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From Flight Attendant To Life & Transition Coach – Exclusive Interview With Anicia van Zyl

Anicia van Zyl, former flight Attendant has embarked on a new career path after hanging up her wings. In an exclusive interview we delve into the reasons behind this profound change and uncover the inspiration that drove her to pursue a new meaningful direction.  

Despite facing turbulent times, Anicia has emerged as a beacon of hope for many women, offering guidance and support to those facing challenging situations.

In a short span of time, Anicia has already touched the lives of many, each encounter reaffirming her belief that she has found her life’s purpose. She speaks passionately about this new journey, describing it as a profound discovery of meaning and fulfillment. 

She stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the boundless potential that lies within each individual. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating that even in the midst of turbulence, there is opportunity for growth, renewal and hope for positive change.

Photo of Anicia van Zyl

Anicia van Zyl, Life and Transition Coach

Ready for take-off

Give us and introduction and glimpse into your life.

Hi, I’m Anicia, a Life and Transition Coach for Women. Originally from the beautiful Cape Town City in South Africa, but I’ve been in the Dubai desert for a decade. In 2014 a  life-long dream became a reality when I joined the largest Airline in the Middle-East. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in my life that allowed me to travel the world and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Reflecting back to my time in the skies I can describe it as the cornerstone of my personal development journey. My eight years of flying have taught me more about myself than anything else. I have undergone profound growth and maturity, delving deep into the essence of who I am. My heart expanded towards people as I curiously listened to their life stories and connected with them in meaningful ways. I’ve seen the most beautiful corners of the earth and indulged in the most exotic cuisines cultivated genuine connections and transcending cultural boundaries.

Turbulent times 

What is your biggest take-away from your flying career?

Navigating the high altitudes of the aviation industry has equipped me with invaluable life skills, among them being resilience in the face of adversity. Every flight presents its unique set of challenges. Yet, it’s through these challenges that I’ve owned my ability to remain composed and adaptable, even in the most demanding of circumstances. Central to my growth has been the cultivation of patience. Patience isn’t merely waiting, is a profound acceptance of the present moment. It’s a skill I’ve refined through countless interactions, the biggest having to deal with the uncertainties that came alongside 

COVID-19. And we are all familiar with the repercussions it had on the travel industry. My ability to sincerely communicate, listen and to understand people has been my biggest take-away from my flying career and the most important in my coaching venture.

It’s time to disembark

What sparked the decision to leave your flying career and how have you adapted since? 

It wasn’t just an overnight decision to pack my suitcase and disembark on my flying career of eight adventurous years. One of the motivators was my desire to start a family with my husband, who also has a career in flying. With both of us flying, creating a ‘normal’ family life was challenging. We would sometimes go days without seeing each other, or literally fly past each other. So, with many conversations and all things considered, a decision was made for me to leave. 

My new life chapter came with its own set of challenges. The dream of starting a family did not come as easy as anticipated. Once again, my patience was put to the test and I had to prioritize my mindfulness and well-being. Many months would go by without any success of falling pregnant. Numerous visits to doctors and lingering questions led to a surgery which unveiled a diagnosis of stage four Endometriosis.

I had to overcome all of which I cannot control and step into a role of acceptance. My faith and hope spined me on a path of overcoming and rediscovering myself. From these challenges, new hope and a new career came to light. I realized how every twist and turn of this rollercoaster ride has influenced my life with purpose and that I was destined for this journey. This is what inspired the start of Coach Anicia, Life and Transition Coach for Women.

A new destination

Why did you become a Life Coach? And why are you specifically targeting women as your client base? 

Few can claim that in the midst of challenging times they actively seek out the lessons learned, choosing to focus on growth instead. Yes, I’ve faced numerous breakdowns, but it’s in those moments that I truly connected with myself, gaining a deeper understanding of myself, becoming a stronger, more evolved version of myself. This drove my focus to helping women facing similar life challenges.

My journey toward becoming a life coach for women was deeply rooted in my own personal growth. I didn’t stumble into this career path, rather it emerged as a natural progression from my own transformative experiences. It was fueled by a genuine empathy for others facing their own difficulties. I felt a strong sense of purpose in wanting to assist women on their journeys, to be a guiding light through struggles, and to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. It was an awakening realization of my life’s purpose. A purpose to serve and support women in their pursuit of growth and fulfillment.

As I embarked on my journey to become a Certified Life Coach, I was met with encouragement and support from those who know me best. To them, my decision to pursue this path seemed like a natural fit. They recognized my innate ability to connect with people, my compassion, and my unwavering dedication to helping women succeed. 

Of course, I had fears stepping into this role, but more than anything, I wanted to make meaningful connections with women and offer them support and guidance on their individual journeys. 

Impacting lives 

What can we expect from Coach Anicia? And how will you set yourself apart from others in the coaching industry? 

Central to my practice, known as Coach Anicia, is a strong emphasis on mental well-being. I inspire and empower women to embark on journeys of personal growth and development, recognizing that true transformation often begins within the mind. Through my work, I have become a catalyst for positive change, offering a guiding light for those in search of direction and support.

The power lies in the willingness to grow, to overcome and to transition into the best version of yourself. I prioritize personalized coaching sessions which are conducted online, making it flexible and accessible to women from all over the globe. 

What sets me apart from others in the industry is my passion, unwavering support, genuine care and my unique drive to empower women. I love seeing my clients flourish and I celebrate each step forward with them. Many women testify their transformative journeys working with me. I have made it my life’s purpose to positively influence and impact the lives of the women I have the privilege to work with.

Photo of Anicia van Zyl

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