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Humility – The Collapse Of Self

Alexis communicates Non-Duality. After recognising that all practices to get somewhere with is only perpetuating the search and the searcher, Alexis recognised that this is everything, it is already whole and complete, and the I is no longer sustained in this fullness.

Executive Contributor Alexis Knight

Humility is usually considered a quality or a trait that someone can practice, move towards, and possess. It tends to be conceived as something that someone can become through choice and effort, but in this communication, there is an exploration of another possibility. This is an exploration and an elaboration of humility in the absolute sense.

mother and baby bonding


It is suggested that for the human form, there arises an experience of self-awareness and other awareness. When this happens at an early age there is a feeling of distance, it is a subject-object world of living in relation to everything felt, sensed, and perceived. It usually begins with the child recognizing their mother as outside of them, suddenly mother is ‘my mother’. This is the experience of relationship, and also ownership. 

When things, thoughts, perceptions, and people seem to be distant and things I am knowing, they are things I relate to, and things I own, in a sense they belong to me; it’s ‘my mother’, ‘my experience’, ‘my opinions, beliefs, values’, etc. It is a world of personhood, which feels real and separate from everything and everyone else. It also feels tremendously important ‘to me’.


Of course, as distance from all things appears, there is a sense that the subject (me) is living in relation to all that it is knowing. It is only by relating to other people, objects, the environment, etc. that the separate self is confirmed to be real, in this respect the subject depends on everything else objectively to feel real, solid, substantial, and secure, and so it tends to maintain the sense of relating to people, places and perceptions as possessions that it relates to.


Knowing is another aspect of this world of the self, by being separate, it feels real, and it maintains the sense of feeling real by knowing all that is perceived objectively, the mother is known not as mother, but as ‘my mother’, she is an object that I relate to, not as she naturally is outside of the dream of distance and feeling separate from her.


Another aspect of this dream that seems to set into the individualistic experience for the human form is a sense of autonomy, that everything happening, is somehow under control, that something or someone is overseeing the content of experience, the movements of nature, but primarily the functions of the human body. For this individual sense, it seems to feel that it is in control of thoughts, speech, and behaviors, it feels it is overseeing the motions and mechanics of the body, like a captain navigating a ship. The individual experience is an imagined reality that feels like there is someone in the body choosing what to do, how to be, where to go, etc. There seems to be a sense of control.

The humiliating exposure of liberation

These four intertwined aspects of the dream of individuality are exposed to be illusory. This is the humility that opens up to the natural reality and possibility that everything is simply allowed to breathe, and to be without anyone in it.

There was never any real ownership or doership, life already flows effortlessly with or without this sense of overseeing the functions of the body and mind. Eating, drinking, sleeping, mating, washing, walking, etc. goes on totally regardless of whether there is a sense of someone in it or not. 

What also collapses is relating and knowing, because the feeling of individuality keeps everything separate, and relationships and knowledge require the illusory distance between the subject (me), and the object (my mother). 

When relating and knowing collapse, there is no separation, no distance, it is all suddenly and timelessly immediate, all dimensions of time, space, and consciousness completely fall into the pure natural immediacy of what is which is indescribable and unknowable, it includes the reading and writing of these words and the conceptualizing of them or energetic resonating with them.

The illusion is not real, and so neither is humility

There already is no real separation. The sense of separation is simply a transparent energy in human physiology that is incidental, it has no substance or solidity at all and it has no agenda either.

There is no real separate self to fall away, and there is no chooser to bring about liberation and humility. Humility is the revelation that no one ever did anything, owned anything, knew anything, or had anyone, and because this is already the case, there is no real humility, there is just simply impersonal effortless freedom, which is boundless, timeless, energetic, wild and free beyond all comprehension.

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Alexis Knight, Yogini Dakini

Alexis communicates Non-Duality. After recognising that all practices to get somewhere with is only perpetuating the search and the searcher, Alexis recognised that this is everything, it is already whole and complete, and the I is no longer sustained in this fullness. This is the message of Non Duality that is shared from here. Public, private and online meetings are accessed on this subject, as are videos and writings.



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