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Success Is Not Linear – January Isn’t Your Only Chance To ‘Smash It’

Written by: Samantha Hearne, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In this article, I will be introducing you to a new outlook on success and how this can truly make your efforts to succeed, stretch yourself and reach new heights in 2022, feel LIGHTER! Ready?

Nothing needs to become something you don’t like or align with. Nothing.

Society has a way of keeping us in a ‘race’, a ‘timeline of events’ and in some cases, a ‘success the way we like it’ mentality, but that just isn’t how it needs to be for you.

When it comes to January, I feel compelled to remind you that your business, your journey, your success will not fail or be hindered if you don’t come out of the gate sprinting your way to everywhere, with a million goals laid out and your entire year mapped onto a spreadsheet. It is all about ALIGNED success.

What does that mean?

Aligned success is a phrase I created on a coaching call in 2021 and something I then really embraced on my social media, my content and even changing my mission statement on Instagram.

Aligned success is all about allowing you to find success in a way that truly aligns with;

  • Your life

  • Your energy

  • Your values

  • Your biggest goals

  • Your everyday experiences

This is also why some people can set goals or points of success but when they reach them, they feel nothing. They just don’t feel how they thought they would. It isn’t because they haven’t achieved something, or made something a success, but they have done it in a way that doesn’t truly align.

I also believe that this concept will allow you to stop falling into comparisonitis, self-doubt and even the toxic narrative you may experience online; if you don’t make X, it isn’t working. If you don’t hustle 24/7, it won’t work.

When your success truly aligns with you, who you are, where you’re going and the life you want to embody – things will shift for you. Really shift.

Your pursuit of growth, progress and success can become empowering and positive and not fuelled by pressure or heaviness to keep up.

3 ways you can start to find your own aligned success (& the steps I took and continue to take for my own)

1. How do you want to FEEL when running your business?

This gets overlooked too frequently but is paramount in your long-term ability to perform, succeed and sustain as an entrepreneur.

Your emotions fuel so much, your energy, your decisions, your reactions, your mindset and mentality. So, we must start there for you.

Sit and think about your business and business activity on a daily basis – HOW DO YOU WANT IT TO FEEL??

This is your first true north moment. If you notice you begin to feel anything LESS than this moving forward, you know that something is off. Work on that and start there. Come back to yourself and how you FEEL.

2. What does your daily life LOOK like?

Your everyday life becomes your normal and your comfort and if this doesn’t light you up, you are living a life that is less than what you know you deserve and enjoy – why would you want this to be your normal? A less than experience, am everyday life that is lacking what you crave? This will create a mindset of lack, fixed and reactivity which could then have lasting impacts on how much you try new things, take leaps, risk, push forward – because everything is ‘less than’ in your everyday normal.

So, what does your daily life LOOK like and how would this next level of aligned success COMPLIMENT that everyday life? Support it? Harness it? Illuminate it?

For example, my daily normal looks like;

50-minute exercise class every morning

Walk my dog (cutest thing ever)

3 days a week coaching calls

Admin and emails

Lunch break

Evenings with my husband

My next level of aligned success will compliment this because these things won’t change, but things will be added into this.

More time to exercise with a PT

Tastier dinners in the evenings

More enriching foods at lunchtimes

Then you can start to think bigger;

More time to travel

More money to invest for future legacy and charity work

More focus on overall health

This process already shows you that when you’re normal meets you where you are at and supports where you are doing – you can start think BEYOND. You start to see what else is POSSIBLE. You can work towards new POTENTIALS.

Take some time now to actively create an everyday that meets you now and will support you moving forward.

If your normal currently consists of late nights, lots of TV, negative people, lack of energy – it is time to start intentionally creating a normal that does bring you joy NOW. Success won’t create that for you. YOU create that now and then MORE aligned success will compound.

3. Who is the successful version of you?

You can do this anytime you feel you are losing yourself, feeling a lack of clarity, confidence or motivation.

Who is the successful version of you?

And create that persona for yourself. A REAL persona. This person lives with you now and is ready to come to the surface, they just need you to acknowledge them and give permission for them to come out!

We can all have a successful energy that we embody – what is that for you?

What is your successful self’s energy? Thoughts? Decision making? Performance habits?

This can start to shape your next level, but more importantly, present you with any ‘gaps’ that may be there currently. Giving you the chance to work on those areas, focus on what you know your successful self needs in order for them to flourish and surface. So when you hear people talk about the inner work – this is a lot of what I do and dedicate time to. My successful inner self and what she needs from me.

So – what is aligned success for you?

  1. How does it feel?

  2. What does it look like in your daily life?

  3. Who are you with this success?

I would LOVE to talk to you about this further, hear your reflections and actions moving forward – so please reach out on Instagram and let’s keep this aligned success alive for you in 2022!

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Samantha Hearne, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Samantha is a best selling self-published author, qualified coach and mentor who works with female entrepreneurs to build a business of sustainability, wealth & ease. Samantha runs 2 mastermind programmes, 1:1 mentoring programmes and a self-study business success school. Samantha supports her clients with; organic marketing, building a brand and engaged community, creating consistent sales (usually without launching), increasing profit within their business over time, creating balance, ease & fun, as well as a huge focus on mindset and performance habits for success.

As an ex teacher Samantha prides herself on differentiation, simple teaching strategies and encouraging her clients to reach their fullest potential.



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