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Go From Survive To Thrive – Leading Your Life From Within

Written by: Kaye Doran, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Are you leading your life?

Personal leadership is the leadership of the self. The ability to define your true direction in life, and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity.

You lead from the inside out.

When you can lead from this place you are living a life of thriving, not merely surviving. Living your life from personal leadership means that you are no longer wanting or striving, you are allowing and creating. You are the conductor of the orchestra of your life.

Many feel high levels of stress, anxiety, emotional or physical pain feeling like a hamster on the running wheel of life. Un realized goals that lead to feeling like a failure, asking the question “there must be something more to life than this?” Merely surviving and certainly not thriving. Life is happening to them, rather than through them. Ruled by the past that influences the present and creates a cage of their unconscious making. Energetically functioning from the fears, doubts and insecurities that lurk within the dark corners of their mind that trigger a reaction within the body. Ready to flee the perceived dangers, ruled by their past and projected into their future like a preview of a movie yet to be released. The unconscious directs the subconscious and is in the drivers’ seat of their life.

We all originally function from this place. Being led rather than leading. The memories that wrote the scripts of false stories and beliefs. That we are not worthy, capable, or powerful. That safety is the best path to take.

The feeling of safety is intrenched in the feeling of the familiar.

The fueled feeling of the familiar comes from the false stories and beliefs that when continually played over and over again, trigger the fight or flight mechanism within the lower part of the body. The perception of threat activates the sympathetic nervous system and triggers an acute stress response.

We build comfort around what feels familiar, fears stopping us from moving forwards towards the perceived dangers. Comfortable in ‘staying safe’ yet robbing us of life force energy as it drains drip by drip and ignites the feelings of lesser than, stuck and overwhelmed, anxious about our choices and possibilities. Comforted by excuses that justify our inability to move beyond what holds us captive. Until one of two things happens. We are faced with a major trauma to awaken us, or we simply choose to understand and awaken.

Then starts the cultivation of courage. The courage to change. To begin to change our perceived personality in order to change our reality. One step at a time. One thought, feeling and belief at a time. Accepting the feeling of discomfort will be a companion for a while. It will not happen overnight because that voice of fear and emotional pain has ruled for so long, driving you along your path of life. However, with consistency and understanding, it will begin to transform you, or perhaps I should say restore you back to your original self. Your true authenticity beyond the limiting masks worn. A self that is filled with knowledge, power and potential, a recognition that you are part of the quantum field and can indeed consciously influence this field with thoughts and feelings. Just as your unconscious stories have been influencing you for most of your life until you awaken to your potential.

So, how do you awaken to your potential and move from surviving to thriving?

  1. Recognize what has been ruling you. Your unconscious thoughts affect your energy and your body to keep you safe from perceived dangers.

  2. Become the witness to these false beliefs that have been driving you by meditating. Turning your vision inwards to become the witness of your mind and how it affects your body. This will feel challenging at first, the familiar distractions will arise designed to stop you from feeling the discomfort and recognizing what is really going on. Your body will want to move or get up, thoughts of work that needs to be done or the phone calls that need to be made. You cannot recognize what is going on if you do not listen and witness what is happening.

  3. Minimize your distractions such as scrolling social media or continually checking emails and picking up your phone, even numbing yourself with too much television. I suggest for two weeks you do a time audit. Write down everything you do for 14 days, even if it is merely checking your phone for ten seconds. The truth will reveal itself and it will be confronting.

  4. Once you know your limiting stories and beliefs change the statements you tell yourself to the opposite. Where possible start with I AM. Power statements as I call them are incredible, yet only a part of a whole process. If you only change your statements, your body will react with a charge that reignites the beliefs within the mind. A vicious cycle.

  5. You need to create the feeling and image that matches your new statements. Sit quietly or more powerfully sit in meditation and create a short film of how you project yourself into the world and what kind of life you are living How does it look and feel? Play this over and over anytime you are feeling relaxed eg in a bath, walking the beach or sitting peacefully in your garden. Upon waking and as you drift off to sleep. This is like seeing a trailer to a movie, it has all the best scenes in it.

  6. Acknowledge daily gratitude. What you focus on is fed. What you appreciate appreciates.

Set yourself up for success by creating a support system. Get yourself an experienced coach who knows the terrain and can mentor you. Join a meditation group with a highly experienced facilitator. Listen to podcasts and read books that continue to educate and align you. Work with insightful and experienced healers who can rewire you energetically. All of these will be some of the best investments in your life.

Please note, the more you meditate carrying the intention to access the quantum field or source within and around you. This is the source of creation where you get to send out the program and the field will respond, the more you will experience the synchronicity of life and its unfolding, and you will also access the incredible realization of love, connection, and oneness of all things. You will not need to keep striving or wanting, because you will be in the state of allowing, carrying with you the understanding that which you are seeking is indeed seeking you.

You will be living and leading your life from the inside out.

If you want more, please go to my website, under resources, you will find three powerful meditations as my gift to you. Or, if you would like to join a weekly zoom meditation and insight group, please reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to find out more.


Kaye Doran, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Kaye Doran is an entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, women’s leadership and life coach, shamanic healer, and creator of Inner Expressions, helping women realize their leadership from within. An unshakable optimist, she lives with a foot in both worlds – physical and spiritual, working with her unique blend of gifts in connection, knowing, shamanic energy sound healing, and accredited master life coaching. She empowers women with self-worth and the ability to create change. Supporting them to feel and know their inner power moving them beyond their comfort zone and back into the driver’s seat of their life. She has been working with women for three decades – and working on herself longer. Her motto is, “the power of change is in your hands.”



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