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Guardian Angels

Written by: Madeleine P. Wober, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Did you know that according to LiveScience nearly 70% of Americans think angels are real, and 53% believe that they have been saved from harm by a Guardian Angel? Many people turn to them daily to get help with life's most pressing problems.

I had my first memorable experience with Angels in my 20’s in Loch Lomond, Scotland, I say memorable, because on reflection, I have always felt angels around me, even as a young child, however on this occasion I was working for a summer in a castle- turned- youth hostel, which was known to be haunted.

That fascinated me. I was hoping I’d catch a glimpse of this so-called ‘ghost’, but what followed changed my life forever.

My job in the castle was to open up all the communal rooms early in the morning before anyone else was up. I had a big master key, Harry Potter style. One morning I unlocked the huge oak door to the communal dining room to prepare breakfast for all the backpackers, and on my way through to the kitchen, I said hello to an old lady, with long white hair, dressed in all white, sitting all the way at the other end of the dining room, at the big bay window, overlooking the castle grounds.

As soon as I reached the kitchen, I stopped in my tracks and wondered who this woman was, and how she’d gotten into this big empty locked dining room at 5.30am. Immediately I walked back into the dining room and she had vanished. I walked over to the beautiful big bay window and sat exactly where she had been sitting, with my back to the rest of the room, and the exit door. I started asking her questions, I could no longer see her, but I felt this intense heat all down the right-hand side of my body from my face, down my legs to my feet. I knew she was still there because I could feel her presence. I intuitively knew this woman was somehow related to Veronica, the ghost of the castle, who at age 18, had apparently jumped from the 3rd floor tower to her death, due to a forbidden relationship with a commoner, a young boy who worked on the grounds. After asking this angel a number of questions, for example what she wanted to tell me and what help she needed if any, she must have just gotten up and left because I turned around and saw the heavy door handle turn downwards causing the huge oak door to open, and gently close behind her.

There were many other incidents during my stay at the Castle in Alexandria, Loch Lomond, this time with Veronica herself. She once left me a message in the gardens made from stones spelling out the words Be Happy. I was struggling emotionally at the time, which is why I had taken this job out in Loch Lomond, in the Castle to begin with.

I was catapulted into a deeply spiritual journey involving past lives and meeting travelers from the other side of the world whom I’d felt I’d met before. This lead me to past life regression sessions and many beautiful serendipitous encounters.

Every human being has a Guardian Angel that they can call on and connect with any time. Whether you believe in it or not, it is there for you, guiding you, protecting you, warning you and looking out for your highest good all the way through your life. You were born with this Guardian Angel by your side and it will not leave you until you leave your human body. This is such a comforting thought for millions of people worldwide, and we are currently in a time in history, where we need as much help as possible for our mental health and wellbeing. The world is not the same as it once was in our lifetime. Our Angels are right by our sides just waiting to help, but there is one disclaimer. They will not intervene unless you ask them for help. You have free will and they leave it up to us to ask them for what we need.

In 2019, I had to take a step back from the corporate world which coincided with the timing of the global pandemic. I had been working successfully in the fast-paced Video Game industry and had been diagnosed with MS a few years earlier. I couldn’t keep up and had to resign for the sake of my health. Little did I know, 4 months later the whole world was about to shut down.

With more time on my hands to heal myself from burnout, and unable to work full time, I wanted to find a way to make a difference in the world and help others feel more uplifted and less alone. I had come full circle in my sales career, and my passion for entertaining, uplifting, supporting, and encouraging others, had only grown stronger over the years. I’ve always been a people person which is why I was always approached by companies worldwide to sell their products, but my truth was that I was an intuitive, and a healer. Not the usual conversation I was used to in the corporate world.

I always feel fulfilled when I am being of service and feeling confident in my ability to make a positive difference. After meditating on this, asking how I could be of more use in the world during this difficult time, one day the answer came from my Guardian Angel. “Combine all your skills from Coaching and Corporate relations, with your love of Spirituality, and offer Angel readings for people”. This answer came in the form of a loving but clear, firm voice in my head. It has taken me years to trust this voice and decipher when it’s me talking versus when it’s coming from a higher power.

For many years I had been connecting with, and guided by the angels, and even though I didn’t discuss this with anyone, it always brought me the exact answers I needed, together with a feeling of freedom, and relief, and belief. So I decided to trust this idea and post my offering on Facebook - FREE ANGEL READINGS FOR 6 WEEKS, not fully knowing if I could do this for others, especially people that I had never even met, but I believed in what I was feeling and I trusted the idea that had come to me. Soon people from around the globe were messaging me. They needed hope, direction, inspiration, inner peace, calm, faith, and more joy in their lives. Questions about relationships, finances, purpose, next steps, direction, career, health, self-confidence, self-belief, etc., were all surfacing. I was being called to be the intuitive channel for the Angels’ messages, and with my intuition and insights, sharing the answers from the oracle cards. Each time, the messages were crystal clear and the person left feeling greatly uplifted and at peace. I was delighted and incredibly grateful that I could make a positive difference in this way.

Around this time I also started offering my Living Magically Workshops online via Zoom, which was also introducing many people to their healing team of Angels. During one of my Facebook Lives where I regularly talk about the Angels and share messages, I caught the attention of a successful business owner in Sabbioneta, Italy (Jo Wiehler), who then reached out and offered me to run my Living Magically retreat in June 2022, in her beautiful property which had previously been used (pre-COVID) for artists’ retreats. We collaborated and have since brought in 31 different thought leaders, healers, artists, and coaches from around the world, now named the Powerball Team.

I am repeatedly blown away by the messages that come through during the Angel/Oracle card readings. The angels always give the person the exact message they need to hear at that moment. My clients are constantly sharing the most wonderful testimonials that are incredibly humbling, and I have been able to share these globally, online, which has led to the MADDIE SPARKLES brand and website having a much bigger platform than I ever thought possible. I am growing all the time, and introducing new Oracle decks. I started with 2 decks of cards and now I have 43!

From my personal experience of healing myself by listening to the guidance of the angels, including following the voice of my own Guardian Angel, I began offering this help to others combining my professional Transformational Empowerment coaching skills, with Angel/Oracle card readings, as a result of a positive pivot from the Pandemic. I am deeply grateful to share that I now I have hundreds of clients worldwide who know of, and trust in their own Guardian Angel, and nothing makes me happier!

Here are my 3 Tips for you to connect with your Guardian Angel:

1. Get Clear About the Help You Desire:

Make a list of your most pressing questions for example:

"What do I need to do in order to move forward?"

"What is my next step?"

"Am I on the right path?"

2. Open Your Mind and Increase Your Awareness:

Communication with your Angels comes in the forms of communication like sounds, sights, feelings, and a sense of knowing, etc.

Remain alert for any recurring numbers that show up (eg4:44pm or 444 on a license plate, $444 in your bank account, etc.), or white feathers or a song on the radio that has the exact lyric you needed to hear at that moment. These are signs the Angels are communicating with you.

3. Allow Yourself to Receive Without Judgment:

Get out of your own way. Don’t listen to your ego that tells you this is just your imagination. Be open to receive the loving words and soulful messages from your Guardian Angel. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there to help you. You must ask for its help however because it won’t intervene without your permission.

For more information on Angel readings and the Living Magically retreats in Sabbioneta, Italy next summer please check out

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Madeleine P. Wober, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Madeleine P Wober (aka Maddie Sparkles, America’s Scottish Sparkle) delivers Sage Wisdom with Childlike Enthusiasm connecting people to their Internal Light (& Guardian Angels). After three decades of medical setbacks including severe anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts in her 20’s, Ovarian Cancer in her 30’s and diagnosed with MS in her 40’s, she helps others to release their fears and step into their power so they can live a truly magical life by seeing the silver linings around every seeming obstacle and feeling divinely guided. Maddie Sparkles, an Intuitive Healer (working with the angels & spirit guides ), Voice Actor, Inspirational Poet & Transformational Empowerment Coach, illuminates the path of living magically. She runs Living Magically Retreats globally, has a vibrant, Facebook community and offers Angel & Oracle card readings for healing in any area of your life. She has been featured on ABC10 YCL, NBC BLOOM TV, FOX 24, Ticker News Australia, The Red Corner Show South Africa, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, The Red Blazer Book, Various Podcasts & Radio.



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