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Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Life? ‒ Interview With Myrto Mangrioti

Myrto Mangrioti believes life is a learning playground that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Struggling with her "good girl" attitude all her life, she found peace by embracing it. That’s when she founded Loving Living to pursue her passion for helping people awaken to their true selves, enjoying their lives to the fullest by living in the present moment. Myrto is a certified Deep Coach, a Canfield Success Principles & Methodology Certified Trainer, and a No.1 International Best-Selling Amazon Author. Early morning, you can find her at the beach. She's vegan and loves nature. Meditation, yoga, music and cooking inspire and ground her. She lives by one word: EMBRACE… yourself, your life, the present moment.

Myrto Mangrioti, Transformational Coach, Author, Speaker

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

"I believe we're here to learn but, most importantly, have fun doing it. But it took me some time to realise it! I started my career as a computer programmer and soon quit as I discovered this was not the life I wanted for myself. I've done many jobs since then, from selling fresh fish to being the CEO of our family business for a few years. For twenty years, I worked as a production assistant for a very famous greek singer travelling all over the world, helping to organise her concerts. Most of the time, I was too busy or not at all. Never living a balanced life. I was always struggling with my "good girl" attitude. Trapped at my "must do's", tryin' to please everybody (and failing miserably). Craving to feel liked and worthy. I know what it feels like to be desperate, unhappy and lonely. As you can guess, I've been there, done that... living an unconscious life for almost half a century! Until it got unbearable, and I finally made the decision to change. And I did, by following a plan I created from the skills I learned while I trained to be a coach. I'm now a Canfield Success Principles & Methodology Certified Trainer and a certified Deep Coach, Oola Life & Green Gap Coach. I'm also an International Best-Selling Amazon Author… needless to say, writing is one of my passions! As a lifelong learner, I always enjoy acquiring more knowledge. I'm currently enrolled to become A Teacher of Presence in Eckhart Tolle's School of Awakening. I love sharing and teaching my way to look at and live a "perfect" life. "Perfect" in quotes because there is no such thing as a perfect, ideal or best life as a destination. Life has ups and downs, and our attention should be in the present, making the most of what is. Not postponing happiness by focusing on a big dream in the future that may never come. Finding joy in the small, maybe seemingly insignificant, everyday things. And that's what makes life perfect or ideal, now! I'm from Greece, a country on so many people's bucket lists! I feel blessed, and I'm constantly inspired by the abundance of this place: the culture, the history, the weather, the Mediterranean temperament and food, the sea and the countryside. I'm vegan, have three cats, and love nature. Going to the beach and swimming all year round is how I recharge and find peace in this hectic, fascinating world. Music and dancing have a special place in my heart. I enjoy very long lunches, that sometimes turn into dinners, with friends. Meditation, yoga and cooking inspire and ground me. Every day, I try to live by my five core spiritual values: authenticity, love, gratitude, acceptance and playfulness. Embracing the present moment, accepting what is, learning and having fun in my life."

What is your business name and how do you help your clients?

When I rediscovered myself, I decided to drop everything and founded Loving Living to pursue my passion for spiritual awakening. I love helping people going through the process of transforming and awakening.

I create a safe space for them to uncover their essence identity and live a more present, harmonious, fun and fulfilling life, by aligning with who they truly are. By balancing the being and the doing.

We work together creatively, productively and playfully to find exactly what they need to move forward. Depending on the client's needs, I have an extensive set of tools I can use to help them.

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

Never forgetting the "good-girl" in me, I, first of all, want to help women who suffer from their "good-girl" attitude, like I was. So, I've created "The Yes-Girl Toolkit", an online self-paced course, to help other "good girls" discover their voice, stand up for themselves, and confidently ask for what they want.

Think of it as a First Aid Kit! Using the same tools I used, I can help them create a new, powerful mindset so they playfully achieve and enjoy their ideal life.

What methods do you use to help clients reach their goals?

As a Certified Canfield Trainer, my favourite method is using The Success Principles. It's a set of strategies that can help anyone get from where they are today to where they want to go. The Success Principles are a way of living, that, when followed, can completely transform your life. I can testify to this because they’ve changed mine, as well as the lives of thousands of other people who use them.

Through my experience, I've developed my own goal-setting method called ROADMAPS. In a nutshell, it's an acronym for what a goal should be: Reasonable, Orderly, Accountable, have a Deadline, Measurable, Actionable, Personal and Specific. You can read more about ROADMAPS in my article "Goal R.O.A.D.M.A.P.S. ‒ 8 Bulletproof Tips To Turn Your Dreams Into Achievable Goals".

Goal-setting can be powerful if done right. It can help you achieve anything you set your mind on accomplishing. Goal-setting creates the ROADMAPS you have to use to get to where you want to go. They’re your helping guide to get there.

But what I always want to remind a client is to enjoy the trip. The most important thing is the present moment. Not waiting to be happy when you arrive at the destination, but live in the now and enjoy your life today. Find fulfilment and joy in the process.

How do you help clients stay motivated and accountable?

The best program I can offer is Oola Transform. It's specifically targeted to the person who needs guidance and accountability. Someone who has trouble staying focused and motivated or someone with procrastination issues. This is a fast-track 10-week program to help anyone looking to create a happier, more balanced life in every area of their life.

Oola Transform is terrific because it combines two things. A weekly, structured process to keep you motivated with a live coaching session with me, for accountability and support. I can answer any question that may come up every week and help you find solutions to any problem you're facing.

This is a program to get someone kick-started. After the 10 weeks, if a client wants further support, we find a plan that works for them together. It can be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly private coaching session that will provide the help, stability and accountability they need to continue working on their goals.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a successful life coach?

This may sound strange as an answer, but the most important quality is having no agenda when you go into a coaching session. It's something I learned in my training as a Deep Coach, and it essentially means: don't make it about you and how effective you are as a coach by striving to solve problems during the session. When you're getting paid, it's natural to feel you need to produce results fast.

Believe in the process, focus on the client and their needs, deeply listen, leave your personal opinions behind and create a safe environment of spaciousness, acceptance and caring. This will enable them to dig deeper and connect with their inner self and true essence. Trust that the right answers will intuitively come from within. And that's when the magic happens. True transformation.

Getting your Ego, personal goals, ideas – or insecurities – out of the way is what builds a long, trusting relationship which will be truly beneficial and effective for your client. Always remembering it's not about you but about them.

What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

My passion is living an awakened life! I believe humanity, now, more than ever, needs more people with an awakened consciousness to help end suffering at all levels worldwide. And by suffering, I not only mean the hate, cruelty, injustice, division, poverty or anything bad that people inflict upon each other, but also what happens on a personal level. People suffer because of what they think about themselves, by living in the past and expecting a better future that never comes, always wanting something more than what they have. I could go on and on about this…

My vision is to contribute to the awakening of the personal and collective consciousness through my awakening journey and development. As a certified Deep Coach and a soon-to-be Teacher of Presence, I can provide space, guidance and support to any person going through an awakening transformation.

The process is challenging, and it's not a straight line! It can also feel very lonely because people around you may not understand what you're going through. During this ongoing transformation, having someone who gets you and is there for you can be very encouraging and beneficial. Let me be that person for you.

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