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A Psychic Reading – What To Expect

Written by: Jennifer Tomlin, Executive Contributor

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Psychic readings usually involve divination of some form: cartomancy ‒ tarot or oracle cards, rune casting, palmistry, numerology and/or astrology. The reading can also be done without any divination tools. A Psychic reading is most often when the Reader tells a person seeking a reading, called the Querent, answers to their questions. The Psychic Reader uses their skills to give the Querent details and information or sometimes broader guidance as to the Querent’s life in general or a more specific situation.

Crystal ball fortune teller hands tarot cards psychic readings.

One of the best ways to find a Psychic Reader is through referral. When a Querent gets a referral from a friend or relative they can more likely trust that the Psychic is worth going to. For someone who has little idea about how a Psychic reading works it can be difficult to tell the fake ones from the authentic Readers.

A big indicator of a good Psychic Reader is that the Reader and the Querent can establish a good “connection”. The Psychic connection between the Querent and the Reader allows the Reader to open up to Spirit and receive images or information to give to the Querent. Usually, a good Reader will know right away if they can or cannot connect, and if not, put an end to the session, in no way meaning to be rude. If a Querent sees a Reader who says they cannot read for the person, then this is usually the case. As a Querent, the best way to tell if there is a connection is a gut feeling. A Querent should feel somewhat comfortable and at ease with the Reader, although not necessarily right away. Any hesitation or uneasiness might be a sign that the reading is not meant to take place. On the other hand, it is normal to be nervous when seeing a Psychic, especially for the first time.

A good way to prepare for the reading is to take a half hour or so to meditate. If you don’t meditate, just still quietly, and allow your mind to relax, while gently pondering the questions to be asked or the situation for which guidance is being sought. Do not use alcohol or drugs, or anything else that might cloud your mind.

On the day of the reading, shower and wear clean clothes, to leave any lingering energy behind. Try to stay relaxed upon arrival and allow the Reader a few minutes to get prepared. A Psychic Reader may look like the storybook version, with a black tablecloth and large quartz crystal ball, or a casually dressed “normal” person. As mentioned above, the Reader may use divination tools, or hold your hand, or neither.

Most often the Reader is able to zone in on prepared questions or situations, but there are times when the Reader sees past those, or Spirit will “trump” the questions or requested guidance and deliver a message via the Reader that is more important for the Querent to hear. A Psychic reading will happen the way it’s meant to.

After the reading, again take some time to meditate or sit quietly, and allow the experience and information received to sink in. Journal about your experience and the messages and/or information delivered, so that it is easier to remember what transpired. Some people feel energized after a reading, and some people are tired. Either is normal. After journaling, have a nap or spend some time in nature. A significant event has just occurred and should not be taken lightly. It could be the start of an important relationship.

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Jennifer Tomlin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jennifer Tomlin is the Owner and CEO of Three Paths Wellness Therapy. She is a lifelong learner, constantly working to improve and broaden her skillset. She is currently certified in Quantum Antojai Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, and Usui Reiki, all at the Master/Teacher Level, and a member of the International Reiki Association. She is also certified in Angel Healing, Energy, and Chakra Work and as a Therapist with IAOTH for Wellness Therapy sessions. She has been trained in many different types of Oracle Card and Tarot Card consultations. Jennifer has a tremendous amount of lived experience and finds that helps her relate to clients in an authentic way.



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