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Is Busyness Killing Your Productivity?

Written by: Lena Thompson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We live in the world full of doers who believe that taking actions and being busy is the only way to success.

Action addiction is deeply rooted within us and keeps us from asking why we do what we do.

Being busy became part of our identity.

If we are busy we are important.

If we are exhausted we are productive.

But being busy is a choice, and it does not have to be that way.

Because, whether or not you believe that you have to be busy, feel exhausted and spin in circles to succeed you are right.

I am not saying that you should do nothing…

All I am saying is that there can be a different path to your success and fulfilment in your career & life.

That's the path of energy, creativity and alignment.

It is your internal source of energy that gives you a clear guidance about whether something such as decisions or opportunities are correct for you or not.

When you live and align your decisions based on your internal source of energy, you will make correct choices and always know what is next.

Human Design is a tool for personality assessment which offers practical solutions for living the highest expression of you with the least amount of confusion, exhaustion, frustration, bitterness, or anger.

Each of the 5 Human Design types — Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector — comes with a specific description of when they are most productive, engaged and fulfilled.

In your home and at work, you have a mix of these types, and understanding how each of them is naturally wired to interact, make decisions, and their core strengths, will improve productivity, interpersonal dynamics, and morale.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of Human Design at work:


You are a natural leader, a visionary, who is full of out-of-the-Box ideas with a love for freedom and a hate for being told what to do.

One of your many talents is to bring your ideas into life without waiting for anyone to get on board with your vision.

Although it does not feel natural, you've got to inform others what these ideas are. This will help them understand what you are up to (and also keep them out of your way).

Even though you feel like you can do anything, you don’t have a never-ending supply of energy, which means you work best in short bursts, when inspiration strikes.

You are most effective and productive when you have a support team. Learn to use your energy to teach and empower others to be as skilled as you are.

Ask yourself:

Who on my team/in my family needs to know about my actions?

Who can support me best in finishing all these projects I started?

Generator & Manifesting Generator

You are a natural doer, and when you love what you do you are unstoppable.

The most important thing is that your work must feel meaningful and fulfilling. If it does not, you'll have no energy, feel demotivated and frustrated.

Everything in life that is correct for you, will come to you as something you respond to (jobs, clients, friendships, relationships...). Try to respond to things that present themselves, rather than initiating like Manifestors.

Much of your happiness is directly connected to doing what your love.

Success is not a linear path for you, so learn to wait. Things move quickly, then it feels like nothing is happening. But this 'nothing' is the perfect opportunity to reflect, rest, study and explore.

If you are feeling drained, ask yourself if you love what you do and if you are initiating too much?

Does your job/business/projects feel fulfilling or are you doing things only because you think you must?


You are a natural guide, leader, teacher, coach... who is not designed to work traditional 9-5.

With no sustainable energy, knowing when enough is enough and taking breaks throughout the day, will speed you up and make you even more efficient and productive.

Your biggest gift is seeing potential in others and guiding them toward reaching it. BUT...people must be ready for your energy and guidance by inviting you to lead/work/coach them.

If you are running around, seeking attention and giving unsolicited advice it is very hard for others to see your exceptional talents and abilities. Slow down.

Learn to wait for the right invitation, as it allows you to step back and hold out for the right opportunity.

If no opportunities are coming, ask yourself, what is the image of you projecting out into the world? What do people see when they look at you?


You need to talk things over before finding clarity and knowing what to do next.

The best decisions are not made in the moment. Allow yourself time to reflect and pause. Spend time in nature (as much as you can) to sort out everyone else’s energies as well as your own.

Environment and people are crucial to your success (and health) and if you are feeling drained it is a clear sign that the environment or/and people are not right for you.

Your gift lies in reading others and mirroring back to them their strengths, weaknesses and flaws.

Being consistent in business and work can be a challenge, having a support team and systems will help you thrive. Implement systems and create a team to run the everyday activities, while you focus on what you do best: communicating, facilitating and sharing in your community.

You feel most fulfilled when you can find or create a community that supports you.

If you are curious to know your Human Design type, you can get your free chart from MyBodyGraph.

Is there one that feels most resonant for you right now? Do you recognise anyone you know from the types described above?

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Lena Thompson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lena Thompson is an award-winning Social Media marketer, NLP coach, Reiki Master, and Human Design & Leadership Coach with a degree in BSC Computer Science.

In 2018 Lena left her corporate career after 15 years to find purpose, fulfillment, and greater alignment with her destiny.

She is now coaching corporate employees, entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams, helping them to discover their highest potentials and make powerful decisions in business and in life.

Lena has co-authored Amazing Women of Influence book, published in Thriving Women magazine, spoke at live events in London, and appeared in many podcasts.



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