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Mitigating Hustle Culture When Starting Your Business

Written by: Mallory Meyer, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Dumbo could always fly…just needed a magic feather. How many times have you believed, to have greater confidence, you will feel better and feel more self-assured in your behaviours and actions?

Female fortune teller analyzing crystal ball while predicting the future of business people.

When you receive that piece of external validation or acknowledgment from your behaviours and actions, you'll no longer feel worried or anxious about if you made the best decision. You just need that magic feather, with someone in your corner. To believe in what you already have within to be exactly what clients, who inspire you, are ready and waiting for. When you are here and surround yourself in the energy of those here to stretch you, you fly. Have a mentor to take you there and hold you to YOUR ROLE and VISION in those times when it feels like:

  • Your efforts and presence are going into an abyss.

  • You are on the brink of giving up and feeling it's not worth it.

  • You feel defeated and unsure in our offers for your audience

  • You start to break away from your authentic self, just to make a sale.

When it comes to pricing, to generate 4-5 figure sustainable income months in your business, you require a high ticket, solution-driven offer. A common theme in client sessions is the resistance and fear to raise their price and be in receipt of that money, for their services. Common questions that come forward when assessing pricing:

  • Can I deliver that level of value

  • It's difficult to charge this rate and believe clients will invest

We've all been conditioned in various ways in how we perceive the consciousness of money.

A piece of reflection:

  • Where is this perception coming from that you won't gain clients?

  • What would be the perception of the person that earns ‘BLANK’ amount for their services?

  • How do you know you deliver over and above in value?

Remember, your clients want solutions and the solution you offer is valuable to them as it eliminates and takes away the problem they've been encountering without your help.

Money represents a commitment.

If/when you receive objections around the amount of money available to invest in the program you offer it comes down to it being a reflectionof the client not understanding the TRUE value.

There are people who want to give you the money.

There are people who will buy from you immediately stumbling upon and consuming your content.

There are people who will take a year to make the decision to invest. There are people who need to be, but there’s more nurturing required. Your role?

Never give up on your heart-seeded vision and WHY for receiving the mission you are here to fulfill🤍

To explore more in taking the next step to work together to build and scale a heart-centered profitablebusiness and aligned business, I invite you to connect with me on Instagram.

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Mallory Meyer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mallory Meyer is a Reiki Master, Medium, Cosmic Channel, and certified Life and Success Coach, NLP, TIME, EFT, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner incorporating Trauma-Sensitive practices into her business. Weaving the metaphysical with the physical, the soul, and strategy, with intuitive transformational coaching and manifestation, to bring forward your reality at a quantum level. Mallory helps spiritual entrepreneurs build a profitable and aligned business that's sustainable in success in her 8-week online course and mastermind.



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