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Leadership Is Nurturing Aspirations

Written by: Santarvis Brown, Senior Level Executive Contributor

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Good leadership isn’t only about meeting your own goals. In fact, sometimes the best goals leaders can meet aren’t those that they set at all. What do your employees want out of their job? What are their professional aspirations? When you motivate the people around you and help them realize their aspirations, you are building a loyal and competent team. If there’s one thing I can share with you, let it be the importance of nurturing the aspirations of those around you. Here are some of the three best ways you can do so.


One of the best ways employers can nurture and support the aspirations of those around them, at least in a professional sense, is to invest in good training. All employees bring something to the table. Whether that “something” is their experience in the industry, their passion for innovation, or even simply their fresh perspective, everyone has something to offer. Training helps find them the best place for their talents.

When you train with someone, especially one-on-one, you naturally get to know their strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This is a great way to find out how their talents and goals can be pursued at your business. Talk about their expectations as well as yours and what you ultimately see them doing in the company. You can do this both before training begins as well as once it is over, allowing you to not only build a training session tailored to their aspirations but also sum up the training and set goals for the future.

Connect the dots

Sometimes people aspire within an organization but aren’t sure how to get there. They can use some help piecing everything together. How does their role affect the rest of the organization, and how can they work with people throughout the company to further their professional aspirations? Connecting the dots is something great leaders do. They help employees understand why each job and department matters to the mission of the organization and how their goals fit in, too.

When you have successfully connected the dots, your employees should be able to articulate how their goals help meet the company’s mission.

Challenging their ability

For a long time, extrinsic motivation has been seen as the most effective way to motivate people. If you need your employees to meet a goal, for example, you might offer them public praise, prizes, or money to help whet their appetite for success. In reality, intrinsic motivation is just as effective.

When you are trying to help your employees meet their aspirations, worry less about material rewards and more about improving skills and professional opportunities. Offer your employees opportunities that challenge their expertise. Give them a chance to grow professionally and truly master their skills. When they have a better handle on their skills, they will naturally feel like they have a better chance at realizing their goals.

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Santarvis Brown, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Santarvis Brown has spent 15+ years serving as a leader, innovator, and changemaker in education, showcasing in-depth insight as an administrator, educator, and program director. A noted speaker, researcher, and full professor, he has lent his speaking talent to many community and educational forums, serving as a keynote speaker. He has also penned several publications tackling issues in civic service, faith, leadership, and education.



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