Exclusive Interview With Mel The Money Coach, The Medical Professional’s Go-To MoneyCoach

Mel, the Money Coach, is a leader within the world of financial coaching. She is known as the Medical Professional's Go-To Money Coach as she is also a Nurse Practitioner and Graduate Nursing Educator. After Mel and her husband paid off $160,000 in 20 months, she set out to help others do the same. She has the heart of a teacher and has dedicated her career to helping others win with money, especially medical professionals. She is the creator of Money Masterminds, a group coaching platform, where she helps her clients improve their financial literacy and hone their skills such as budgeting, saving, and investing. She also has a YouTube channel called Mel the Money Coach, where she helps her listeners learn all things related to finances. Her mission: Everyone deserves to live financially free.

Mel is a motivated, hard-working, and passionate money coach with the heart of a teacher. She is known as Mel the Money Coach, a certified financial coach. She has a passion for helping medical professionals win with money by improving their budgeting skills, saving more, and investing more. She has a unique insight into what it takes as a medical professional to win with money because she is a full-time Nurse Practitioner.

After working amidst the pandemic and witnessing firsthand the challenges of being financially stuck, she has set out to help medical professionals live financially free.

Path to Financial Freedom

Mel began her path to coaching at a young age, even before she realized it. Coaching comes naturally to a person like Mel, whose passion is teaching, motivating others, and serving as an example to those around her.

After completing a decade of schooling to become a Nurse Practitioner, Mel and her husband realized they were $160,000 in debt. The culture of those obtaining a degree in healthcare is to rely on debt to pay for school. Mel went along with this culture. However, after school, they realized how limited their career and life options were while being deeply in debt. After discovering a proven plan to pay off debt, save more, and invest more, Mel and her husband paid off $160,000 in 20 months.

Paying off debt was long, tough, and challenging. They not only learned how to become financially free using budgeting and savings tools, but also experienced a strengthened marriage, a new mindset, and a completely new way of living. After experiencing this degree of life change, Mel decided to combine her interests in teaching, coaching, and a newfound love of personal finance to become a money coach.

Why do you work primarily with medical professionals?

Mel believes that she can best serve medical professionals because she is an actively practicing Nurse Practitioner. Health care is a tough profession with a high burnout rate, especially after the recent events of the pandemic.

She believes that in order to serve medical professionals best, it is important to understand what it’s like to practice on the frontline. Being a medical professional herself is what makes her a unique money coach. She understands the challenges and struggles a client faces because she faces them too.

If you want a coach in your corner to help you win with money like you never have before, Mel should be your first choice.

What can you tell us about your up-and-coming opportunities?

If you’re looking for life-changing coaching and becoming financially free once and for all, you’re in luck. Mel is now accepting 1:1 clients. She also has a group coaching opportunity coming up this fall. You can’t afford not to work with her. Working with a coach like her will catapult you into financial freedom.

Don’t wait; the best time is now.

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