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How To Land Your Dream Job With The Power Of Transferable Skills

Written by: Johanna Herbst, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Johanna Herbst Brainz Magazine

Have you ever found yourself gazing longingly at a job advertisement, thinking, “I’d love to do that!” but then feeling instantly deflated by the “Required Experience” section? It's a common experience especially if you want to change the type of role or industry you are in. If that describes you, then it’s time to leverage your transferable skills.

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Transferable skills are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across various professional contexts. You might have learned them from jobs, parenting, volunteering, or hobbies. They are adaptable and universal, like problem-solving, leadership, communication, and time management.

Why are they important?

Transferable skills allow you to showcase that you can do this new job! Even if you have not yet worked in an industry or done this specific job, your transferable skills like problem-solving, leadership, or communication will allow you to deliver on the job. Yes, you still might miss industry knowledge or technical skills but employers are open to teaching you if you are a great match in terms of personality and transferable skills!

How to leverage your transferable skills

  1. Identify them: Think about your past roles and experiences. List out all the skills you've acquired, whether it was managing a team, organizing events, or negotiating with clients.

  2. Match them to job Descriptions: Carefully read the job requirements. Think creatively about how your transferable skills relate to them.

  3. Quantify your achievements: Where possible, use numbers to highlight your successes. For instance, “Led a team of 10 and increased sales by 20%” is more impactful than just saying “Led a sales team.”

  4. Highlight in your resume and cover letter: Use persuasive language to show potential employers how your transferable skills make you an excellent fit for the position.

  5. Prepare examples for interviews: Be ready to share stories that demonstrate how you've used these skills in the past and how they can benefit the prospective employer.

Your next steps

Feeling stuck can be a sign that it’s time to pivot and try something new. The job market is not just about ticking boxes of specific experiences; it’s about showcasing your range, potential, and the unique blend of skills you bring to the table. Your dream job might be a stretch away, but with your transferable skills in tow, you have what it takes to bridge that gap.

Remember, every experience, whether professional or personal, equips you with skills. Don't undervalue them. Embrace them, and you might just find doors you never even knew existed open for you.

You got this!

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Executive Contributor Johanna Herbst

Johanna Herbst, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Johanna Herbst is a leading leadership & career coach and management consultant with 15+ years of international experience in coaching, management consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and is trained as a certified coach.

Johanna's superpower is making things happen with lots of energy, compassion and a smile. As the CEO and founder of Delygate, she works with individuals and organizations offering them leadership & career coaching and management consulting services. Her mission is to move organizations and individuals forward by creating the conditions for reaching their goals. With Johanna's help, her clients transform towards confidence, focus, and fulfillment which allows them to be the best version of themselves and have impact in the world.

Johanna is also the host of the “Reaching your Goals” podcast. Reaching your Goals is a career-focused podcast where Johanna sits down with inspiring individuals to find out what it takes to reach your goals. You can expect lots of energy, compassion, and candid discussions with everyone from business leaders, academics, coaches, or entrepreneurs on what it really takes to get one step closer to living a fulfilled professional life.

Johanna is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is fluent in English and German.

Contact Johanna for:

Executive Coaching | Career Coaching | Leadership Trainings | Project Management | Workshop Facilitation | Moderation | Motivational Speaking



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