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Is your Superpower Hidden in Plain Sight?

Written by: Kim Conway, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The best parts of us are hidden in plain sight. We live within the endless chatter of our conscious minds. This chatter commands our focus, yet it distracts us from our true essence because it is so strong. We decide this chatter must be the true representation of ourselves. Our truth. The definition of us.

The truth lies within,

And as we discover it,

We can’t help but grin.

For the truth is what we have always desired,

And the search is so easy we will not grow tired.

Think for a moment, what does your mind say when you ask, “Who am I?” For most of us, we will receive a list of adjectives—kind, compassionate, shy, fearful, trusting, distrusting, unworthy, worthy. This list can be infinite and often derived from what others have told us we are. But what does it really say about our depth? Our conscious minds have an important job. They are meant to distract us from our true essence. This is how they lead us in our life as humans. The chatter makes us forget about our souls and spirit. Our bodies also distract us. They distract us with physical sensations, pain, illness, hunger, and our body and self-image. We often then define ourselves by our relationship with our bodies—I am female, young, old, attractive, unattractive, healthy, unhealthy. This, too, is an endless list.

Inside of our souls

Lives our truth, so strong and sound.

The truth is our spirit,

Is our fraction of God.

Our spirits are resilient and strong

And lead by Great Spirit

So kind, loving, and pure,

And it is here we have all resided so long.

How do we connect with our souls?

This connection to our bodies and minds overpowers us. It blocks the third and most important part of us—our souls and spirit. Because of the power of our minds and bodies, we feel disconnected from our souls. In my work, people ask me all of the time, “How can I know my soul?” This is a mystery to many of us. We must become quiet to connect. We must use our hearts and our belief systems to connect. We must put in the effort. It is the cracking open of our minds, beliefs, and a relaxation of our bodies necessary to begin this relationship with our souls.

And as we discover our spirits,

Our souls do ignite,

And it is our spirits

That shine so brilliant and bright,

And as they do,

The world around us is illuminated

And begins to glow.

This is the truth, we all actually know.

If we looked at an egg and never cracked it open, we would not know its contents. We would never know about its nutrition and its ingredients to produce life. The egg hides its golden yoke in plain sight. Just as our souls and spirits are always within us, hiding behind the chatter of our conscious minds, in plain sight but unseen. Our souls and spirit are much like the yoke.

For this truth is the foundation

Of all living creations.

It resides inside of us.

It resides inside all animals.

And plants and flowers,

And it flies around with the birds and the bees.

For each living creature

Holds within it this grace.

How does connecting with our souls change us?

We must work to have this relationship with our souls; Once we begin, it is easy. We begin to listen to our minds in a different way. We challenge our own minds. We forgive our bodies for their weaknesses. We begin to know our true essence. This essence is always love.

Each of us supported by universal love,

Each of us within God’s grace,

Each of us a fraction of this universal love,

Each of us with a power to heal,

Each of us with a power to transform.

This is the truth we hold within

The truth we do know.

The best part of us is hidden in plain sight, just as the golden yoke is hidden within the shell and white of the egg. We think of eggs as a valuable source of nutrition. It is the same with our souls and spirit. They are essential in guiding us on our spiritual growth and personal development.

So, for today,

Reach deep inside

And find your soul,

And find your spirit,

And awaken to understand

they do not hide.

For they are within your grasp,

And their love is true and unconditional

And will forever last.

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Kim Conway, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Kim Conway, LICSW, Coach, Medium, Reiki Master. Kim believes we all have the capacity to overcome our struggles and that our souls are the most powerful healers and our greatest guide. Her approach is spiritual, helping clients develop a relationship with their souls, which supports us in every aspect of our lives and helps us heal, evolve, and grow. She incorporates intuitive work, energy healing, and education in her soul coaching program to help you discover and know your soul for personal development, guidance, and healing. Kim is a LICSW, developed spiritual medium, and Reiki Master Teacher who offers soul coaching, mediumship, intuitive and Oracle card readings, meditations, energy healing, and spiritual and intuitive development classes. You can listen to her Podcast, Soul Inspirations, meditation album, Soul Journeys for inspiration and healing. Kim is the Entrepreneuress of Kim Conway, LLC.



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