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Exploring The Spiritual Fusion – Exclusive Interview With Agapi Apostolopoulou

Agapi Apostolopoulou is a Self-development Teacher coming from the rich cultural tapestries of Greece and Ethiopia. She encompasses the roles of a Clairvoyant, Shaman, Tantric Teacher, and Medicine Woman. Her profound connection to the spiritual realm allows her to access the Akashic Records and channel information directly from the Spirit. She has a global presence and founded "Alithi Gi," an online school that provides a nurturing space for inner exploration and self-realization. Whether through individual sessions or experiential workshops, Agapi shares her wisdom and gifts in various corners of the world, creating a harmonious fusion of Knowledge and Experience.

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Agapi Apostolopoulou, Self-Development Guide

Can you tell us about your background, including where you were born and the cultural heritage of your family? How have these roots influenced your spiritual journey and the teachings you offer today?


Born into a rich tapestry of cultural heritage stemming from Greek, Ethiopian, and Cypriot roots, my upbringing was infused with the mystical traditions passed down through generations, particularly influenced by my mother's Ethiopian shamanic ancestry. This diverse background laid the foundation for my spiritual journey and the teachings I offer today.

The most interesting Shamanic activity in my family was the Coffee Ceremonies! I grew up with the women of my family having at least one coffee ceremony per day. They first prepared the space with different leaves and flowers; then they roasted the coffee beans so that the Spirit of the plant could bless our house with its aroma; and finally, they boiled it slowly in a specific pot called Jebena.

I used to stay with my toys in the living room, observing silently how the coffee was helping women share their secrets, their problems, and their dreams…


What is the meaning of your name in Greek? Does it signify 'love'? 

Actually, I have two names: Elpida, which means 'hope,' and Agapi, which means 'unconditional love.' I believe that my name, "Agapi," has played a significant role in my self-development journey, as my goal in this process is to resonate with the vibration of unconditional love within myself and in the world around me.


Please share your journey into spirituality and self-discovery, including any early influences or experiences that shaped your path.


From an early age, I was drawn to the rhythms of dance, which eventually led me to explore various avenues of self-discovery. My quest for spiritual knowledge took me on a multifaceted journey, delving into practices such as Akashic Records Readings, Family Constellations, Energetic healing, Past Life Regressions, Shamanism, and Tantra. These explorations were deeply influenced by the rich cultural tapestry of my heritage, guiding me toward a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Please tell us more about your approach to Tantra and Shamanism and how you integrate these practices to support individuals in their journey.


I have been fortunate to learn from esteemed mentors, some of whom are Astiko and Ma Ananda Sarita. Drawing upon my shamanic background, I integrate Tantra and Shamanism, emphasising a return not only to the body but also to the Earth. This approach focuses on reconnecting individuals with their bodies, addressing traumas, ancestral patterns, and societal programming, and guiding them toward a deeper sense of Wholeness and Empowerment.


How do you specifically tailor your teachings and practices to empower women, and what are some of the key elements or rituals you incorporate to honor the sacred feminine energy?


Empowering women has been a central focus of my teachings and practices. Through workshops and rituals, I facilitate a reconnection with menstrual cycles and alignment with the moon's cycles, honoring the sacred feminine energy within each woman. I also work with healing the chakras and breaking free from patriarchal constraints, guiding women toward reclaiming their innate power and embracing their divine nature.


Intuitive reading sessions (channeling) are a unique aspect of your work. What inspired you to offer these sessions, and what are the benefits that the participants would have?


The inspiration behind offering intuitive reading sessions, or channeling, stems from a profound desire to empower individuals on their personal journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Rather than providing predictions about the future, these sessions serve as a guiding light to illuminate the pathways of one's present reality.

Participants in these sessions benefit immensely from gaining clarity on their life's purpose and mission and discovering the most appropriate path to fulfil it. They are guided towards a deeper connection with their Higher Self, leading to inner peace, love, and abundance. Ultimately, these sessions serve as a catalyst for personal growth and self-realization, empowering individuals to architect their own lives in alignment with their true essence and highest potential.


What sets your Tantra teacher trainings apart from others in the field? Why would someone choose to embark on this journey with you, and what can they expect to experience or learn that they may not find elsewhere?

My unwavering dedication to honoring the divine within the body sets my Tantra teacher training apart from others in the field. My teachings delve deep into clearing obstacles that hinder the alignment between an individual's personality and their Divine Self. Central to my methodology is creating a safe and nurturing space, both physically, emotionally, and energetically.

With a maximum of 22 participants, the training is designed to provide numerous opportunities for teaching and receiving essential feedback, ensuring that participants evolve not only as students but also as future teachers.

Choosing to embark on this journey with me means embarking on a profound path of personal transformation and self-discovery while gaining invaluable teaching experience. 


 Is there any message you would like to give to the audience? 


Embrace the journey of self-discovery with an open heart and a curious mind. Remember that within each of us lies the power to create profound transformation and connect with the divine essence of our being. May you walk your path with courage, authenticity, and love, knowing that you are supported every step of the way. Blessings on your journey of awakening and empowerment!

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