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Spiritual & Creative Diversity For Genuine Equality & Success In Business

Written by: Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When people think of diversity in the workplace or in business and the business industry (realistically when they think of diversity just generally) they have a tendency to think of things that are mostly to do with race and sometimes secondly they think of culture or things like gender diversity. One of the forms of diversity that is incredibly important to think about inside of the business setting and that is the true underlying factor that provides for a healthy and sustainable sense of diversity has to do with spiritual diversity – or rather diversity of the consciousness (mind) and how creative faculties converge and collaborate within the organizational setting.

It’s also important to realize that the way most businesses and organizations approach the concept of diversity is in a way that is generally rooted in well-intended results but often falls short as being fulfilled in a heartfelt and spiritually mindful way. Diversity is also one of those hot button words within most businesses and organizations because it usually elicits concepts of requirements and whether the company is meeting standards that have been placed on them by outside sources. With that said, let’s start off by accepting the highly unhealthy and trivializing way in which diversity is often managed and defined within the majority of the businesses and organizations in the industry. In the present mindset of the industry, most leaders and businesses are only interested in creating a sense of diversity that is justified as a marketable datapoint for them or to fulfill a governmental standard of requirement. This standard of diversity then, unfortunately, gets managed and fulfilled from a superficial and less mindful place that most often indifferently fulfils a numeric idea of diversity as opposed to a genuine sentiment toward the ‘why’ of it as a business practice. This idea of diversity is also generally overly complex and objectifying to the individuals that work within the organization.

From a healthier and more spiritually-minded perspective businesses and organizations understand that diversity is not merely about race, gender, age, and(or) other objectifying physical attributes that are too often measured for the sake of proving diversity within an organizational model. Instead, a spiritually aware organization has a strong appreciation for and understanding of the importance and genuine value of things like diversity of thought and self-expression within the organizational environment. Spiritually minded organizations look at diversity as a way to create a healthy balance and harmony within the ecosystem of consciousness that exists within the work environment – differing from those companies who just go through the motions to prove diversity through unfeeling facts and figures. While numbers and analysis are wonderful tools to assess how successful a business or organization is at cultivating a provable level of diversity, these figures shouldn’t be the only factor considered behind things such as the hiring process or what the human resources department spends most of its time (hopefully instead using their time to genuinely show up for the emotional and physical health and wellness needs of the organization members). A spiritually and energetical aware sense of diversity also allows for a freer flow of creativity and communication, as well as, being interested in the development of each member’s willingness to be more intuitive, artistic, and holistic-minded ‒ a mindset that has been proven to create some of the most successful and inventive concepts within businesses.

When an organization wants to cultivate this sense of diversity within the workplace, they are less concerned with filling an objectifying and are more concerned with how expansive they can make the spectrum of potential for the total mind and spirit of the business. This diversity is established in the collective diversity of the minds and expressions of each of their organizational members. Because these leaders appreciate the kind of diversity that creates more open-mindedness and individuality amongst the organizational members, they are able to have a better understanding of the necessary structures required for a healthy balance of the diversity that is needed for the success of the organization as a whole. The balance of this diversity doesn’t appear at a purely objective or physical level but at a spiritual and energetic one. This is not to say that ensuring the diversity of race, culture, gender, and alike aren’t important factors in a more genuine sense and fulfillment of diversity but merely to say that a sense of spiritual diversity (diversity of psyche and creative energy) should be the guiding force or principle behind how and why the data metrics that provide for an understanding of the objective factors of diversity are fulfilled.

It is easy to recognize the kinds of spiritually integrative organizations and businesses who apply this mindset of diversity by their abilities to observe a particular team or department and how they will have an intuitive sense of the types of personalities and energies that might be missing from that space that would help to diversify it. This intuitive engagement is the way in which these businesses and organizations allow themselves to be concerned with fulfilling and enacting a spiritually healthy sense of diversity within the organization. Specifically, these organizations and businesses approach diversity through a sensible understanding of not just the way it “looks” but by the way, it “feels” to have a healthy level of diversity across all levels of the organization. They recognize authentic diversity as a representation of the wellness of their business or organization and are willing to be consciously responsible for understanding what the present types of diversity fulfillment mean about their existing management style. Most specifically this means that they view diversity as a functional and energetic experience of the business and not just as a representation of how well the business is proficient at scrutinizing employees by defining, assessing, and “valuing” or viewing them from a place that is purely about their surface identity or other objective values of themselves.

Interested in learning how your business or organization can become better at creating and managing spiritual and energetic diversity as the driving force of a more genuinely effective and sustainable model of diversity? Visit here to learn more about Mira’s Holistic Business Consultation Services and how they can benefit your organization.

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Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mira Taylor is an Integrative Therapist, Subconscious Medium & Organizational Wellness Consultant who focuses on guiding clientele toward total wellness by combining concepts of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and sustainable life practices. Mira is a member of the International Association of Therapists and master certified in Modern Applied Psychology, Cognitive Remodeling Therapy, Subconscious Integration Therapy, Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness, Wellness Linguistics, and Archetypal Psychology.



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