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How To Attract Premium, Dream Clients By Raising Your Prices

Written by: Joanna Ingram, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a successful coach, you've probably heard it many times: If you want to attract 'better' clients and increase your income, raise your prices. This article explores integrity-driven pricing strategies which result in successful and sustainable revenue increases.

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As pointed out in this article in Entrepreneur, there is some truth behind the idea that higher prices appeal because they signal higher value offers. The simple fact is, when you've been working with clients who drain your energy, you naturally want to uplevel your client avatar. To align with go-for-it clients who invest in themselves, do the work, and get phenomenal results. It's normal to want to attract up-leveled, elevated clients and to explore different avenues to create your desired result.

Raising your price to 'premium' can seem like an obvious shortcut to attracting 'better' clients and increasing your income. But I call a big B.S. to this strategy.

Why? Because raising your price needs to be the result of something you do, not the starting point. If your strategy is simply whacking a zero on the end of your price tag, there's a big chance that you will not get what you're looking for... Let me break it down what happens when you raise your price out of the blue (usually because some well-meaning mentor in the industry tells you to 'charge your worth'

The pitfalls of hasty price hikes:

1. You hesitate when a prospective client asks what it costs.

Maybe only for a micro-second, but it's enough to create an energetic feeling of doubt in their mind. They say they'll think about it, but you already know they've moved on and won't be back. (If you're persistently coming up against money mindset blocks, I recommend you check out these 5 Powerful Money Mindset Tips to Scale Your Business by Brainz Guest Writer Maria Gavriel).

2. You start getting in your head about the value of what you deliver.

Suddenly you want to add more to your offer; cue exhausting over-proving, and over-efforting with more curriculum creation (and ultimately confusing your clients by throwing in the kitchen sink and devaluing the clarity of your original offer).

3. You get more of the same kind of clients, with more extended payment plans and some missing payments.

The money alignment piece just seems 'off,' and you're left wondering why you're now stuck in finance admin chores instead of serving in your zone of genius. If you're getting the idea that I'm telling you not to raise your prices, you're dead wrong.

Your divine access to income:

One of the most frustrating things I see in this industry is super-brilliant women coaches, often with years of corporate expertise, selling themselves short. Being paid in line with the value you deliver is divinely available to all of us through the Universal Law of Compensation.

It's already yours when you understand how to align with the right frequency.

So how to bridge the gap when you want to summon higher income by working with and impacting more elevated, inspiring clients?

Price Increase Game Changing Strategies:

Right, my friend, two game-changers that have allowed me and my clients to shift into 'you're my person' client attraction, and as I'm typing, I'm jiggling about in my seat with excitement because I have only shared this with my 1:1 private clients until now!

Gamechanger No.1 Brand Messaging Alignment

If you want to attract clients that feel expansive to work with, you need to bring more of you into your work. You must deliver a transformation that fulfills your soul and not just fulfills whatever you think the market or niche wants (even if it's lucrative, it won't be sustainable).

Speak your truth and stand in your power.

Like my beautiful Energy Mentor client who leveled up dramatically when we unlocked her leadership truth, igniting her journey to work with empowered, 7-figure clients. You're likely to be hiding a magical, authentic industry position that you're either not yet aware of or haven't catalyzed yet. When you bring that into reality, you have Messaging Alignment, and you get to be a client magnet.

But wait...

Although many messaging coaches and copywriters will have you believe getting your messaging right is the full story, it's not. Because without what I'm going to tell you next, you'll be spinning your wheels, wondering why your awesome new messaging isn't fully working.

Gamechanger No.2 Business Boundry Alignment

If you want to welcome empowered, evolved clients, you gotta clean up your business energetics first. Are you so busy that your calendar is creaking under the weight? Are you constantly over-delivering for your clients and feeling resentment (pissed you're left with actions you don't need to take because it slips out of your mouth before you can engage your brain).

Being Boundaried in your business and prioritizing your time is a fundamental aspect of self-love and self-worth, according to Intuitive Healer, Kim Wagner (Source: Brainz Magazine Article).

Creating a rock-solid backdrop to client attraction starts with up-leveling what you're available for. Boundaried, self-starting, and empowered clients are attracted to this same energy in the coaches they hire.

Be the client archetype you want to attract. By following this approach in the proven Client Alignment Code™️, my frazzled 6-figure Business Coach client finally felt free to put herself first and create spaciousness to work with her true dream clients. Actually, she fired her most energy-draining client only one week into our process - it was that powerful!

But this isn't to say that your prices won't increase - You do get to raise your prices.

Why you do get to raise your prices:

Increasing the level of investment that your clients make will happen naturally...because you're so darned aligned.

Increasing the investment becomes a natural outcome of your authentic, stand-out brand positioning combined with your energetic business boundaries. You become an unstoppable force.

Imagine what it feels like to have potent content, which leads to ready-to-work-with-you discovery calls with clients who fill up your energy tank in every single session.

What next?

If you want to learn more about strategies to attract aligned clients, I invite you to watch my Free UPLEVEL Messaging Masterclass for successful, soulful coaches who want to elevate their brand message in the next 30-90 days.

In summary: Empowered clients aren't just attracted to you because of your 'premium pricing.' They'll radiate towards you if:

  1. You have potent, stand-out brand messaging that makes you the obvious choice.

  2. You are energetically aligned to serve them at the highest level.

Raising your prices will stick only if you're truly ready for the uplevel.

Ready to take the next step and learn more?

Access UPLEVEL Messaging Training here [FREE]. DM me the word "ELEVATE" on IG @iamjo.ingram if you'd like to learn more about how to personally uplevel your brand messaging!

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!


Joanna Ingram, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanna Ingram is a former Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Activator and Business Coach from London, host of the leading podcast, Goals With Soul, and mum to 3 spirited girls.

She helps visionary coaches find their true voice, embrace their unique brilliance and clarify their authentic messaging so they can sign soul clients, raise their prices and stand out from the crowd in their industry.

Joanna's the trusted leader in activating unique messaging and blends proven brand strategy with energetics (she's a Breathwork Facilitator & Pranic Healer).

As the creator of The Messaging Edge™️ Method, Joanna elevates messaging to magnetize your soul clients. This industry-defining program has been called "Business Therapy" and "Heart-Articulation" by clients who have overcome their fear of judgment and perfectionism to express their truth, increase their visibility and accelerate their impact and income growth.

Joanna's group program, Time To Rise®️, supports female coaches to go from unseen to fully expressed messaging (and making money doing what they love!) within 30-90 days.

Having helped over 200 coaches this year, Joanna is celebrating the joy of sharing her message, and Goals With Soul is now ranked in the top 3% of global podcasts, with listeners from over 55 countries!

Her mission is to champion bold women to break the mold with their individuality and express their uniqueness in business. Joanna's here to guide and inspire you to join the dots between your unique brilliance, content, and offers so you can be paid for being yourself.

Right now, Joanna is enjoying the freedom to choose how she spends her days (forest walks and creating TikToks with her twins), frequent travel and retreats in Portugal, supercharging her impact, speaking her truth, and coaching her high-vibe clients.

Meet Joanna on Instagram here.

Check out Joanna's Free Messaging Checklist For Coaches here.

Listen To Goals With Soul here.



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