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6 Steps To Boost Your Business - And Grow As A Person As Well

Written by: Erwin Wils


Starting your own business can be challenging. And even when you’re already in business awhile, it might feel like you’ve hit a ceiling and can’t get to the next level. The following six steps will help you to get to the next level, no matter where you are currently on your entrepreneurial journey.

Step 1 - Know your vision and start planning

When you want to achieve your dreams and goals, you’ll first want to turn your dreams into a vision. When you know your vision, you can start planning. For instance, what do you want to achieve 5 years from now? The moment you know what you want to achieve, you can start to create a strategy to get there, along with the milestones to check you’re on track. Where do you need to be in two years? Where do you need to be in one year? Six months? Three months? What do you need to accomplish next month? Those milestones are (sub) goals to check whether you’re on track and if the strategy is still working or needs some adjustments. Goals help you to check your strategy. Strategy has to be there first. At this moment, I would like to quote the conversation from “Alice in Wonderland” between Alice and the Cheshire Cat:

Alice: "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat. "I don't much care where ‒ " said Alice. "Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat. "so long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation. "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."

A strategy gives you direction, just like Alice is asking for. The cat replies that without a goal, any direction is okay. That said, when you want to run an effective business, goals come first. And the strategy is your roadmap to achieve your goals.

Step 2 ‒ Challenge (and invest in) yourself

When you want to grow and achieve your goals, you have to challenge yourself. I like to use a quote from one of my own coaches:

“Set goals so high you cannot achieve them until you become the person that can.”

If you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll probably stay in your comfort zone, thus repeating things you already know, resulting in a known outcome. When you want different results, you need to start doing things differently. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t recognize that they need to change in order to achieve the results they’re looking for. In fact, they are their biggest obstacle to success. That’s why I advise investing in yourself. It took me two years as an entrepreneur to realize I was my biggest obstacle. I had to decide to invest in myself. We don’t see our own blind spots; we need someone else to make us aware. From the very first moment I decided to invest in myself by means of training, mentoring, and coaching, I started to grow both my business as well as personally. The best investment I’ve ever made.

Step 3 – Define your niche and start selling

I still remember when I finished my first hypnotherapy training, I started my entrepreneurial journey. It was hard. Because I had the tools and skills to help everybody, and I didn’t want to exclude anybody, because each client would bring me income. Yet, when you want to help everybody, you’re not helping anybody, because why would people come to you, when there are others who specialize in the issue your potential client is facing? It was one of my coaches that opened my eyes: “when you go fishing, do you want to fish in a small pond and catch every fish in it, or do you want to fish in the ocean, hoping that one will bite?” Adding to the latter, wish that the one that bites is your ideal client. What are the odds……

That’s why I advise you to define your niche. Don’t keep it too general, make your niche as detailed as possible, become an expert in your line of field and start selling to your ideal clients in your niche that is more than willing to pay for your expertise.

Now you might think you’re no good at sales. I dare to challenge you on that. I know that everybody can sell, you just have to redefine your definition of selling. My definition of sales is as follows:

“Helping someone make a decision that provides more than enough value for him/her and for me and gives a great feeling for all parties.”

Just read it a few times and let it settle. How does this make you feel? Does that change your perspective? In case you’re still in doubt, contact me and I’ll prove that you have been selling all your life, you just didn’t recognize it!

The reason I state that selling is a crucial skill is that, without sales, you don’t have a business. Best case, you have a hobby. The first thing you have to do is to start selling your products/services. Don’t wait until you have a perfect product or have crystallized your perfect service. Because, when you wait for the ideal product or service and have spent money and (precious) time on it, you run the risk that your potential clients don’t need or want it. When you sell first, you can already test the market. If there is indeed a need for your product or service, and after the first sale, you have a driver to deliver on your promise. Worst case scenario, you have to return the money, best case scenario you hit the road running and made your first profit!

Step 4 ‒ Surround yourself with people that will elevate you

A commonly known quote in the coaching world is “Show me your 5 best friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Or more generally “birds of a feather flock together.” When you start your entrepreneurial journey, you’re entering a whole new world. So it makes sense that you will start to meet new people. I would advise you to surround yourself with people that will elevate you. Would you like to grow your business? Surround yourself with ambitious entrepreneurs. Are you new to entrepreneurship? Surround yourself with other startups, or experienced entrepreneurs so you can learn from each other.

Remember that when you start your entrepreneurial journey, you will leave your old life. That implies that you might alienate a little from your former circle of friends and acquaintances. Don’t let them pull you down. And don’t blame them. It makes perfect sense. You are leaving their comfort zone and they want the old you back because that is familiar to them (and part of their comfort zone). Accept that you might lose a few acquaintances and even friends and know you will build new relationships and meet new friends. And the ones that stick with you, are your true friends.

Step 5 ‒ Have an accountability partner

Without Progress, there is no achievement. You just stay where you are. You can have the greatest goals (remember your New Year’s Resolutions?), but when it’s up to you to keep them, it requires a high sense of responsibility and willpower to stay on track. Even though you might have a high intrinsic motivation, life happens and before you know it, you’re following the facts and can’t keep up. If that’s you, I recommend getting an accountability partner.

When you decide to go to the gym to work on your physical health and body, it’s harder to skip training when you have an accountability partner. The both of you will keep each other accountable and motivate each other to keep going, even though that couch looks irresistible.

This accountability partner can be a fellow student from your training or education, a fellow entrepreneur from your network, or a coach or mentor. In my experience, the latter ones (coach/mentor) are the best, because you pay them to be your accountability partner and they will definitely challenge you!

Step 6 ‒ Start implementing

It sounds obvious, yet in my experience, only a few take this final step. I want you to be honest to yourself and answer the following two questions:

  1. How many trainings, webinars, seminars, workshops, (e-)books, podcasts, and YouTube videos have you attended, read, listened to, and watched?

  2. And what percentage of the learnings have you actually implemented?

I know the first five steps you’ve read above will make a huge difference in your business, assuming you implement step six! And that’s where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck. I’ll bet you have read this article and thought “great tips” and the very next day, it’s business as usual again. True or true?

I truly hope this time it’s different and you actually start applying my tips. Remember, when you want different results, you have to start doing things differently! Einstein said exactly the same thing with his definition of insanity:

“Keep doing the same things, expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

What’s next

Hopefully, you will follow and implement these six steps to become a better entrepreneur and grow your business. I know it will make a huge difference. That’s why I implemented each step into my signature coaching programProfitable Passion Program™. I must confess, it’s not for everybody. It requires a decent investment in and commitment to yourself. But rest assured, you can always start by joining myProfitable Passion Inner Circle,a subscription-based community of like-minded people that will elevate you and where you can experience my coaching service for a fraction of the price.

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About the author:

Erwin Wils is a mindset and business strategist. As a Master of Science in Electrical engineering by education and a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist, Master Soulkey Therapist, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) practitioner by training, Wils brings 25+ years of experience to show his clients how they can use their talents and expertise to make a positive impact in the world and make a good living doing so. He is all about being authentic and loves to inspire people. His motto: "Where there's a Wils, a better way will be."



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