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Exclusive Interview With Jamie Wolf – CEO And President Of Million Dollar Story Agency

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Jamie is the CEO and President of Million Dollar Story Agency. As a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs and their stories, she is here to share your stories and offers so you can expand your influence, audience, revenue, and impact even further. Her purpose is to inspire others to dream big, implement fast, never quit, and stay surrounded with epic, amazing, inspirational humans—always! A multiple bestselling author herself, Jamie has also helped many 6-, 7-, and 8-figure entrepreneurs reach USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller status and STAY in the Top 100 for months.

Jamie Wolf

You’re CEO and President of Million Dollar Story Agency. Can you tell us more about your work and how you ended up where you are today?

I help YOU become a best-selling author! I help you build your brand with a book - or build it up even more! In other words, I help experts - entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers, coaches, CEO’s and business owners - write best-selling books to build their brand, visibility, authority, and credibility. I help experts use the process of creating those books to create their entire business infrastructure to scale their business.

Perhaps even more significantly, I make sure you write the strategic book that addresses all five factors essential to every thriving business - lead gen, lead nurture, lead conversion, client fulfilment, and client retention - so that your business thrives! The result for you is increased influence, amplified authority, and cash flow. Basically, more eyeballs on you with a bigger audience reach, so more ways to monetize and more ways to make a difference. I help position you to become the ‘go-to’ person in your niche!

People who work with me find that writing either a chapter in an anthology or their own solo-authored book increases their clarity around their offer, provides a way for prospects to get to know/like/trust them through their stories, heads off objections about their offers prior to any closing calls, and reduces customer acquisition cost and time.

Hitting Amazon Best Seller is an excellent launch point. When it’s taken to the level of USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best Seller, it becomes even easier to charge a premium for your offers and speaking engagements and gets you invited to higher-level podcasts, summits, events, and networks. It can also pave the way to TEDx speaking opportunities or getting Verified (blue checkmark) on IG and FB.

I understand the entrepreneurs I work with because I own and run a business, and I am a multiple bestselling author myself. I have helped many 6-, 7-, and 8-figure entrepreneurs reach bestseller status and stay in the Top 25 - Top 100 for 12+ months. Over a lifetime of work - so far - I’ve experienced the roles of student, employee, corporate management, consultant, tech start-up co-founder, syndicated columnist, author, publisher, marketing agency owner, real estate investor, and owner of a boxing gym. What emerged from those experiences is a passion for working with success-and-mission-driven entrepreneurs to help them tell their stories and significantly grow their influence, audience, and revenue, which leads to making a much greater impact. I adore business because I am fascinated by problem-solving and believe we each have unrealized potential for greatness and for giving back to the world that gives us so much.

Who is Million Dollar Story Agency for? And how does one book a meeting with you?

Million Dollar Story Agency works with experts - entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers, coaches, CEO’s and business owners - who have an offer and who recognize that a book is an excellent evergreen lead generation tool. To book a meeting with me, simply email me at and request a calendar invite.

If you want to talk about joining our current USA Today/WSJ Best Seller Anthology, you may go directly to booking a time to speak (Please note: I am in the US on EST.)

As a person who works to help experts write best-selling books, what would you say is the 1 tip on how to become a successful author?

Write a book! Haha! Seriously, so many people say they want to write a book but very few actually follow through. Know that if you don’t like to write, or don’t feel as if you are good at it, that shouldn’t stand in your way. As long as you have learned or earned experience, stories to tell, inspiration and encouragement to share, and an offer to make that will help solve someone’s problem, you can speak your book, and get a great editor or hybrid ghostwriter to massage your words into consumable, readable content. Also know that, with the right team working with you, you can write, publish, and market to Best Seller in 90 days a book that will change someone’s life. This is not a multi-year process! Finally, know why you want to write a book - know what success looks like to you before you go through the process. Very few people make money from book sales; the money comes from the back-end, from selling your offer. When you write strategically you can even create a book and a high-ticket offer simultaneously; Million Dollar Story Agency can show you how or help you do just that quickly and painlessly.

Have you encountered any major challenges during your journey and how have these affected you?

I host a podcast called Million Dollar PIVOT where we discuss encounters with unexpected challenges during our journey. I don’t believe there is an entrepreneur, or even any adult in general, who hasn’t faced hurdles, obstacles, setbacks, disappointments, or failures. Hopefully they teach you at the very least to have grace and gratitude. If we don’t experience lows we can’t appreciate highs. If we don’t encounter challenges, we can’t grow and be proud of our resilience and capabilities. If we don’t stumble, we can’t learn to reach out to others for help. Personal tragedies and professional betrayals can - if we let them - serve to remind us how precious every moment and every good relationship can be. We always have a choice in how we hold what happens to us or for us. That is why I love sharing stories; they allow us to turn heartache into meaning that serves others and heals us.

Today we live in a world where thousands of books are being published every day. What is the best way, for someone who is in the process of writing a book, to achieve visibility and brand authority?

People choose to write books for different reasons. And books can be defined differently. When I say ‘book’ you might envision a cookbook, a kid’s board book, a journal of blank pages, a textbook, a biography, a book of poetry, or a great thriller.

Books can be pocket-sized, filled with lists, or inspirational quotes, or fat and heavy enough to hold your door open in a strong wind!

In my world of non-fiction business how-to books, the best way to achieve visibility and brand authority is to write strategically. Know exactly what you hope to accomplish and what defines success for you, before you begin writing. Have your stories lead to an offer so that a reader or prospect adds their name to your email list where you will continue to nurture them and provide value. Better yet, organize your content in such a way that it mirrors a digital course or group mastermind. When you finish with your book, provide it in different formats because people consume information differently. Be sure to have an ebook, a print book, and an audiobook, and then offer a chance to work with you directly so that the book leads them into your value ladder. Then you stand out as someone who actually provides solutions to their pain.

Is there something special that keeps you motivated?

I am so fortunate to hear stories from amazing entrepreneurs who appear to be overnight successes but who have all fought a good fight to achieve their status. I have the privilege of being the conduit to get those stories out into the world to make a difference and serve others. I laugh and cry often as I meet exceptional entrepreneurs driven to start a movement of transformation. It compels me to do better, learn more, and reach higher. It is why I am a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs and their stories!

What makes you feel ‘out of your comfort zone?’ How do you handle these types of situations?

It’s perhaps not surprising that as a writer and publisher I am an introvert who prefers to be behind the scenes. As a marketer of books and entrepreneurs, and of my own entrepreneurial efforts, I am compelled to engage with different social media platforms and formats. My least favourite is video and yet metrics show video converts well. Everything can be improved with the right mindset; therefore I have frequent opportunities to embrace discomfort and have fun with it, letting go of the outcome and simply doing my best!

So, what’s the next big goal or project for Jamie and how can someone get in contact with you?

I invite readers to join me to top the charts as a 1 USA Today bestselling author. You have the opportunity to join experts, influencers, and entrepreneurs in a bestselling anthology without the huge financial and time investment of attempting to top these exclusive charts on your own. When you come on board with our current project, you will join the ranks of the world’s most elite thought leaders. This is a fit for you if …

  • You are an exceptional influencer with a significant and engaged following.

  • You have travelled the Hero’s Journey and emerged as a leader.

  • You have a powerful story to share.

  • You make a difference on a large scale.

  • You love working with extraordinary and remarkable people.

  • You have a current offer you are passionate about sharing.

  • You share insight and beliefs from a live or virtual stage.

  • You give back based on what you have learned on your journey.

If you want to talk about joining our current USA Today/WSJ Best Seller Anthology, you may book a time to speak (Please note: I am in the US on EST.)

For more info, follow Jamie on LinkedIn, Instagram and visit her website!



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