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How Dumb Luck Really Works

Written by: Margot de Cotesworth, Executive Contributor

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It doesn’t and here’s why… “Repeated luck is never luck”

Beautiful emotional woman crossing her fingers

I was watching a movie last night and I made a note of this quote because luck is something I just don’t believe in.

Actually, I think the concept of luck is that same thing as a random event – as though it pops out of nothingness like a game of chance. It doesn’t. That concept is completely contrary to the principles of cause and effect, sowing and reaping, what goes up must come down, the law of attraction or what I call The Boomerang Effect.

If we are indeed energetic beings who resonate and attract according to what we project then there is no such thing as luck.

We are doing all of it.

Saying this to people (me included) at first makes them really angry because they don’t want to look at the rubbish in their lives and feel that they are responsible for it. They don’t want to think they were anything other than a victim of bad luck, someone else’s bad choices or the circumstance that popped up and messed up their lives.

Once the anger dissipates though and steam stops rising off the top of them, they then can see that if they pulled in the things they didn’t want, they must therefore have the power to pull in what they do want.

And that is the biggest aha moment of all time for any human being.

It’s The Boomerang Effect

That’s where the switch is flipped and the light goes on. That’s where change begins and that’s where we pick up our power which is, in fact, our divine right. It fires me up just talking about it.

I think people hook onto so-called ‘luck’ because they don’t understand how life really works and opting for the good or bad luck option frees them from taking any responsibility for what they create in their lives.

That won’t do. That’s not good enough for us because we are powerful beings who have a right to colour in our lives in the colours we choose for ourselves.

I guarantee if you stop looking for luck – good or bad – and start to be strategic about your life, understanding that what you think, speak, project and expect is just what is going to come back to you then boom, like a boomerang, it will.

“When?” is not your business

One proviso though, and I always like to make this qualification because people say to me (and I have said it a million times to myself) “but when...will it happen?!” That, actually, isn’t your business. Your business is to do your bit, stay tuned up and tuned in. Be on your toes, antennae up, to receive any leads for what your next steps might be.

The master plan appears to be outside our scope of management though often we think we might do a better job and would choose to have everything we want in the very moment we want it. Apparently, though we don’t have omniscience, omnipresence or the other ‘omnis ‘ required to manage the entire world and all its inhabitants, so we’re not given that job. Our job is our life and what we do with that. I find it reassuring to know what my part is and what I don’t have to worry about. (Even what other people do is none of our business but that should be the subject for my next article).

If you put the good stuff in, the good stuff will come out. Though the timing and the way things show up is not always in the same format. Try giving up the concept of luck for a while and manage your life with intention and taking full responsibility.

You’ll find it’s really empowering.

I strongly believe we all have a kind of inbuilt truth metre. It’s the way we tell which fork in the road to choose. If your truth metre is resonating with what I’m saying and you’d like to know more, I have many ways to be of service. Email the question, take the program, read the book – you know the drill.

If you are feeling stuck, sick or ‘small’ – transforming that is my area of expertise.

Forget dumb luck – step up and take up your own power.

Margot de Cotesworth – Clinical Hypnotherapist, author, game changer.

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Margot de Cotesworth, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Margôt de Cotesworth is passionate about enabling people to step into their own power to create the life they choose rather than the one they are living by default. As a clinical RTT hypnotherapist, speaker, coach and author of books on life and relationships she guides her clients through a process that releases the subconscious reason for unwanted issues. Then she shows them how to use their own innate ability to achieve and maintain their desired outcome. Margôt says “There is no looking back – the past does not equal the future”.



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