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Kickstart Your Dreams – Bring Your Future Closer

Written by: Reshna Patel, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What inspires you? What are your dreams? What is it you want? Where do you see yourself in 5 years… this is what you may ask yourself from time to time.

How about giving your life a kickstart?

Start by writing down your goals and use these questions to bring your future closer.

1. Address your main priority first?

By aligning your mindset what's the most important thing for you to experience? Look at what you enjoy doing the most, whether it's hobbies that interested you from your childhood.

When your goals are aligned with your life journey, things synchronise into place and guide you at ease. Your intuition also grows stronger and enhances your self-belief on a high level. This in turn brings in a harmonious flow from every corner that you look at.

2. Make this dream your choice?

Are your ideas and dreams yours or do you follow what others say and look for validation if it’s the right thing to do. At times we can get caught up in someone else’s dream, perhaps someone you idolize and start to shape their life it into ourselves unconsciously. Although in the short run this can help inspire and motivate us, however in the long run we miss out on opportunities as we decided to stay in our comfort zone. When we paint our dreams, we add in joy, love, enthusiasm, eagerness and a drive to fulfil them. We focus and start to take baby steps in reaching the end goal. Some may look at us as being selfish daring to chase our dream, whilst others will support us 100% in our life purpose. Listen to your intuition and the divine to help lead you on the right path. Only you can fulfil your dream.

3. Are you enthusiastic about your dream?

Do you have sleepless nights just thinking about it? Or do you visualise how and where you want to be? Are you ready to dedicate your time and energy by putting in the hard work? By being resilient and focused, one can achieve great moments and rewards.

4. Are you settling for less?

Do you find yourself accepting less than your full share – from pursuing that fantastic career, achieving success, furthering your goals by starting that exciting business, or seeing that part of the world you always wanted to visit?

5. Is your dream a part of something huge?

When creating our dreams instead of desiring for the future we tend to look at the present moment. Whether it is a house, a car, a job or the perfect partner, we gravitate towards material things and look at what we require now. When in fact we need to be planning the ultimate dream which is our future. Our future is having the necessities to be able to thrive, to be happy, having a renewed sense of self-worth, achieving our desires. By focusing on the experience, you can create and achieve many things.

6. What will you feel like when you reach your dream?

Will you feel ecstatic, on top of the world or thrilled by living your dream? Or will you feel you can work harder and achieve more?

By appreciating every moment for every positive thought, word and action you take, reward yourself for being able to obtain your goal. Keep your attention focused, strong-minded in knowing you are able to achieve anything you put your mind to. Manifest your aspirations knowing it's close and within reach. Dreams are formed by having a strong passion for creating a powerful vision.

7. How will you benefit in obtaining your dream?

Look at how your dreams will help you achieve your vision and future goals. When looking at it, we need to be specific in what we want. Create a list on what motivates you, what inspires you. What would happen if what you desired came to fruition? How will you approach things in life differently?

8. What steps will you take?

Start with an action plan. Devise a list on a weekly or monthly basis. Jot down any new ideas whether small or huge. Make it a goal to take action once a day and keep the momentum going. Measure your progress and celebrate any wins.

9. Do those fears and negative thoughts creep in: "I can't have my dream?"

Do you doubt yourself? Ask yourself why you feel like this. By filling your mind with limiting beliefs, this can stop you in your tracks. By removing those negative thought patterns one can start to believe in themselves more and focus on their dreams.

10. Accomplish your dream?

What’s stopping you from accomplishing your dreams and living your life purpose? Once you realise how you want to pave your future, your dreams and wishes will unfold in a positive way. Just relax and enjoy the new changes that come your way.

Go on you can do it!

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Reshna Patel, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Reshna Patel, is a professional Content Creator and Writer. She works with start-ups and medium sized businesses who are looking to communicate their story, vision and unique message clearly. With her creative mind and expertise she creates content for blogs, articles and web pages with onsite SEO optimization.

Her writing flair connects and speaks with emotion by bringing your business to life and converting content into sales.



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