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Finding The Balance Between Money And Spirituality

Written by: Hayley Hunter Hines, Executive Contributor

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There was a time when having the words business, wealth, and spirituality in a single sentence was considered taboo. This is not the case nowadays. Numerous published studies support how spirituality can improve one’s business, thus bringing in more abundance and wealth. Practicing spirituality in your business will attract abundance because we know that businesses require as much devotion, faith, hope, and love to succeed. The very same elements that you need for your spiritual journey.

The premise of wealth and spirituality is actually straightforward. Tuning into your own spirituality can help you navigate your purpose, goals, strengths, weaknesses and then create steps to improve your business. A Spiritual Advisor can guide you on this journey of spirituality and abundance.

When we think of wealth, the first thing that comes to mind is money. Lots of it! Many may think that being wealthy is not associated with being spiritual because they believe that excessive amounts of cash are evil. Although wealth accumulation can quickly evolve into greed, not all money should be considered evil. Money is just a piece of paper. A simple tool used to run the economy and the world. It is what we do with our money that is the most important. We have to change this negative mindset with money to attract abundance in our lives.

As a Spiritual Advisor, I can tell you that money does not breed greed and materialism inherently. The effect of money on our lives will depend on the energy on how we make it, and how we spend it. Money made by being spiritually conscious and grounded towards your purpose and used lovingly feels energetically positive. In contrast, money made corruptly and used in selfish ways has negative energy. When we have this healthy mindset with money, it becomes an extension of our spirituality. Money can flow into the world with positive energy because we have consciously practiced our spirituality in everything that we do. Our positive actions with money will bring more abundance into our lives because we earned it honestly and responsibly. Money becomes an extension of our energy. Ultimately, how we choose to handle our money determines the vibration it carries into the world. We need to remember that money is also a powerful spiritual tool, and how we use it can transform our own lives and the lives of others.

Living a spiritual life can make us understand that money is not the answer to everything. But it possesses a specific power to attain the experiences that we need to fulfill our spiritual journey. Our spirit constantly expands as we live our lives in this material world. Therefore, an abundance of money can significantly aid our journey towards spirituality because of the growth that occurs due to the experiences throughout this journey.

When you can find the perfect balance between money and spirituality, it can bring total abundance in your lifetime. Many of us were taught that money is the root of all evil. We have to move away from this mindset because this will lead to negative energy towards money. Possession of money is not evil. However, our possessiveness with money can be evil. We have to let go of our possessiveness with material wealth to attract abundance and spend more positive energy to keep the spirituality of wealth flowing. Leading a spiritual life will make you understand that wealth and spirituality perfectly complement one another. Our spirit is inherently abundant, and once we tap in with our spiritual energy, we can create abundance with money and wealth in the outside world. Spirituality can make us understand the power of money and how we can use this power to create more good in the world.

If you want to get more in tune with your spirituality and attract more abundance in your life, I am just a message away.

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Hayley Hunter Hines, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

"Hayley is the CEO of Soul Sparkle Living and the Creator of the Soul Centered CEO Collective. She is a business strategist and intuitive advisor to leaders called to create a Soul Centered business and life. She is the creator of Soul Sparkle SEVA, global service trips and experiences and is an expert in transformational travel.

Hayley spent over 20 years in the corporate wellness industry consulting over 500 employer clients and as a senior level executive leading strategy/innovation and new product development for a national health management organization. She has always felt called to help others craft a business that gives back and makes a global impact. Her vision is big helping Soul Centered CEO’s make millions so that together we can give millions. "



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