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How Woman Can Harness The Power Of Cycles, According To Feminine Embodiment Coach Monica Canducci

Written by: Natasha Zo, Executive Contributor

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Understanding the female experience can be challenging, even for women who live it day in and day out. A woman’s hormones are in constant fluctuation throughout the duration of her menstrual cycle, and each season of a woman’s life brings upon new challenges, as well as opportunities to grow and thrive.

While it can be difficult to navigate the feminine experience, spirituality teacher and life coach Monica Canducci reminds us how powerful a woman’s cycle and energy can be. Monica is the author of the highly acclaimed book "The Sacred Body: Embody Your Feminine Wholeness at Any Age to Thrive by Reconnecting to Nature’s Cycles”, and her wisdom can help any woman to understand her menstrual cycle and take full advantage of her energy in each and every moment of her life.

Read on to learn what Monica has to say about the cyclical nature of the feminine energy and experience, how you can use your hormonal fluctuations to your advantage, and what can be the most transformational moment in a woman’s life.

Feminine Energy Is Cyclical

A female’s life is defined by cycles, as is life on Earth. You can think of a woman’s life as a mirror of the Earth’s natural elements and cycles: the four elements (fire, water, air, and earth), the four moon phases (crescent, full, waning, and new moon) and the four seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, and winter).

We see these cycles reflected in both a woman’s menstrual cycle (menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase) and life (childhood, puberty, reproductive age, climateric and post-menopause periods). The cyclical nature of the feminine experience and energy can be contrasted with that of the male energy, which is linear.

However, Monica reminds us that by understanding how their physiology works and embracing their cyclical energy, women can succeed both at work and in the home. There is no need to compete with men or become more masculine in order to succeed or feel heard in a professional or personal setting.

Women Can Harness the Power of Their Hormonal Fluctuations

As mentioned, one of the most powerful things that a woman can do is understand her physiology. Once you have a grasp on your physiology and what is happening throughout your menstrual cycle, you will have the power to make the most of the hormonal fluctuations that can otherwise cause mood swings and numerous unwanted symptoms.

While men don’t suffer from mood swings caused by hormonal shifts, they also don’t have the opportunity to access the positive effects of these changing hormone levels. On the other hand, women can manage their mood swings and mental states by understanding their bodies and what occurs during their menstrual cycle and stages of life. The key to accessing the positive effects of hormonal changes is the autonomic nervous system.

Once we fully understand what is happening in our autonomic nervous system as we undergo these hormonal fluctuations, we can manage mood swings naturally instead of fighting them. Women can then take advantage of the extra energy that they have during their hormonal waves, rather than just fighting off irritable and ever-changing moods. This energy can then be focused towards personal and professional goals.

Perimenopause and Menopause Can Serve as a Turning Point in a Woman’s Life

We’ve talked about the changes that a woman undergoes during her menstrual cycle, but what about during her life cycle? Though many dread the inevitable transformation that occurs around the fifth decade of a woman’s life, perimenopause and menopause can actually be incredibly positive, rejuvenating moments rife with change and new experiences.

In fact, according to Monica, perimenopause and menopause are the most powerful turning points in a woman’s life and career. During this time, women can access an unmatched amount of energy, but only if they understand the truest depths and secret resources of the feminine body. She describes this process as experiencing life as an “eternal Spring”.

In fact, Monica has created targeted movement activations that will help perimenopausal and menopausal women to unlock the secrets of the feminine body and take advantage of this potentially transformative time in their lives. Through her teaching and coaching, Monica helps women to find their life paths, express their truest selves, and embrace transformation.

Harnessing the power of the feminine energy is only possible if you understand it, which is why it is so important to seek the wisdom of a spiritual teacher like Monica if you find yourself lost among the neverending cycles of the female experience. Instead of becoming a victim of our mood swings or fearing the day that menopause knocks on our door, we as women can empower ourselves to take control of our hormones and make the most of each and every one of life’s seasons.

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Natasha Zo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natasha Zo is a former journalist from Siberia turned international media relations specialist. She is a founder of Cosa Famosa media – a boutique PR agency on a mission to amplify messages of conscious leaders, health, and wellness entrepreneurs through earned media. Known for her connector skills, she guided a number of authors to Amazon bestseller status, booked national TV, top-tier media, and over 400 podcast interviews.



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