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Exclusively For Dog Lovers – Some Secrets You Should Know

Written by: AnneMie Decatte, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


After the bounce-back from the pandemic, it is fair to say that 2023 is the year of accountability, taking a different approach, and thinking outside the box, not only for ourselves but also for our furry friends and our pets. Over the past two years, the concept of ‘health’ has drastically changed for us humans. I would even dare to say that we treasure our health more than ever before.

Portrait of a caring and loving couple hugging their beautiful happy husky dog while traveling by car

So, why not looking at pet health through a different lens?

When I met with Ellie from DOGood, it was obvious that she is very passionate about what she does. Ellie became a Canine Dog Nutritionist after losing her own dog Tara to cancer in 2010. She believed there was more to the story and started studying pet nutrition.

She found out that dog owners are not aware of the causes of these horrible diseases and that dogs are in need of a holistic approach when their pet experiences health issues.

Having a pet most definitely makes life more exciting and fun!

Not only do you have a loyal best friend by your side, but this companionship also comes with the responsibility for the pet when something goes wrong. Nowadays, dog owners experience a lot of problems, such as aggressive behaviour, attacks, misbehaviour, smells, cancer, epilepsy and other setbacks. Most dog owners simply don’t know what to do in such cases…

And this is where Ellie from DOGood comes to the rescue. She believes in a holistic approach (avoids antibiotics where possible)and stands by the following statement: ‘Why not prevent instead of cure?"

According to Ellie, just like with humans, everything starts with nutrition. After years of study and research Ellie has found that there is a beautiful way to help the dogs and help the owners: Getting the dogs into better shape and to have better behaviour.

The good news is that it is easy to improve a dog’s health.

When I asked Ellie what this holistic method would look like step by step ‒ how one could improve the quality of life, health and vitality of one’s pet ‒ she explained that she first asks the pet owner a series of questions and then assesses the pet with a diagnostic tool. Next, she has a discussion with the owner on how they can get started.

She added that in most cases the diet is the main issue.

Ellie claims that artificial food causes a lot of harm, including brain damage, liver damage, etc. Artificial food and foods containing a lot of sugar can make pets hypersensitive.

Ellie then creates a tailor-made menu for the pet, adding inexpensive natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to the food. She can show you how you can prepare the food for your pet. Nevertheless, she also offers a pet food delivery service, costing no more than your usual spent on pet food.

We all know the importance of putting the best quality fuel in our bodies to perform at our best and experience the best level of health and wellness; This is exactly the same for our pets!

Ellie usually re-assesses the pet after 30 days but states with conviction that the pets feel and function best on healthy Mother Nature Food. Furthermore, by adjusting a dog’s nutrition, the dog owner will save money on vet bills and other unnecessary expenses. “The results speak for themselves,” she says, “The dog will lose weight. Most dogs are overweight because of bad nutrition. They will no longer smell as the body won’t hold any more toxins. Moreover, the dog will no longer suffer from ear infections or won’t get rashes. And perhaps the most important change: due to the elimination of sugar from their food, the dog’s behaviour will improve drastically. The dog will be a lot calmer, they won’t eat your shoes or damage your furniture and they won’t attack other dogs or humans.”

The DOGood approach truly is one of a kind.

It is a win-win-win: Better health for the dog. A happy and carefree pet owner. And A safer and healthier society!

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AnneMie Decatte, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

AnneMie Decatte, is an advocate for Accountable ETHOS™ as this approach assisted her to live the epic life she lives today! Her mission is to help people make confident and accountable choices through Communication, Value Alignment and Emotional Mastery. She is the COE of Accountable Ethos and has been coaching and mentoring people internationally since 2006, and this in a personal and professional capacity. She claims: ‘When adopting Accountable Ethos, be ready to elevate as life will never be the same!!!



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