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Intuition Vs. Sensing – What Is Intuition And How Does It Work?

Written by: Susan Gale, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Susan Gale

Intuition is our first language, as it is the language of the soul. Rather than reading letters to make sense of the world, intuition reads the energy of any and everything. 

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Thus it allows us to have access to all knowledge about all things. 

Are we looking at intuition from the wrong end?

Intuition is also often described as sensing, but when it comes to intuition vs sensing, sensing is body/brain centric; and intuition is soul-centric. Other expressions that are body/brain centric are ‘make a connection to your higher self,’ ‘tune in to your intuition,’ and ‘find your soul.’

I would like to suggest that if we are indeed a spiritual being having a physical experience, these suggestions have people looking from the wrong direction. For these statements place our being squarely in the human experience as if that is the center of our being.

It is not.

We are soul

We are soul, and as soul we are desperately trying to guide a body and brain to have its best and most loving life while creating the same for others. The body and brain, however, have quite different agendas. For this article, the body and brain will be called personality. 

This is the struggle humans have, to have the personality fall under the guidance of soul. 

As soul, we have access to infinite dimensions and points in time and space, all of which can bring insight to the personality of the human being to guide towards choices that lead to a rich and fulfilled life. 

How our personality receives intuition

There are infinite ways intuition speaks. Sometimes it is as simple and undramatic as directing attention to a sign, billboard, or bumper sticker. Sometimes books fall off shelves that need to be read. Other times, there are the well-known visions, voices, and/or dreams. 

The most important thing to consider is that your intuitive language is unique to you as are the symbols it presents to you. For example, many people speak of talking to angels, but an indigenous person would not receive that energy as an angel. Instead that energy would present itself as some form of nature.

No one but you knows your life experiences and inner energy/beliefs, so no one can presume to tell you what a particular stone/bird/dream means to you unless they know you very well. Even then, their interpretation is not as accurate as yours. 

After all, a taxi driver will have a very different interpretation of a car from someone who was seriously injured in a traffic accident. How can a person writing a book know what you have experienced?


How to get started learning this unique intuitive language

The first step is to pay attention to when it is speaking to the personality. When things come out of the blue or there is a knowing beyond what is possible to know with the five senses, then intuition is speaking.

When the same thing appears everywhere, that is we as soul directing where the personality’s attention goes. However, the meaning will never be revealed in a book or on Google. Instead, ask yourself “what is the first thing I think of when looking at...” That answer is the meaning held by this particular thing being seen. After all, your personality is the only one who can answer that question! 

Some final thoughts

Remember you are soul. You are already that higher self. It is not the body or brain sensing anything on its own, but rather being guided by you through the language of intuition. What needs doing is to bring the personality under your guidance and to make the brain aware that you are providing guidance to it all the time using your first language, intuition. Then life becomes an experience stemming from a place of wisdom. 

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Susan Gale Brainz Magazine

Susan Gale, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Since 2003, Susan Gale has devoted her life to people of all ages who want to understand intuition. Whether it is a one-on-one session, group class, retreat, or online course, Susan has crafted many ways for those who are interested to learn how soul speaks to them through their personal intuitive language. She is passionate about her mission to create experiences for people of all ages so that they can find their unique connection to spirit. Her work at A Place of Light has not gone unnoticed. She appeared on A&E’s “Psychic Kids: Their Sixth Sense,” and her teachings are mentioned by authors John Holland (Spirit Whisperer), Maureen Hancock (The Medium Next Door), and Caron B. Goode (Kids Who See Ghosts).



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