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Psychic Readings – Its Origins And How It Can Help You Rediscover Your Divinity

Written by: Ana Aurea Santiago, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Ana Aurea Santiago

Psychic Reading practitioners have fascinated and mystified people for centuries. The idea of individuals possessing these supernatural abilities to perceive hidden information, foresee the future, or communicate with the spirit world has captured our imagination. However, psychics and their practices often find themselves enshrouded in myths, misconceptions, and skepticism.

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Psychic Reading or related practices that deal with supernatural abilities, in the view of many, are somewhat the work of the Devil or against churches or specific religious beliefs.

Understanding psychic readings

Psychic readings give us a profound understanding of our personalities and life purposes. These readings serve as a guide, providing valuable insights into love, career, and personal growth. By digging into the hidden patterns and energies of the universe, astrology readings shed light on the alignment of stars and planets, giving clarity and direction. Unlocking the secrets of psychics brings peace of mind and allows individuals to navigate their paths more confidently. Whether through tarot and oracle readings or online psychic websites, psychic readings help uncover the hidden truths of one life’s journey.

Psychic Readings have been a part of human history for centuries, captivating and baffling people from all walks of life. These unfathomable practices, rooted in the belief in extrasensory perception and communication with the spiritual realm, have gone through compelling evolution over time. This article will unravel the origins of psychic readings and examine how various cultures have embraced these psychic practices.

The origins of psychic readings and its beginning

The origins of psychic readings can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they played a significant role in decision-making, spiritual guidance, and understanding the unknown. Here are some of the earliest manifestations of psychic readings:

  1. Ancient oracles Ancient Oracles are the earliest forms of psychic readings in ancient Greece, where they were highly respected as sources of divine wisdom. The Oracle of Delphi, situated at the Temple of Apollo, was the most famous. Devotees from across the Mediterranean sought counsel from the Pythia, a priestess who would enter a trance-like state and utter cryptic predictions believed to be inspired by the gods. These predictions guided leaders in making critical decisions, from war to sovereign state matters.

  2. Chinese divination In China, divination practices have their origins traced back thousands of years. Methods such as the I Ching, a system of interpreting hexagrams, and Feng Shui, the art of harmonizing one’s environment, were employed to gain perspective into the future and enhance one’s well-being. Chinese emperors and scholars depended on these practices to make crucial decisions and based their actions on cosmic forces.

  3. Indigenous cultures Indigenous cultures worldwide have a rich tradition of psychic practices rooted in their deep connection with nature and the spirit world. Shamanic rituals, tribal elders, and Divination through dream interpretation were usual practices for seeking guidance and healing. These practices have been necessary for many indigenous communities until this day.

Psychic practices in different cultures

Psychic practices have not been narrowed to any single culture or region. Instead, it has taken on diverse forms worldwide, reflecting the individuality of beliefs and traditions of various societies:

  1. Indian mysticism Psychic and mystical traditions have been rich in Indian history. Yogis and gurus are highly respected for their psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and telekinesis. Practices like meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda have been utilized to enhance psychic sensitivity and spiritual awareness.

  2. African divination African Cultures have a rich tradition of divination practices, often involving the council of spiritual elders or diviners who communicate with ancestors and spirits. Methods like throwing bones, reading patterns in nature, and interpreting dreams are common ways to seek guidance and insight.

  3. Western occultism Various forms of occultism have emerged in the Western world, including tarot card reading, astrology, and crystal gazing.

Types of psychic readings

Psychic Readings come in different forms, each having a distinctive approach and focus on its practice. Readings are based on what you want to know and how well you want to know them. Below are some of the common types of psychic readings you may need.

  1. Tarot card readings: are used to gain insights into past, present, and future events. Tarot points to the areas that need your attention for a desirable outcome.

  2. Oracle card reading: a powerful tool for guidance, inspiration, and mindset shift. These are designed to help you discover yourself more, clarify themes in your life, and provide awareness of limitless possibilities.

  3. Astrology readings: analyze celestial bodies at the time of your birth to provide insights into your personality traits, life events, and potential paths.

  4. Mediumship readings: Mediums connect with the spirits of deceased loved ones, providing messages, closure, and comfort to those seeking connection with the other side.

  5. Aura readings: Psychics perceive and interpret the energy fields surrounding individuals, gaining insights into their emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

How can psychic reading help you rediscover your divinity?

Psychic Reading offers a unique way of giving guidance, insights, and connection to the spiritual realm. Understand the types of readings you will be availing yourself of, know what you can expect during the Reading, and choose a reputable psychic to help you gain the insights you need to have that fulfillment and transformative experience.

When seeking a psychic reading, it’s best to approach the process with an open mind and have realistic expectations. Here are ways in which having a Psychic Reading can help you rediscover your divinity:

  1. Validation and confirmation Psychic reading can validate and confirm one’s feelings, experiences, and things you intuitively know. Each one of us has psychic gifts or abilities, but it will depend on us if we choose to tap into the gift and practice doing it.

  2. Insight into relationship Psychic Reading can offer valuable insights into personal relationships, helping you understand the dynamics and providing guidance and insights on navigating them.

  3. Clarity on life direction Psychic readings can highlight your life’s direction, offering clarity and guidance. Whether at a crossroads or needing reassurance or confirmation, Psychic Reading can help you better understand your purpose in life and the steps you need to take to move forward.

  4. Healing and closure Psychic readings can help your healing journey by providing closure and insights one needs to gain from past experiences or relationships. It can help you better understand the lessons from these experiences, allowing you to let go and move forward with renewed strength and clarity.

  5. Self-discovery and personal growth Astrology readings and Numerology can help us discover ourselves and grow. Psychics explore our minds and souls to find our hidden talents, strengths, and passions with the help of the chart that is generated with astrology readings and by the numbers derived from our date of birth and name. It can help us be true to ourselves by showing us our purpose in life.


Psychic readings can bring us peace and tranquility by offering valuable insights and guidance in various aspects of our lives. To enhance the psychic reading experience, conceptualize the right questions and have an open mind. Go into the session with an open heart and a willingness to receive guidance, insights, and messages. Trust the process and find clarity on your journey. Whether seeking answers or curious about wanting to know about the future, it can help us navigate life challenges. Remember, psychic readings are not set in stone and cannot predict our future. We have our free will with our decisions and actions.

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Ana Aurea Santiago Brainz Magazine

Ana Aurea Santiago, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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