How to Combat S.A.D. This Winter

Written by: Tanya Slater, Executive Contributor

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I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, I feel as much of a pull to clear as I do in the Spring. I think it has a lot to do with the colder months, bringing a lot more ‘stuff’ with them. Thicker coats, more clothes, more washing, additional footwear, mud! For someone who thrives having clear spaces, this has a direct impact on how I’m feeling. So, with the addition of the shorter, darker days and the cold and wind and rain, it is important I make my home a priority. Otherwise, I will likely find it gets on top of me and I struggle to function.


I have committed with a decided heart, to change my winter story this year. I am mentally detaching from everything I have always identified with at this time of year, turning a blank page and writing a new chapter.

No longer do “I hate winter”, “suffer really badly with S.A.D”, “just grin and bear the winter so I can make it through to spring”. Myself and my boys have missed out on so much the winter has to offer because of my stories. So, this is my Clear this month.

What stories have you identified with for so long now, they are just habit? If you could change one or a few of them, how would that improve your life?

Why not get curious with me this month and see if you can clear out one or two of you limiting beliefs and make space for something new?


The stories I am embarking on rewriting are going to require some additional support. It really does physically hurt my body all over when I get cold so, I may not be able to change that (yet), but I can ensure that I can stomp, puddle jump and snowball fight without getting cold and wet.

According to Sir Ranulph Feinnes “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. So, I am actively seeking outerwear that will allow me to enjoy the coming seasons with ease. That’s one of my Replenishes this month.

With this brave and courageous plot twist to my life story, I am going to need to know that a clear, warm, and cozy space awaits to welcome us home. A place where we can snuggle up, refuel, share and recollect the fun we had outside.

I love the premise of Hygge and also the Scandinavian style of décor, so my other Replenish this month is creating a couple of rooms in my home that make me smile as they wrap their arms around my friends and family, making everyone feel warm and safe and welcome. (like my Facebook page if you want to see photo’s soon)

What is your dream winter home? What could you do to create a little sanctuary from the cold outside for you and all who visit?


I know by taking these few steps to Clear and Replenish, that my chances of Flourishing this winter are much higher now. I really don’t want to spend another year hibernating and longing for the mediocre British summer. So, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”.

I am looking forward to enjoying this time, feeling better connected with my ‘oblivious to the cold’ children, getting more fresh air and exercise, my mental health improving, my business continuing to grow and generally feeling happier.

That’s a lot of Flourishing to be enjoyed from just one honest conversation with myself, a bold decision to change and a little bit of Mindful Clearing.

How would you like to Flourish over the last few months of 2020 and what can you do now to make it happen?

If you would love to create a clear, calm and cozy home for you and your family this winter, but can’t face the prospect of sorting through everything alone, why not consider joining my last Home Clearing Club of the year with other incredible women from around the globe on the same mission and look forward to a spacious Christmas and clear home and mind heading into the New Year!

If you would like to learn more about how I help women like you turn the page, pick up your pen and write the next successful chapter of your life story, check out our awesome online community and enjoy regular tips and inspiration to your inbox.

You can also check out my website, learn about my Home Clearing Club starting again soon and join my free private community, The Curious Souls Life Clearing Club, or my Instagram. I cannot wait to meet and empower you to take control of your home so you can take control of your life.

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Tanya Slater, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

UK based home educating mum, Tanya Slater, spent a decade decluttering her home and her entire life. In doing so she overcame her crippling mental health and improved her human experience exponentially. The Girl Who Simplified condenses 40 years of life challenges, learning, and experience, and is now a work of passion transforming people’s lives with her proven transformation formula and simplify to succeed message. Tanya now teaches busy women how to take control of their homes so they can better take control of their life. It’s best described as well-being, confidence, clarity, life, family, relationship, mental health, and business coaching all rolled into one and uniquely disguised as a home clearing course to make positive and lasting change. Basically, it’s magic! Born out of lockdown, Tanya’s Home Clearing Club method is a 49-day online course that gently guides student’s week by week, room by room around their home to remove all their excess ‘stuff’. Very quickly, everyone starts to understand the ways in which the things they have accumulated over the years have been holding them back and adding to their overwhelm and exhaustion.



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