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Meet The Clinical Director At Meta Minds Therapy – Exclusive Interview With Dan Davis

Dan Davis is deeply passionate about helping people master their mindset. He is the host of 2 leading mental health podcasts, Meta Minds and The Power of Showing Up. Dan is also the host of Australia's 1 ranked drone YouTube channel, DansTube.TV. Dan has worked within the mental health and counselling industries for 5+ years, and has been dedicated to empowering clients through his counselling practice, Meta Minds Therapy. Dan has made it his mission to empower people to live the life of their dreams!

Dan Davis, Founder of Meta Minds Therapy, DansTube.TV & Fearless Drone Academy

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

My name is Dan Davis and I am the clinical director at Meta Minds Therapy, podcast host on the Meta Minds podcast and host of The Power of Showing Up podcast. I am also the creative director at DansTube.TV – Australia’s 1 Ranked Drone YouTuber, and the course creator at the Fearless Drone Academy – The Ultimate Online Drone Course for Beginners.

I am deeply passionate about helping people through my counsellor work at Meta Minds Therapy and Raise Foundation, I work with adolescents, mental health carers and creatives. I also work with people going through life transitions, relationship challenges, mental health battles and more. I have made it my mission to positively impact as many people as I possibly can, my counselling practice Meta Minds Therapy has been designed to give clients flexible counselling on their terms, after hours sessions are also available to clients.

I remember telling my friend in 2021 that I wanted to become a drone authority and reach the number 1 spot as Australia’s trusted drone YouTuber, that become a reality in 2022 when my YouTube channel grew exponentially, I was noticed by DJI and cemented myself as the drone guy to keep an eye on. I have since partnered with the D1 Store to offer exclusive drone bundles to my audience.

I also allocate sufficient time to top my cup up, I enjoy going away on adventures with my partner to secluded locations on top of mountains, I spend hours each week playing squash with friends, I find peace in a sauna, and play video games and board games with friends. I also try to spend quality time with the people in my life who bring me joy!

Audio books have been an important aspect of my journey, they have helped me gain a different perspective and develop myself as a counsellor, and a person. My top reading recommendations are: The Four Agreements, The Power of Now, Ego is the Enemy and Daring Greatly. What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

I am deeply passionate about helping people; I would love to positively impact as many people as I possibly can in my lifetime. I can see myself offering workshops through Meta Minds Therapy in the future; I would love to tackle issues relating to boundaries, anxiety, motivation, purpose and more. I can also see myself leaning into speaking gigs and trying to develop a community for people to connect with others, develop themselves and find their tribe. My short term goal is becoming a qualified counselling supervisor so that I can work with other counsellors, I would also love to work with corporate clients and businesses to help their employees develop themselves.

I would love to see the Meta Minds podcast reach a larger audience, and continue to be a place for myself and Aimon to reflect and connect on topics that have been relevant in our lives. I believe that the podcast could be a key ingredient in the development of Meta Minds Therapy.

I am also eager to grow my YouTube channel to 50,000 subscribers; I believe that I can reach this goal by the end of 2023. I will be hosting big drone giveaways to celebrate this milestone, and continue to create high quality and engaging content to help drone enthusiasts get the most out of their drones! What is your work inspired by?

I am inspired by people, I am fascinated by the stories that we tell ourselves, the lives that we lead, the shame that we try to hide and the fear that stops us from living our dream lives! I want to help people live their dream life, overcome their challenges, and find the authenticity and passion that we all have inside of us.

I had some challenges through high school and I have had a broken family for most of my life, I have watched myself go through challenges. I think about how valuable it would have been for me to have a mentor or a counsellor to talk to during these tough times. This is what motivates me to become the best therapist that I can be, I am extremely reflective and self-aware, and this has helped me develop my skills, find a self-care routine that works for me, and recognise my value. I would like to get myself into a position where I am working with my dream clients, people who strive to become better and have an excitement for life.

I also want to continue growing my drone brand so that I can reach 100,000 subscribers by 2025. I believe that my drone course has a lot of potential to empower drone pilots and I would love to continue connecting with my audience, hosting giveaways, and creating higher quality content. Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I remember studying my undergraduate degree in psychology back in 2016, not even knowing much about counselling at that point, I told myself that I would run my own private practice. I then studied my Masters of Counselling in 2019 with a deeper passion for helping people and working on my own terms. It was only recently in 2022 that I was hit by a moment that forced me to make a decision. I was running a counselling service for a local organisation and they were told that funding would not cover their counselling service anymore.

This forced me into a position where I had to decide if I wanted to look for another job, or if this was divine timing from the universe to dive into private practice. I was fortunate enough to have 3 months of notice from this role, in late 2022 I started reaching out to companies, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) and individuals to start offering my counselling service, by the time that my job ended with this organisation I was booked for the next 2 weeks. This gave me the confidence to double down on finding referral pathways and reflecting on how I wanted my future of private practice to look.

The next evolution of my private practice will involve me become a qualified supervisor so that I can support counsellors and other professionals. My next big goal after that would be hosting workshops for people in my area and online, the group facilitation that I have been doing through Raise Foundation has helped me develop my skills as a presenter, facilitator and program counsellor.

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