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Stepping Through The Fear

Written by: Sarah Tricker Alchemy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


It's interesting how we stay stuck where we are in our lives with this thing called fear that just holds us back! I have been thinking about that monster called fear and what it actually is, why we have developed or entrenched it amongst our lives, so we just sit with satisfaction or even mediocracy.

feet of man tied in chain

What is fear? Well, I guess when you think of animals, it may be the thing that keeps them alive. The fear that fills them when a predator comes and they have the fight or flight response. I mean the reality is as humans I’m not even sure we have any predators as such!

Now we can look at fear as the one thing that’s going to save our lives, you know peering over a cliff most people won’t jump as that fear tells us we will fall to our death. On the other hand, the thrill seekers out there thrive on this. So, I ponder what allows one person to survive on fear as a positive and another to stop living totally?

Our world has changed so much over time that the original fight or flight response is not really needed as when we were in the nomadic ages. For those of us that want to achieve great things whether that be in our career, our purpose, our bodies, or even our families why do we settle for less than we can achieve?

An interesting thing to think about fear is the feeling it gives us. For most, never all, we get that funny feeling in our stomach. It may be that sense of dread like something is going to happen. It may come and go or be there all the time. However it feels, we attach a negative connotation to it that it is bad. If you think about the excitement, we really do experience that same feeling in our stomach area that we sometimes call butterflies. So why is one bad and the other good when they are the same feeling?

Through my work as a high school teacher and life coach something I have found that really stands out to me is that it depends on the reactions people have had growing up around failure. Some children we encouraged to get up and keep going where as others were shouted out and called names. You can see how a prolonged time of being told that failure was bad would lead to this fear of failure. How are fear and failure related?

Most people stay where it is comfortable as it is safe there. When we step into a new part of our life we have no idea what the outcome is going to be. The fear of failure is the biggest thing that will paralyze someone from making change. Look at a five-year-old who wants something really bad, they will do so many different things to get what they want. When one thing doesn’t work they do another, then another, and another until they win.

At some point in our lives failing becomes something bad instead of good. If you look at any successful person each time they ‘failed’ they knew what not to do any continued until they succeeded! It’s all just a matter of perception!

So, when you are next confronted with fear think of the following things;

  • What is the worst that can happen? Do it anyway!

  • The feeling of fear is actually excitement!

  • Failure is only ever a lesson!

  • On the other side of failure is greatness!

Please don’t think that as I sit here and write this for you I have never stepped through fear. In fact, I’ve done it far more than I probably should have! I have moved through many times that in the moment I didn’t even know were the right decisions however, at the end I can tell you they were! When I left teaching, after spending nine years of my life getting my education degree and then teaching, people thought I was mad to leave that and be a tarot reader! Now here I am nearly several years later with a metaphysical center where I am a life coach, spiritual reader, teacher, and healer increasing my online presence with membership sites, group coaching, and online courses!

If you take a moment to think back over your life, I am sure you can find times when you stepped through and times you didn’t. How would you have ever learnt to walk if you did not get back up every time you fell down? If you quit the first time you fell! You need to find the cheerleader who will encourage you to keep going. Take a look at the people you surround yourself with. Do they encourage you? Do they believe in you? Do they push you to be the best version of yourself? If not you may need to find a place where you are encouraged!

It is all of the fear that I have broken through that has helped me create a Life Coaching Program like no other! Want to find out more? Please contact me or make an appointment for your Complementary Life Coaching Consultation on the Life Coaching page.

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Sarah Tricker Alchemy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Tricker Alchemy is a change-maker and has the ability to see what lies in the unseen and unexplained. After realizing her dream to become an educator, Sarah soon understood she herself was not fulfilling her life purpose. In 2016 she began the journey of entrepreneurship and had been forging her way to true authenticity. Sarah is a Public Speaker & Spiritual Empowerment Coach helping women who are in transition within their life. With her gift as a healer, she facilitates women in finding their authentic selves as well as their life purpose. Every moment is a miracle, and there is always opportunity even when you cannot see it.



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