Social Media – is it Worth it?

Written by: Laura Lee Harrison, Executive Contributor

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With an increasing number of people staying at home, losing jobs, or simply realizing just how easy it is to lose all your income security, people are coming around to the idea of going online to create multiple streams of income.

It is time to get creative – but where to start?

Social Media, though it is a massive black hole of sometimes useless information or great for at home self-diagnosis, a fantastic confidence booster or easy pathway for those keyboard warriors to bully others, it will undoubtedly provide mind-numbing escapes for your brain. For those of us who love to grab our popcorn and enjoy the show, it can be a great form of entertainment. However, Social Media is now a business essential. As I own a Social Media Agency and run a Social Media Membership Program through Media Exclusive, I thought I would bring to you some essentials for getting started with your online marketing.

The first thing I want you to know about utilizing any online platform to grow a business is this – It takes TIME. Please don’t wake up tomorrow morning thinking you will start a business or join one and be a Millionaire in a matter of months. You must grow your audience. Show up regularly, get consistent, and always be learning, growing, and investing. The Social Media growth game can be a fantastic well-oiled machine. This includes organic growth and paid growth and is not limited to one platform! There is so much to unravel. For the sake of time, though, I will stick to Organic growth on the Facebook platform and keep it basic for now.

Please note, this article is for the person who is set up on Facebook already. You know how to use the site and have been on it for a while. Maybe you are just not getting any clients or sales yet, and you may even feel overwhelmed. You have a basic understanding of how it works.

So, let’s dive in.

1. What is your product or service? Your first instinct is to post about what you offer all over your profile, mass invite to your private group or your business page. Don’t do it. Resist that urge! Who is your Product or Service for? Have you ever filled out an Ideal Client worksheet before? If not, now is the time! Don’t be afraid to fill it out multiple times and have a few types of people you cater to. However, it is very important for messaging to understand WHO you are speaking to! I’ve created a FREE worksheet just for Brainz Readers and you can grab that here!

2. Have a clear photo of YOU on your profile. Not your children or your pets or a dream destination. You CAN have a selfie but make sure it is clear and not overly-filtered. You want to appear put together, confident, and genuine. Here are a couple of tips for selfies:

  • Have your face well lit. (If you can’t invest in a ring light, than use a window with natural light shining through).

  • Have a nice background (A nice wall, bookshelf, a doorframe, a photo, even hang a sheet up on the wall if you have walls that throw funny colors due to paint color. Watch for clutter in the background.)

  • Wear a color that compliments your eyes.

  • For women- Have your hair and makeup looking fresh (this doesn’t mean not looking like yourself, be you, be comfortable. However looking put together will go along way with your viewers, and your own confidence will show up in the photos).

  • For men- Have your facial hair groomed, wear a nice outfit, do your hair. Put on something that makes you feel confident. Even if you don’t see it in the photo, your confidence will shine through. An example would be a watch, a shirt, or your favorite shoes.

  • Smile – with both your eyes and your mouth!

  • Make sure your camera is just slightly above your eye level or at eye level. Pick a flattering angle and play with angles. Even models don’t get it perfect on the first try!


Now of course, if you are in the position to get professional headshots – Go for it!

3. Start having conversations! YUP! Social Media MEANS to be SOCIAL! Remember who your ideal client is from number 1.? Okay, so now you are going to go comment on THEIR posts. “LOVE” their posts and have a genuine conversation with them in messenger! Maybe book a video call or if you dare, a socially distant coffee, just to simply get to know each other! This is not a closing call/meeting. This is a genuine conversation that opens both of you up to chatting about your lives and what you do! If you listen, you will learn almost everything you need to know in regards to whether they need your service or product and if you want to take them on as a client. Without pitching, you can pique their interest in becoming a client of yours.

Why are conversations and reactions important?

  • Commenting on your ideal client’s post will make your posts more visible to your ideal client when you post.

  • Having a conversation in messenger will also make your posts show up in their News Feed. Which will keep YOU and what you do at the top of their mind.

  • “Loving” “Laughing” “Care” “Wow” reactions tell Facebook or Instagram that the posts are relevant “Sad” and “Angry” tell Facebook not to show those posts as much. However, the most beneficial piece to the reaction button is Facebook knows you are a human being and not a bot. Bots can “Like” posts, so choose to react to other people’s posts instead of just hitting that “Like” button.

4. Show up consistently! This does not mean post every hour and be posting about what you offer. This means take some time to create posts that make people feel good! Especially in a world that feels so dark right now. Give value to the people on your Media platforms. What to post about?

  • Post photos of you and your family.

  • Go LIVE (this one is scarier, and I could do a whole article just on that! However, it is a fantastic way to get out there and seen FAST)

  • Photos with quotes.

  • Selfie photos with your product or service in the background (product placement) or of you using your product or service.

  • Speak directly to your client’s “problems” and how to overcome that problem ( Not a sales pitch, tell a story)

  • Infographics

  • Motivational & inspirational posts.

5. When people comment on your posts, hit that “Reply button” and comment back. After they have commented on some of your posts or expressed interest in what you do, go have a private conversation and invite them to your free group or offer them a discovery call. Then close the deal. This is only if they have expressed interest in a business-post or a post related to what you do.

The main thing to remember with Social Media Organic Growth is to have fun and not get caught up in how many followers you have or likes & comments you get on a post. There are influencers out there who have Millions of followers who don’t sell anything. There are businesses that have a few hundred or thousand targeted followers who buy everything they have! Which would you prefer? Big numbers that seem impressive that don’t turn profit or smaller numbers with bigger profit?

Make sure you give value and show up consistently with content that make people think or feel good. They will remember you when they are ready to purchase something like yours! The world is filled with pushy sales and the world can feel so dark and lonely. If you can create a positive impression without pushing your sales pitches, people will appreciate you! There is a time and a place for sales! I am not saying NEVER Sell – that is a different article.

I want to quickly add there is never ONE way to Market online! It takes some testing and time to grow. Social Media platforms are ALWAYS changing how their algorithms works and I have one last bonus tip.

* If you notice a new feature pop up and Facebook is saying HEY! Here is a new feature use it! DO THAT! Use the feature. It will undoubtedly get you in front of more people – hacking the algorithms.

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Laura Lee Harrison, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Laura Lee Harrison is a Confidence & Beauty Strategist who works with professional women to help them deliver their message on stage or on camera effortlessly, by assisting them with their beauty regimens, so they feel beautiful as they are with their unique features. She also guides business owners to their first 6 figures in business with her business partner and their Social Media Agency, Media Exclusive. The agency and scheduling platform help entrepreneurs to show up and scale business with ease and consistency. As a sole parent, multi-business owner and International Best-Selling Co-Author, Laura Lee has had to overcome many obstacles in her life and within her own mindset to get where she is today. Daily she uses her story to inspire and empower entrepreneurs globally, showing them no matter their circumstance in life they can achieve their goals, if they choose to never give up on themselves.



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