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Live Life Being The Strongest Version Of Your Best Self – Exclusive Interview With Debra Rossi

Debra is a motivated, enthusiastic lifelong learner. She has always had a curious mind, a natural love for people, and her strength is mentoring people to succeed. She feels blessed to use her talents and passion in a bigger way with her business as a Professional Life Coach. Debra believes balance in life is important. She finds pleasure in the big, as well as the small moments – whether coaching a client, being a mother to her children, cooking, hiking or her latest love of playing pickleball. Her message is both bold and simple, be courageous, expand your horizons, and believe in your abilities.

Debra Rossi, Personal Life Coach

What differentiates your business from other life coaching businesses?

What differentiates my business from other professional life coaches is the program I take my clients through called Mindset for Success. This program is instrumental in helping my clients transform their minds. It is specifically designed to help people change old, negative ways of thinking and replace those limiting thought patterns with new positive thoughts and beliefs. We truly have unlimited potential but often have a difficult time believing in our abilities.

Mindset for Success is a blend of Neuroscience, Spirituality and Psychology, developed by Psychologist, Dr. Jayne Gardner. It is a great process that initiates lasting change because it is a brain-based approach that gets your brain circuitry connected on many different levels. What is important is that when you create new beliefs you feel the energy and emotion behind those new thoughts. You want to BE the change you want to see happen. When you move your thinking beyond your limiting beliefs you become comfortable with your innate gifts.

What’s your Life Philosophy and/or Business Philosophy?

There is a merger that exists between both my Life Philosophy and Business Philosophy. My philosophy, ‘Surrender into the Process of Personal Transformation. Live Life being the Strongest Version of your Best Self.’ Personal growth occurs when you let go of the thoughts, habits, behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you with ones that do. When you practice living life believing in your best self you’re making changes in your brain, which has a ripple effect in all areas of your life.

I discovered I have more WINS in my life when I feel better both in my mind and body. A powerful tool for me has been having an attitude of optimism which is just plain healthy. When my attitude says I am going for it, I feel the excitement in my body. An optimistic attitude has enabled me to take action steps with my business, help accomplish my goals, and increase my creativity.

This philosophy has carried over into my business with my clients. As they transform their mindset, they are able to embrace the new and not fear change. They learn to tap into their higher potential and achieve a bigger, bolder version of themselves in life. They feel more confident, more at peace. If you believe in your abilities, you can succeed. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you won’t.

Why did you start your business and become a Personal Life Coach?

I have always had a natural curiosity about people, an interest in self-improvement and knew my strength was motivating and inspiring people to succeed. At a young age, I was a good listener, energetic, and enthusiastic. Thinking back to my teen years, I realized how often my sisters or friends would turn to me for guidance. Throughout the years I was the go-to person for family and friends.

I studied Administration & Management and began my career in the Human Resource Management field. The years went by and my life was full but I started feeling an emptiness inside. When this feeling didn’t dissipate, I knew I had to start my own personal excavation process. I worked with a Spiritual Life Coach and went through vast inner change. Old parts of my life started to fall away as I learned to surrender and embrace the lessons growth brought. It was during this time of exploration I learned about a book study group called Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham. The class was facilitated by two professional life coaches and turned out to be the catalyst for change I had been seeking.

Personal Life Coaching is a natural alignment with my strengths and interests. I started with a vision, a dream with how my business would help people transform their mindset, be open to change and have inner growth. I trusted my intuition and knew this was the right time in my life to start my business. My passion and excitement with turning this dream into a reality was my mission. Nine years ago, I went through extensive training and certification to become a Personal Life Coach. My passion and excitement continue to grow with the work I do helping women and men reach their higher potential. I discovered it is never too early or too late to become the person you always wanted to be.

Who inspires you?

My mother had always been a source of inspiration for me. She always believed in the goodness of people and had a positive attitude about life. I learned from her the values of kindness, caring, and resiliency. As an entrepreneur, resiliency is an important character trait.

In 2004 inspiration hit, I followed my passion of writing and wrote a book. I started researching publishing houses and discovered Louise Hay. She has served as a source of inspiration for me through the years with her life story. She was a motivational author, incredible visionary and founder of Hay House Publishing. Hay House is one of the largest independently owned publishing houses in the world. Louise was an awe-inspiring woman who built an empire, overcame illness and lived to be 90.

What is your daily self-care routine?

Upon awakening, I have a 15-minute morning practice. This is my special prayer time and a time when I set my daily intention. Sometimes my intention is choosing a certain word, phrase or particular attitude that feels right for the day. An attitude of optimism, determination, focus, thankfulness, or patience. Often, I’ll go outside on my patio to bring mother nature into my morning practice.

My office is in my home and my days are often filled with soft music playing in the background. I live life very aware of my thoughts and feelings. I know when I have to pivot and take a quick 20-30 minute walk during lunchtime instead of working on my computer. A priority for me with my self-care practice is healthy eating. I found nutritious food affects how I feel and allows me to have energy without the highs and lows.

I end my day with writing in my journal. This allows self-reflection with how I’m feeling, what’s going well in my life, and what areas in my life need change or more attention. Healthy self-care practices are key to having equilibrium in our lives and manifesting our dreams.

Who should contact you for your services and what is the best way to do so?

I work with women and men who are stuck, restless, feeling anxious, or a disconnect from within. The first step towards reconnecting from within is investing in yourself.

You can schedule a one-hour complimentary consultation here.

Follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!



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