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It’s Secure Now

Written by: Juliette Marhofer-Dugger, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I’m on day 18 of recovering from the dreaded “C” virus. The body is a fascinating vessel and so delicate. I’ve contemplated every facet of my life while in quarantine for days. I’ve only left my house once during this time for curbside pickup and as much as I love human interaction, I mean I thrive on it, I was exhausted by the time I returned home from my short jaunt. My equilibrium was off which made the drive a little awkward. As much as I wanted to leave home to see the world, I couldn’t return quickly enough to the comfort of my room where I’ve been healing. I’m on the way down from this steep mountain and every step and breath are laced with gratitude!

A few months prior to the foreign invader entering my body, my beloved youngest and I were out on a field trip to a local park with a stunning lake. As we arrived, a pink sprinkled doughnut held tightly in her little hand, she commented that she didn’t really have an interest in getting out. I inquired about why she just wanted to sit in the car when it was so beautiful out there? As I looked at her little face for a response her eyes were fixed upon the water and in a soft voice, she said, “Look mama, the water is so still it has insecurities. But, there’s a part of it that’s slightly moving.” I prompted her with curiosity, “Well what do you think that means?” Mama, “Because it’s only moving a little, It simply means it’s not secure yet.”

After driving around the lake with the windows rolled down, hearing the wind rustling through the trees draped in stunning fall foliage, we parked the car. I don’t think either of us took our eyes off the water once her discovery was made and it wasn’t long before I whispered, “Look the wind is kissing the water and it’s moving.” With confidence, she said, “Oh, that means it’s secure now.”

The wind at your back and the sun on your face is there anything you cannot do? When the breeze seems to kiss your endeavors and all feels well in your world. When life is moving and the ripples from every moment you decided to give life a nod of yes and shut the door to standing still. We feel slightly more secure, don’t we? But, what happens when you're flat on your back, staring at the ceiling, praying you to catch your next breath and your next break? Her interpretation of security was found when she saw the waters moving, not when it was still. She’s taken note as a young girl that stability doesn’t equate to security, but living wild on the move is her access to freedom. I went a bit deeper in this discovery and learned that while she thinks being still might sound comfortable, we can’t control the wind, but we can control how we respond to it.

My daughter is nearly twelve now, but when she was seven I took her to this same lake and did an exercise with her. I remember the day I asked her, “Kinnley, would you like to go on a “yes” adventure?” Without any hesitation, she exclaimed, “YES!” We loaded up and off we went. I had pondered what this moment would be like for the both of us for about a year. When I had the idea I felt like I wanted her to be a bit older to make sure the moment would stick for years to come. As we ventured towards the edge of the water I asked her to pause and pick up a rock.

Kinnley, “When you release this rock into the water from your hand I want you to say yes God and then watch as your rock creates ripples. I want you to know that in your life when you say yes to Him, even when it doesn’t make sense, this is your power to choose and those ripples represent lives you will touch with your kindness. Now, go for it!” She loved it and began to giggle. As the rock left her hand, she watched with intensity as the ripples spanned for minutes after. She then looked at me and said, “Mama, I’m going to pick up a bunch of rocks and then I can say yes to God a bunch of times.” I stood and watched as she picked up handfuls of powerful choices for at least ten more minutes. Kinnley, “Now, look at how those ripples overlap because of all the rocks you threw!” Once she finished, she looked up at me and said, “I love saying yes.”

We’ve revisited this moment together over the years and now that she is older it’s incredible to unpack insight with her about her choices. Today is your friendly reminder, in the midst of your insecurities, you have been made to fight for your yes. I believe that even as you read this you have been contemplating the beauty sitting in front of you that you long to live out. The adventure you dream about is at your fingertips. I believe it’s time for you to push all of your chips to the center of the table and go for it. If you have everything to lose, then this is your most powerful moment to find out what you’re made of. How can you lose if you have already decided to take a risk? You’ve already won by owning your yes and defying the odds that many might not ever have the courage to embrace. Yes, life is unfair, but it’s also good. If all we focus on is our insecurities, the rocks will stay on the ground, and the ripples intended to send our love into the world to create more good will never exist. So, let’s move by creating a life we were intended to live. A life that reflects a soul living with intention because we decided it’s the only way to experience real security.

Put your power in motion and create your ripples with these 8 Soul Care Journaling Prompts:

  • YES! I desire to create an environment that inspires me to bring good to the world around me. What’s one rock I can pick up today to invite this change?

  • YES! I desire to push my chips to the center of the table. What will I require of myself to make this leap?

  • YES! I desire to face the fear of remaining still despite my insecurities. What is one act of kindness I can do that puts my love in motion?

  • YES! I desire to live a life that reflects intention in my day-to-day decisions. Who can I reach out to today that inspires me to become the best version of myself?

  • YES! I desire to defy the odds and embrace a courageous life of taking risks. How can I hold myself accountable today to the passions I want to manifest?

  • YES! I desire self-care to nurture a state of well-being in my life. What’s a daily ritual I can implement that soothes my soul?

  • YES! I desire to address my insecurities but I’m scared of the outcome. Today I will write about putting one foot in front of the other as I wrap my arm around myself with love.

  • YES! I desire to believe that I can have the life I long to live. Today I will write about taking responsibility for the rocks I’ll throw to live free through my powerful choices!

Cheers to picking up rocks & saying yes!

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Juliette Marhofer-Dugger, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Juliette Marhofer Dugger, is a mother, coach, speaker, author, entrepreneur, thought leader, and philanthropist whose obsession with Soul Care points others to rewrite their story and not to relive history. After childhood and adulthood trauma caused a collision of abandonment and intimate belonging in her soul, she created dialogue to radically transform her narrative.Juliette has committed her life to help others unleash their creativity in the middle of the war in their soul not after it ends! She is the Founder of WildWell Company and the Master Coach and Creator of Detox Dialogue™, a movement of personal transformation through soul care for females whose private and professional lives have been impacted by systemic cycles and patterns, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse, and betrayal trauma. She is a published author and host of YELLOWSOUL, an interview-based podcast holding rogue conversations for women to know “if it's defined you, it matters, let’s talk about it”. Juliette is passionate about reframing soul hygiene to disrupt the view of how we connect to faith, ourselves, and others to create a life of wonder!



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