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Have You Considered Creating Value For The Soul?

Written by: Graham G Wheatcroft, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Do you experience the life challenges that drain your soul…

You are unable to do what you want to do with your family and for yourself because you lack the required level of health, fitness, and resilience. Simply put you are STUCK.

You struggle to release emotion and explain how you really feel about your current situation. You are emotionally stuck, even emotionally constipated.

You do not have time to spend hours at the gym training. You also do not like the environment.

You lack self-confidence. This stops you from taking the required action to move forward in all areas of your life.

This topic applies to the personal domain of “Being” in my life and spirituality.

I feel that I must always consider what brings value to my life.

Value is the key domino in many aspects of life: health, fitness, well-being, relationships, and business.

Why do something if it doesn’t bring you value?

The results and pleasures of life will come as the value is experienced, often over time.

I have discovered that focusing on the areas of my life that give me value and creating monthly targets around them, it has given me a new focus and commitment to myself.

I am consciously looking for the VALUE in my experiences and ultimately I must focus on creating

VALUE for my SOUL.

The potential that these experiences can bring to me makes me feel uplifted, committed, and excited to go and create.

Planning around what gives me value and results gives me a fresh focus, and a new start.

The singular lesson I learned from all this is to consider what gives me VALUE each day, eliminate what takes away my energy and replace it with a productive habit…

… so coming back to my “being” means that by changing my habits my Soul will feel happier.

My suggestion to you as you conclude this article would be to consider what brings value to the soul to improve your state of being.

I really find that the daily physical meditation practice of Dragan lifting brings me the tremendous value in all areas of my life.

Here is what I want you to do next…

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Graham G Wheatcroft, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

"Graham Wheatcroft is a Remote Resilient Coach, helping people to live with less anxiety, achieve greater fitness, and keep a stronger connection with themselves. After experiencing an anxiety breakdown, he chose a holistic approach based on time-efficient fitness, connection with the mind, and spirituality to rediscover himself. He is the founder of The Resilient Lifestyle and works with clients globally. Wheatcroft is the host of “The Resilient Lifestyle” podcast, has featured in multiple editorials, and has been a guest on a number of podcasts. He is due to become a published author this year. His daily mantra is “I choose to feel ease, to breathe, to flow, and to grow. I am resilient.”


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