Learn How to Write – The 4 Pillars of a Good Story

Written by: Danielle Perlin-Good, Executive Contributor

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In my 12+ years of writing and editing, I’ve determined what truly makes up a good story. Some folks will tell you that you need the Five W’s. Some will adamantly insist that you need five components: the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. Others will tell you to incorporate the five elements of memoir: Truth, Theme, Voice, POV, and Musing. They’re all right in their own ways. But what these key story elements don’t include are the pillars—the idea of breaking down what needs to happen before the story takes place—before the story is even written down.

When I work with clients privately, we discuss the four pillars of the story and how these pillars affect their own writing and their book. Without these pillars, the story simply will not come to life.


When we think about time management, we can easily become fearful, overwhelmed, and just simply exhausted. But keeping track of our time doesn’t have to feel like a burden. When we utilize our time efficiently and effectively, we can actually increase the amount of time we have in our daily lives to accomplish our goals.


Humans have a finite amount of energy. We also have the ability to increase or improve, our energy levels, but we need to commit to a healthier living standard for ourselves. Once we do so, we can have more energy to undertake significant tasks and projects, one of which may be to write a book.


There are plenty of books and articles on the value of mindset and mindfulness. However, mindset plays a significant role in shaping your story. If we’re not crystal clear on our vision for the creative project we want to tackle, and if our mindset isn’t in the right place, it will be significantly more difficult to write our story with a clear voice. Ask yourself how your thoughts are impacting your voice on the page.


We place value on possessions. We place a high value on the relationships we cultivate. We also can utilize value when it comes to our stories. Ask yourself, what value do you place on your own ideas, and how does that translate into your story’s value?


Once you have a sense of what these four pillars of the story mean for you, your written work, and your goals, I guarantee you will learn your way of accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, no matter what they are.

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Danielle Perlin-Good, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Danielle Perlin-Good is The Written Legacy Coach. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers elevate their credibility by unleashing their powerful legacies so they can transform and inspire lives. Since 2008, Danielle has edited hundreds of articles, books, social media content, e-newsletters, and more. She went from working overnight shifts at the Tribune Company to corporate digital marketing gigs, one of which was at Albert Whitman & Co., an esteemed children's publishing house. Danielle uses mindset techniques, exceptional editing skills, and visualization exercises to ensure her clients develop a beautifully crafted and publishable book that they will forever cherish.



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