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Written by: Michele Levandusky, Executive Contributor

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Congratulations! You just got another 5-Star Review!

How many 5-Star reviews does your business have? How current are those reviews? How many reviews do you have in total? Are you keeping your reputation in check?

Positive reviews boost your visibility & credibility. 70% of customers will leave a review when asked and, sales increase up to 44% with positive reviews. Not to mention, the purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews.

Now you may say, "My business is thriving, I do not need reviews," well let me put this out there to chew on, If your business is thriving, and you have a bunch of reviews, then you know that your business ranks in the top of the search engine. Why? It's because search engines love well-reviewed businesses and will display them higher in their search results because of it. However, to get those reviews, one needs to have a system in place (not just mentioning it to the customer as they walk out the door) to get those positive reviews posted and address those that were not so hot.

Did you know? Google ranks businesses based on How many reviews it has, how old the reviews are, and how many 5-star reviews are given.

Recently, I was in search of someone to do some work for me when I asked a friend, and they gave me two different businesses that could help me. When I looked them up online, one of them at six 5-star reviews, and one had 60+ reviews and a 4.5 rating. Which one do you think I picked?

Well, it was the one with a 4.5-star rating. Why do you ask, did I not go with the one with 5-stars? Well, for two reasons. One is the business with only six reviews were old, and also, were those real reviews of that of friends and family who helped them out?

The 4.5-star rating had 60+ reviews and only a couple that were not so hot, but no one is perfect, right? It was more real, and there were a lot more reviews overall. That is why I chose them. Now mind you, but companies are very reputable and have been in business for a very long time, but it all came down to the reviews on who got my business.

I love helping my clients to up their review game, manage their reputation, which in turn ups their revenue!

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Michele Levandusky, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Not your average digital marketing gal! With 30+ years of business experience, a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor's in Business, I know from both learning and experience that digital marketing is more than just status updates and #hashtags. At My Cup of Media, we build database resources, turn clicks into customers, customers into loyal, repeat customers while providing measured metrics and a true, trackable ROI. Along with that, we manage your online reputation to build those solid 5 stars reviews.



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