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Spirituality And Business

Written by: Veronica Sanchez De Darivas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The concept of spirituality comes from the Latin word “spiritus” and it means breathing, in a more profound way it means “first breath”, therefore we are all spiritual beings.

Now in saying this, I have to add that we tend to see ourselves in parts, thinking that we function in one way when doing business or within our professional environment and we function in a different way in our private life. This is just an illusion because we are not separate from anything, we are a complete person within ourselves.

This sense of separation makes us think that spirituality and business or work are completely different things, I am here to challenge that idea.

When you wake up in the morning, you do so in a certain vibration or frequency and this frequency can vary during the day, our vibration will make us attune to events of a similar frequency, therefore the energy I emit is very important. Yes, that is right, you emit energy, why? Well, because you are energy, we are energy, everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. We are breathing in and out certain qualities and traits we bring we us. Vibration is part of us, our soul vibrates and we can physically see and feel this in our heart. Then my body functions because I have a heart, so when I go to work that heart is with me and I feel its weight.

What I am trying to say is that to separate ourselves in pieces really makes us to malfunction in this world and if we acknowledge that yes, we own a business, we work to earn a living, we do so in mind, body, and soul.

And here I want to talk about the word alignment. If my body is acting only with my intellect or mind and I leave my heart aside, I am out of alignment. If my body is only acting with my heart and I leave my mind aside, I am out of alignment too.

Our goal is to act in this world as a complete being: mind, heart, body functioning together in harmony and making the best decisions in conjunction, because when we do so, we are able to connect to the bigger picture, to what science calls the unified field, in other words to the universe, Source, God or Spirit (your choice of name).

When leaders understand this, they become world-class leaders. World-class leaders know the importance of alignment and they find ways to stay connected to their inner self when leading companies and businesses, that is why we find leaders meditating, having spiritual teachers, journaling, taking time out to recharge, and embracing nature.

My invitation is for you to do the same and I suggest the following:

  • When waking up in the morning, no matter the time, connect to your heart via a short or long meditation.

  • Journal. Just 5 to 10 minutes of writing about your feelings or thoughts will help you to stay focused.

  • Be organized. This calms anxiety and stress and helps you to be prepared.

  • Always remember that people working with you or your clients are complete beings too, they emit their own radiation, and sometimes you don’t know what is going on in their lives, so show compassion and understanding.

  • You can be firm without being rude. Love is not soft, it is firm and to be expanded.

You are the creator of your own reality and if that reality is one you don’t like or enjoy, change it, all the tools are inside you.

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Veronica Sanchez De Darivas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Veronica Sanchez De Darivas is an expert in inner-self intelligence techniques. She shares tools on how to manage stress and negative emotions and on how to use high vibration words. Veronica is a Spanish grammar and literature teacher. During the last ten years, she has dedicated herself to spirituality. She is a Certified Instructor for the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland (Third Eye), a method created in South America 30 years ago by the spiritual leader Fresia Castro. Veronica is currently the only instructor in the world teaching this life-changing method in English. Veronica is also a number one bestselling author. She has been writing for many years for online magazines and blogs in Spanish and English. Veronica is both a Chilean and an Australian citizen now living in the UK. Her mission is the expansion of consciousness.



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