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Written by: Monica Le Baron, Executive Contributor

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The last 12 months have taught me to be patient, resilient, and very grateful for the people and blessings around me.

It has reminded me to spend more time creating meaningful memories and less time worrying about getting things perfect.

Sadly, in 2020 I have lost so many people close to me, including my father and one of my best friends. It has been very sad and challenging.

And at the same time, I have grown so much. I learned so many lessons and received so much support from my family, friends, yoga sisters, and empowering women-prenuers.

That’s why I decided (with inspiration from Laura Belgray) to create this list to bring you free wellness resources from 25 inspiring women in the wellness industry, to help you start 2021 more grounded, inspired, and strong.

In this article, you will find stress relief tools, coloring pages, divorce kits, sleep meditations, burned-out quizzes, free yoga for trauma workshops, and much more. Read to the end and download the ones that resonate more with you. And yes, you can share this list with your BFF.

Sleep & Deep Rest

Get deep rest and fall asleep faster!

Waking up feeling rested should be your reality, not a dream. Relax, fall asleep faster, and get the rest you deserve in just 10 minutes! Use this yogic tool I created to feel refreshed before an important meeting, to unplug after work, or before going to bed to help you fall asleep faster and feel rested in the morning. Learn more here!

Guided meditation to support healing and deep rest.

Get a sense of joy in your everyday life with iRest guided meditations by Lynda Pedley. iRest induces deep relaxation and teaches the body to reduce stress and resolve trauma, neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain while supporting overall healing. Start your iRest journey here!

Stress & Burnout Relief

Stress Relief Series

If you feel anxious or have trouble focusing, Jenna Carson’s Stress Relief Series might help you worry less about the future and enjoy the present more. This series contains five tools to relieve stress by calming the body and nervous system, rewiring the brain, and relieving upper-body tension. Get your stress relief tools here!

Reduce Stress and Think Clearly

It's hard to think clearly while at the same time dealing with stress. Emotional Freedom Speaker & Coach Aditi Ramchandani offers 12 tips to help you reduce stress and gain clarity. Get your e-book here!

Feel calmer and more regulated

Lydiana Garcia explores six actionable steps to help you stay regulated and resilient during these unprecedented times. Get the Resiliency During COVID-19 e-book to get the step by step guide with simple recommendations and coping skills designed to support you during this pandemic rollercoaster.

Burnout Buster

Time management is not about the amount of time available or the number of tasks on your to-do list. It is about the energy you have to do the work.

If you feel like you have too many irons in the fire and you’re on the edge of burnout, grab this QUICK Burnout Buster, created by Janine Graziano-Full to cut off the “there’s not enough hours in the day” pattern at its source right now… and as many times you need in the future!

The Burnout Quiz

If you’re experiencing signs of burnout and overwhelm, and instead you would like to transform them into feeling more energize and joyful, then take Becky Franklin’s “beat the burnout” quiz to find out where you are on the burnout scale, and receive the tools to transform burnout, even if you feel too busy to implement new tools in your life right now.

Five steps for grounding during instability

If you’re looking for grounding tools easy to access during difficult times, get Annie Von Essen’s guide here, and use the steps she provides to help you navigate change in uncertain times.

The Ultimate Reset List

Simple tips to go from chaos to calm, instantly. In this list, Christa Bevan provides neuroscience backed-up tools to reset your nervous system quickly and effectively. Experience life with less overwhelm, feel more in control of your stress and anxiety, and cultivate calm in your life regardless of what’s happening around you.

Goals & Mindset

Get a Rockstart Mindset®

What if you could feel strong emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to keep going no matter what? Get Gaelle Berruel’s free self-care guide to feel good, grounded, and make yourself a priority in 20 min or less. Download the free guide here!

Secret Recipe to Get Anything You Want

Do you want to know the secret recipe of how to get ANYTHING you want? The How To Get Anything You Want Workbook by Jacqueline Palfi Toth includes AHA-Moments, tangible, tested, and proven life coaching strategies and exercises, which will help you get the courage and confidence to become a true Dream Builder. Grab your workbook here!

Sel-care to Feel Your Best

Get the 3 Steps To Streamline Your Self-Care by Sheila Botelho, and discover self-care practices to fill you up so you can let go of the rest. Learn simple ways to boost your daily nutritional needs and be more present with your loved ones. Download it here!

Free Coloring Pages

Making art calms our nervous system, slows our breathing, and allows us to process information without being reactive instead of calmer, more thoughtful, and reflective. It is also is a powerful way to engage in community and take a stand for justice. Download your free original Radici coloring pages to inspire anti-racist action here.

Divorce, Trauma, and Women’s Support

Yoga for Healing Trauma.

Isolation and stress compounded may increase or create anxiety, depression, and/or post-traumatic stress symptoms. It is also common for interpersonal conflict to intensify, and it can be hard to know where to turn. Yoga can be a wonderful tool in the healing process, especially in complicated and overwhelming times like the pandemic we are facing. Join Yoga Therapist Deborah King for this free yoga for healing trauma workshop here!

Feminine Rhythm Rituals

Get three days of grounding nourishment for your body and mind. Practice these wintery rituals provided by Korynn Elliott to help warm your heart while the weather is cooling down and the world is slowing down.

Divorce Toolkit

If you are ready to thrive and not just survive your divorce, this Ultimate Divorce Toolkit created by Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is the perfect start point. The support kit provides actionable tips to grow confidence, optimism, and empowerment through a bumpy divorce process. Grab it here and step into this next chapter with confidence and joy.

Women’s Circle

Get a free ticket to attend Lisbeth Savard’s New Moon Women’s Circle for the first time. This is a space for women to gather to share, be witnessed, be held to feel fully supported while building a community of like-minded women and awakening inner wisdom.

Heart Chakra Guided Meditation

Compassion, forgiveness, love, and fear all reside in your heart center. This guided practice with Melissa Ann Boyd will open and balance your heart chakra to allow new magnetic energy to arise within you.

Fun Workout for a Busy Day

We all have busy days when we can't make it to the gym or our favorite nature spot to walk, hike, or get some fresh air. Sarah Mehl Histand, a personal trainer and mental health counselor, offers a free 20-minute workout video to get your endorphins flowing, release stress, and get energized from the comfort of your living room. Get your free training here!

Making Meals Fun and Simple

Can you think of on reason your making feeding yourself and your loved ones a hassle? Deena Barselah explains 7 ways we make food for our families way too hard and offers some tips to simplify it and create more peace and enjoyment in your home. Check them out here!

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Monica Le Baron, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Monica helps busy women simplify their wellness so they can sleep better and have more energy to enjoy life. A yoga therapist and neuromuscular-body alignment expert, Monica trained with renowned neuromuscular therapist Lee Albert and graduated with honors from her MBA. She lived and worked in both Sweden and China, where she started her entrepreneurial journey. She now runs her Sleep Simplified Six-Week Coaching Program and VIP Sessions remotely while traveling the world and getting her beauty sleep.



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