: Having pursued a life of educational exploration, I became adept at being the student. So much so, that I almost lost the childlike, innovative spirit that led me to desire to learn how to expand thought in the first place. Then something interesting happened: I finally got on social media (yes, I’m one of those millennials who never succumbed to the social media wave)… but, let us back up a bit.


Before I got on social media, I spent years in self-discovery mode. After finishing the bulk of my training, I was left with many questions about my life, my past, and how that would impact the direction I wanted to go in moving forward. I explored various potential answers through psychological counseling, spirituality, self-exploration, and social interaction in relationships —I practically created my own, personal life-based curriculum to discover myself. It was the most fun and enlightening thing I’ve ever done and is a journey I’ll continue throughout my lifetime.


When I started my social media platforms, I was solid in my beliefs about myself and how I fit in with the world around me. The problem was I hadn’t yet gained insight into how to fully apply that knowledge to my experience. Furthermore, because I had not unlocked the ability to access knowledge regarding the unanswered questions I had about my personal journey, I lacked the ability to use this same process to create new schools of thought regarding concepts outside of myself.


The key to inner guidance


I discovered the missing piece: I didn’t trust myself enough to uncover the answers that were readily available within me —I hadn’t yet activated my inner guidance. I had committed so much time learning to regurgitate the answers and epiphanies of those before me and around me, that I’d neglected to build the intuitive muscle needed to expand thought beyond what already exists.


Activation of one’s inner guidance is imperative to chartering the path in life we are all searching for. That path that gives us meaning, fulfillment, accomplishment, and success —that satisfies us with the joy of exploration and reaching new levels. The physical manifestation of this ideal looks different for everyone, as the characterization of it is individual and personal. Accessing your inner guidance allows you to retrieve answers to questions important to you from a place within you. A place that is connected to universal laws and truths, which you have access to because you are the supreme manifestation of said universe. It requires going beyond giving more thought to algorithms that were created by using thought to rearrange previously created thoughts… Read that again. There’s nothing wrong with being the student, but at what point do you become the master?


Expand with me, if you dare


Here’s a small example of how my journey to expand thought began. I activated my inner guidance, which led me to start my small business, which led me to start the writing career I always dreamed of in the most peculiar fashion… Writing was a desire that lay dormant within me for many years. I figured it would always be confined to school papers and personal journals. I had no clue how I would ever get started in a meaningful manner. I have no connections in the writing industry, at all. In hindsight, yes, social media is an excellent way to get your feet wet in this industry, but remember, I’m a girl who has never been on social media. For this reason, this option was not perceptive to me at the moment I started my Instagram platform.


Eventually, I followed a nudge to post a picture. That turned into posting more consistently. I started posting with captions that progressively had more meaning. Randomly, one of my reels went viral. I decided to keep posting and become an ‘influencer’ of sorts. I was pursuing brand partnerships and collaborations —nothing to do with writing. Writing was nowhere in my brain at this time, I just kept following these almost instinctual nudges to keep going… Keep evolving.


This led me to start my small business. How? The journey evolved into that place. I was presented with 3 social selling opportunities. Previously, I had no clue where to start in Business. But again, I felt something telling me to just start somewhere. So, I did. Social selling helped me to get out of my shell when it came to versatility on social media. It helped me to commit to the idea of me, as a businesswoman. I continued to grow from the experience and become more confident, inspired, passionate, and purposeful in my content. I began exploring my interests outside of the box I’d previously put myself in. I evolved into a more authentic version of myself and my content evolved in like manner. The next thing I knew, I had an email from Brainz Magazine asking me if I’d like to start that writing career I’d always dreamed of…


In a nutshell, allowing myself to follow an unconventional path through the activation of intuitive autosuggestion led me to answer a subconscious question I, honestly, didn’t believe I would ever answer. Occasionally, I would think, ‘How would I get the opportunity to write a book?’, but because I could not see a readily available answer, I would push it back into my subconscious mind. You’ve done this, too, regarding dreams and aspirations that are important to you. What we fail to realize is, that not only does this block us from achieving those dreams and aspirations it also blocks our ability to activate the same process in the pursuit to take thought where it has not been before. Activating your inner guidance and regularly exercising this ability to answer your personal, subconscious questions is what is needed to tap into new levels of knowledge that will expand thought in more innovative and complex ways… Artificial Intelligence (AI) can’t touch that.


It’s a wrap


Activating and accessing your inner guidance allows you to expand on what is known to you to create new thoughts, new questions, and new answers through an act of guided faith. This faith is not blind. It is elicited through knowing that those answers are within you, ready to be uncovered if you trust the process. The path that leads to your expansion may not be fully understood by you or anyone else to be a path that would lead you to a significant end point —which makes sense, this path is new. By trusting the path you are guiding yourself through, you will instinctually move through the experiences needed to process the necessary evolution to become who you need to be to actualize what is important to you. Persistent use of this art form will eventually lead to further expansion into creating and answering questions on a grander scale, taking thought to new levels technology can only assist.


For more insight into how I use this knowledge to heal and grow to manifest success, follow me on Instagram and Facebook @tia.danyette.


Tia Danyette, Physician, Speaker, Coach

Tia Danyette is an emerging leader with an innovative spin on Health and Wellness. Despite misfortune and trauma experienced growing up in the inner city of one of America’s poorest zip codes, she enacted her will to thrive, persevering nature and spiritual intuition to overcome challenges and achieve success. She now commits to helping others build the resilience to do the same. Her business, Tia Danyette Beauty, helps others heal and grow into their “Best Selves” to manifest success through an aesthetic focus on beauty and self-love in conjunction with mental and emotional healing to create a winning mindset. She holds a B.S. in Biology&Psychology, a Medical Degree specializing in Internal Medicine and an MBA



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