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Leading Change In Healthcare And Mental Wellness – Exclusive Interview With Angela Boring

Angela Boring is a leader and expert in somatic psychotherapy, a macro social scientist, and provides consultation to large organizations and supervision to individual leaders on system change, improvement initiatives, relational neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and polyvagal theory. She has over 28 years in the mental health field and has worked with the largest healthcare organizations, providing oversight and guiding senior hospital executives. She has expertise in several domains within healthcare. Currently, she focuses on education, consulting, supervision, and mental health trends and legislative initiatives.

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Angela Boring, Consultant & Somatic Psychotherapist Supervisor

Please introduce yourself and share some insights about your life for our readers to get to know you better.

I am a somatic psychotherapist and a macro social scientist, holding an alumni status at Boston University. Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an autodidactic photographer and digital artist, finding solace in the company of family and friends.

What types of organizational consultative services, therapy, or counseling services are offered through your website, and who comprises your target audience?

My professional endeavors span both macro and micro facets within healthcare. My services cater to organizations and individuals striving to enhance their operational efficiency while aligning with their core values and overarching objectives. For organizations, I provide consultative services in change management and mentor emerging leaders, fostering entrepreneurship without sacrificing personal well-being. My role involves comprehensive assessment, iterative refinement, and the provision of strategic counsel. Frequently, CEOs and VPs seek my guidance in addressing relational challenges, acute anxiety, and the regulation of their nervous systems. Organizations also engage my expertise to lead transformative change initiatives and conduct gap assessments, culminating in recommendations tailored to their specific mission-aligned goals.

What distinguishes you from other consultants and leaders in the healthcare industry, aside from your extensive experience?

Setting me apart is my distinctive approach, characterized by its emphasis on relational dynamics, holistic perspectives, data-driven methodologies, and unwavering commitment to tangible outcomes and client satisfaction. One of my credentials includes training under the aegis of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige Award Program (MBAP), the United States' foremost business award initiative, where I have served as a senior examiner for over 13 years.

If you could affect one change in your industry, what would it be, and why?

If I could enact a singular transformation, it would be to mandate mental health as a paramount public health imperative, seamlessly woven into every facet of our healthcare system and educational institutions. Mental well-being should be regarded as routine preventative care, akin to biannual physical check-ups or the response to any other medical event. This shift in perspective would fundamentally alter how we perceive ourselves and our fellow individuals.

Can you elucidate the essence of 'The Gritty Therapist' and what inspired you to initiate this platform?

'The Gritty Therapist' serves as an educational platform, disseminating precise, evidence-based micro-education and information pertaining to challenges faced by individuals. Moreover, I ardently advocate for legislative and innovative initiatives aimed at catalyzing change within the behavioral health field. 'The Gritty Therapist' offers a unique feature where individuals can anonymously submit queries, typically through social media platforms, and receive informed responses. This fosters a collaborative learning environment, enabling peers to glean insights from one another and mitigating the sense of isolation often associated with personal challenges.

Essentially, 'grit' represents the resilience requisite to transition from one facet of an experience to another. It constitutes the fulcrum of change, where the harmonious interplay of opposites occurs.

The impetus for this endeavor stemmed from the alarming prevalence of misinformation on the internet and social media platforms. My goal was to infuse rigorously researched material into the digital sphere, delivering micro-education and micro-podcasts that offer individuals accurate information and the support they need.

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