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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Written by: Dianne McKim, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I was inspired to write this article as I was watching and listening to some comedians on YouTube laughing at their routines. What a great euphoric feeling that comes from good belly laughs. Not only do you come away feeling good, but there are definitely benefits to all that laughter.

A portrait of a young and happy woman wearing a hoodie and holding a smart phone while laughing.

Great humor brings both short and long-term effects.

  1. Lightens our load mentally

  2. Enhances your oxygen-rich air

  3. Stimulates your organs – heart, lungs, and muscles

  4. Increases the endorphins that are released by your brain

  5. Produces a good, relaxed feeling** ** that good relaxed feeling comes because laughter kicks up and then cools down your stress response; then it increases and decreases your blood pressure and your heart rate.

  6. Stimulates circulation

  7. Aids relaxation in your muscles

  8. Improves your immune system

  9. Relieves pain

  10. Helps you cope with challenging situations

  11. Provides greater ability to connect with others

  12. Lessens sadness, anxiousness, low moods making you feel happier

  13. Improves your self-esteem

What an incredible list of benefits!! Imagine all of those benefits happening within you… How would you feel? Imagine enjoying laughter, not only at home, but also at work. It can certainly deepen your relationships with family and friends, but it can also really enhance those work relationships as well.

Life can be challenging, so what a difference it would make if you challenged yourself to find those funny things in life and laugh. Of course, as noted in the Humana article, we don’t want to laugh at someone else’s expense. We want to laugh with others and enjoy those amazing benefits together!

So how can you add laughter and increase your sense of humor?

  1. Showcase in your environment – find photos, cards, comics, etc. that make you chuckle and hang them up, collect them, post them.

  2. Keep funny movies and books around so you can access them when you need a pick me up

  3. Listen to humorous podcasts, YouTube videos or recordings

  4. Look for the “funny” in your life circumstances

  5. Spend time with friends who share laughter with you

  6. Smile, smile, smile

So give these tips a try and Laugh out loud. Let yourself go and really enjoy. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

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Dianne McKim, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

A Certified Career, Leadership, and Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Speaker, and Guest Interviewee, Dianne McKim has the professional training, personal experiences, and knowledge to help clients successfully grow and thrive.

Dianne enjoyed a long and impactful career in Corporate America, successfully leading teams, influencing peers, mentoring team members, and interacting at all corporate levels (including C Levels). During that time, she developed strong relationships with executives, management, peers, and team members, allowing her to successfully spearhead major projects while negotiating, and navigating bureaucracy.

This wasn't always the way, however. Dianne is an abusive relationship survivor, who navigated through a long and difficult divorce, which resulted in her running a household, working full time the whole time, and raising children as a single mom for 14 years. She dealt with family issues, job losses and job searches, loss of relationships, a lack of confidence, and very low self-esteem.

Over time, Dianne rebuilt her life, rediscovering herself and strengthening her confidence. As she did, she learned how to stand strong in her abilities, understand her value and embrace her identity. As her confidence grew, she discovered how to have professional success, personal contentment, and spiritual fulfillment.

Dianne has taken all that she learned, along with her unparalleled ability and deep care and compassion for others and began Precious Stones Coaching. Her coaching style is inviting, understanding, and encouraging with just the right amount of leadership, guidance, and accountability to help her clients focus on their priorities and accomplish their goals. Dianne wholeheartedly commits to helping her clients achieve and fulfill their calling, purpose, and destiny.



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