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Experience Infinite Love – Exclusive Interview With Sandra Ehlers

Sandra Ehlers is a Self-Integration & Kundalini Awakening Guide, Trauma Informed Yoga Meditation Teacher, Event Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Writer. Her work is dedicated to inner union – not only through expanded awareness, but as a lived, embodied experience of wholeness in the world. The focus is on transforming and integrating all levels of consciousness; physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual – creating a foundation for deepened present-moment awareness, equanimity, aliveness, and ultimately, bliss. Alongside workshops, classes and retreats, Sandra offers 1:1 support to self-alignment through the Completion Process and other modalities.

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Sandra Ehlers, Self-integration and Awakening Guide

What is infinite love to you?

'Divine love' sounds like a fairy-tale concept before we have tasted it. We cannot imagine this experience, because unlike everyday life experiences, it cannot be created by the mind.

Rather, it is a transcendental love that arises as a visceral feeling in the body. It originates at a level prior to the physical manifestation of the body, which is why yogis and sages have discovered it in deep meditation. Once the body is flooded with this love, we feel it flowing and resonating with every cell, every atom is touched.

The experience is a remembrance of our original nature – the nature of our soul. However, it is rare to feel it because we have so many layers of conditioning wrapped around it, blinding us to the beauty underneath.

Tell us about your experience of infinite love!

In my deepest experience, when every cell in my being was touched, I was out walking in a wild forest in Sweden. As often before, I noticed how my busy mind calmed when choosing to become present with nature around me.

I focused on the beauty of the forest, the light falling through the canopy and all the nuances of green, when I was overpowered by intense gratitude. In that moment, the experience of a truly all-encompassing love spread from my heart, and soon filled every cell of my body. It felt like an ever moving flow, a current of love that filled me up and welled over like an ever-flowing well, connecting me to everything.

As I was fully present in the experience, this was a state beyond time and place. Still, my eyes were open and perceiving; and I felt every sensation in my body. The experience cannot be wrapped in words. An unlimited bliss, incomparable to anything I'd felt before. What we usually call bliss is nothing like this experience. What we usually call bliss, I call joy. Also very beautiful, but approachable through the mind, not a transcendental experience. True bliss has a limitlessness to it, a dissolution of the “I”.

That sounds beautiful. How can we come to experience this blissfulness?

It cannot be ‘made’ to happen. For example, I’ve felt intense gratitude many times before and since, and while that certainly helped that day, this experience is a touch of grace. That said, there are actually many pointers that can help prepare us for such experiences!

In the 8 rungs of yoga, there are two pillars upon which the whole system of yoga rests: effort and surrender. In Sanskrit these are called Abhyasa and Vairagya.

Effort, Abhyasa, is about our intention in the world, and our commitment to this intention. If we want to experience something beyond, something truly soul deep and divine, then we are called to work for it.

With the right intention and commitment, any work becomes devotion. Whatever work means to you, pursue it with a willingness to let your awareness expand. It will take you through healing, through many layers of self-integration. This is the first main aspect of yoga.

The other main aspect, Vairagya, is about learning to surrender. It is often translated as “dispassion” or “detachment”, but in my perspective, vairagya goes deeper than that.

Surrender is more than letting go of the past, or accepting current feelings, thoughts and circumstances. All these things are very important, but further down the rabbit hole, a deeper aspect of surrender brings us into the heart of life.

If we desire to touch an experience beyond the mind, a realm into which the mind cannot enter, then we must surrender the role of the mind as it has existed in our life. We must release the idea of the mind being the ‘director’ of life. If we can allow life to flow through us completely freely, without having to “own” our life or the experiences in it, then we enter the state of pure receptivity where infinite love can flow.

Why is devotion important?

This journey to complete liberation is the pinnacle of our earthly existence. The way I see it, it is the work of many, many lifetimes. We currently live in a time when awakening is greatly accelerated; this is a unique opportunity to approach liberation. But the journey isn't necessarily easy. Anything that has been hidden away in the subconscious, because we couldn't face it, needs to come up to heal. It requires our deepest self-integration. Devotion is what keeps us self-honest, dedicated to our path, and what serves as our anchor when there seems to be no other.

What inspired you to this work?

My longing for inner union arose in me a dozen years ago, in the aftermath of my first dark night of the soul. Yoga found me at the trembling first step of my healing journey. Ever since then, I have been integrating my experiences, while also dedicated to share my lived lessons with others.

In 2020 I was blessed to experience a progression of my Kundalini Awakening; a wild journey through my own deepest shadow and light. As the spiritual dimension of my life intensified, I found myself aligning to my soul work; including Kundalini guidance and tantric wisdom.

It is now my joy and honor to support others going through the confusing awakening experience. I hold workshops, courses and retreats, and offer 1:1 sessions for self-integration, trauma healing, joy and self-alignment as well as energy work.

Ultimately, all my work is dedicated to inner union. To help others experience that blissful unconditional love beyond the mind. Not only through expanded awareness, but as a lived, embodied experience of unity in the world.

From my work, internally and with others, I have come to see that it really is possible for us to experience bliss, if only we feel the heart’s desire.

What is the next step to work with you and learn more?

I offer the 3 month Infinite Love Immersion in the fall, with the unique opportunity to include Kundalini Activation. This is the main container I offer to help prepare for the embodied experience of infinite love – and my heartfelt recommendation to empower any spiritual awakening journey.

Also make sure to check out current workshops, and how you can work with me on my website.

If you want to learn more about deep healing, joy, spiritual awakening, tantra, and other key topics, follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook – and join the Satya Sangha Newsletter for first invites, offers, free resources and more!


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