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Exclusive Interview - From Dentist To Mentor: The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Dr. Bak Nguyen

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Dr. Bak Nguyen is a Canadian dentist who wears many hats. He is the CEO of Mdex & Co, which is known for disrupting industries. He is also an author and a speaker who has broken several world records, including writing 120 books in 60 months. In addition, Dr. Bak is the founder and host of the Alphas. His work and dedication have been recognized by many. He was named one of the world's Top 100 doctors in 2021 and he has won several awards, including the Grand Homage Lis Diversity and recognitions from the Canadian Parliament and Senate. Recently, he was added to the CREA list of awardees for 2023. Dr. Bak is a unique individual who is relentless and passionate about empowering others. He describes himself as a dentist by circumstance, a communicator by passion, and an entrepreneur by nature.

Dr. Bak Nguyen

How has your leadership style been described, and what strategies does he use to help individuals overcome their limitations?

My leadership style has been described as hands-on and individualized. I collaborate closely with leaders and entrepreneurs, who I refer to as Alphas, to help them pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. I provide them with specific strategies and guidance to help them accomplish their goals. As a mentor, I recognize that resistance to change can often be the most difficult obstacle to overcome when coaching others. To help individuals overcome their limitations, I employ a few strategies. One of these strategies is inspiring self-reflection through writing about oneself. This exercise enables individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses more clearly, eliminating any possibility for denial and serving as a turning point for change and evolution without internal resistance. That is how I am mentoring the next world record author. Yes, you read right, I am training the person who is going to beat my first landmark record. Another strategy I use is providing tailored guidance based on an individual´s specific needs and goals.

By working closely with the person and understanding their unique circumstances, I can offer targeted advice and support to help them overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Well, easier said than, done. On that, I do first and, as I do not leave enough time for doubt and second-guessing, most of the people I mentor accomplish milestones before they even realize it. Once they tasted achievement, it is very hard to fall back into their old comfort zone. Furthermore, I create an environment of open communication and mutual respect, which fosters strong relationships and allows individuals to feel comfortable sharing their challenges and seeking help. This supportive atmosphere encourages growth, learning, and continuous improvement. By leading by example, sharing my experiences, and offering personalized support, I empower and motivate others to break through their limitations and achieve success.

What is your main goal when it comes to enhancing and democratizing the dental

sector, and how are you using your entrepreneurial expertise to achieve it?

To modernize and democratize the dental sector, I've created solutions that enable dentists to operate their practices with greater efficiency while providing compassionate care to patients. I believe that by improving the way dental practices function, I can contribute to making dental care more accessible and affordable for everyone. I am leveraging my entrepreneurial expertise in various ways. First, I founded my company, Mdex & Co, which focuses on disrupting industries, including the dental sector. We develop innovative solutions and technologies that can revolutionize the way dental practices are managed and operated. Additionally, I collaborate with other professionals and entrepreneurs around the world to share knowledge, ideas, and best practices.

By fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation, I aim to encourage the development and implementation of new approaches that can improve the quality and efficiency of dental care. To understand this clearly, at Mdex, what often happens locally are often management and operations. What happens internationally, are advancement and public relations. That is how our communication (PR) department has outgrown our marketing department. Through my books, podcasts, and speaking engagements, I can reach a wide audience and inspire change within the industry. That is how our reputation grew exponentially. By combining my entrepreneurial expertise with my passion for improving the dental sector, I hope to make a lasting, positive impact on the way dental care is delivered and experienced by patients around the world.

Could you describe your book "COVIDCONOMICS: HOW TO TAME INFLATION WITHOUT INCREASING INTEREST RATES" and what motivated you to co-write it?

My book "COVIDCONOMICS: HOW TO TAME INFLATION WITHOUT INCREASING INTEREST RATES" delves into the current economic crisis and explores solutions to address the economic challenges we face, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the book, we explain the underlying causes of inflation as well as the different types of inflation, based on historical facts. I leveraged my skills as a diagnostician and applied them to the macroeconomy. It is not that complex when you take the time to understand the mechanisms and the major factors involved. Once the system is clearly exposed, then, it’s a simple matter of logic and of linking the dots to find actionable solutions to overcome hyperinflation. Writing that book, our first aim is to foster economic growth while simultaneously addressing issues of inclusion, sustainability, and inequality. What motivated me to co-write this book was the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to prevent a global recession. I believe that entrepreneurs and problem solvers play a crucial role in preventing economic destruction, and I wanted to contribute my knowledge and insights to help find effective solutions. I also wanted to emphasize the importance of supporting entrepreneurs and highlight the role that government and politicians have in this effort. By co-writing "COVIDCONOMICS" I wanted to bring attention to the urgent need for innovative ideas and strategies to address the economic challenges brought about by the pandemic, and to inspire action and collaboration among entrepreneurs, government officials, and other stakeholders to work together in overcoming these challenges.

Can you describe your journey towards mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, doctors, and leaders, and elaborate on your mentorship approach? Additionally, what message do you typically convey to those you mentor?

I got involved with mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, doctors, and leaders through my experiences as a dentist, entrepreneur, and communicator. Writing book after book, I realized that my knowledge and insights in various fields could be valuable to others who are seeking guidance and support in achieving their goals. My passion for helping others and empowering them to reach their full potential led me to become a mentor and coach. Actually, they seek me out! It took me 5 years to finally accept my role as a mentor. Just like I don’t like to be a boss, I don’t like to give orders. I observe, analyze, and strategize, that’s my formula. Then, I let the delicate balance of desire (ambition) and logic take over. Mentoring apprentices, I listen to their desires and goal, and apply the formula to their reality. Then, they run to execute the steps leading to their dreams. Speed is my main weapon against doubts and procrastination, which are the most common obstacle to self-improvement. Denial would be the biggest obstacle, but that can be counterbalanced by a strong desire. I am a strong believer in positive reinforcement. By fostering an environment of open communication and mutual respect, I build strong relationships with my apprentices and the Alphas (partners) and support their growth and development. Very quickly, apprentices become partners, and together, we create even more.

When I greet the Alphas, I typically share the following message: “I don’t care who is right, as long as one of us is.” This message emphasizes the importance of letting egos at the door in order to advance. Respect, openness, and collaborations are my philosophy and leadership styles. To make sure that EGO is never part of my roundtables, I even gave myself the title of the host of the Alphas, not leader. Doing so, there is no need to fight for power since there is none! All there is on the Alpha’s round table is influence! That is how I’ve managed to gather brilliant minds to collaborate to write "COVIDCONOMICS" looking to save our economy and way of life in parallel with orchestrating the ALPHA DENTISTRY series, which is the first effort ever attempted to create a universal knowledge in the field of dentistry. ALPHA DENTISTRY is, by far, the most ambitious and inclusive endeavor in the History of Dentistry. I can’t do any of these alone. I need to host Alphas from around the world and stimulate their collaboration, leading by example.

Dr. Bak Nguyen

You have written over 120 books in the last 5 years. Could you describe the main topics you cover in your books, and what message do you aim to deliver through them?

Over the last 5 years, I have written over 120 books on a variety of topics, including entrepreneurship, mindset, health, and personal development. My main goal and motivation were to understand my path and to seek better solutions. I write first and foremost for myself. I reach and master mindsets and skills and apply them to the challenge that I face daily. My books are my training ground. Because I write for myself, knowledge in my books quickly morphs into skills.

Because it is personal, it is also highly relatable. That is how I came to write books like “THE ENERGY FORMULA” and “HOW TO LEVERAGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE”. No, I do not write for pleasure, I don’t have time for that. I write to seek advancement and answers. And yes, even after 120 books, I stand by each of them. What others would label as valuable insights, advice, and inspiration to their audience, I simply shared my notes and dairy about how I survived and triumphed over different challenges and situations I faced. Over time, I came to provoke challenges in my life to have something to write about. This is when my books became self-prophecies. To understand clearly the forces in play here, I use my books as mirrors and react to who and what I see looking back at me.

The biggest obstacle to growth is denial and resistance. Well, it is hard to be in denial looking in a mirror as well as it is silly to argue with yourself! That was for my benefit. For my readers and audience, it is easier to look at someone else and to learn than to have to confront their demons. Well, this is exactly who I am, I am Exhibit A, nothing more. After 120 books, I grew from being Exhibit A to becoming a role model. In each chapter of my books, I always address the audience directly, sharing with them not only logic but emotions and experiences, looking to inspire them to reach out to their dreams and legends. That is how I empower people, by inspiring and giving them the tools to walk their dreams. Now that you understand my formula, you can see how I can move freely from entrepreneurship to medicine to philosophy, from parenting to macroeconomy to leadership. The key is always the same: to find answers and to test them on the field. Then, success or failure, I always have a good story to share. I believe in possibilities and I believe in sharing. Well, these pave the way to my rise as a world record and now, to become a mentor. I do, inspire, and share.

What is your distinct perspective on emotional intelligence in your book "HOW TO LEVERAGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE", and how do you propose utilizing it to enhance personal growth, leadership skills, and the healing process?

In my book "HOW TO LEVERAGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE", I offer a unique perspective on emotional intelligence by drawing from the hormonal mapping core that applies to all humans. By analyzing the emotions associated with these hormones, I aim to better understand how the body responds to various emotional states. The book explores eight common emotional states and guides how to use them to generate positive energy for personal growth, leadership, and healing. By understanding and leveraging emotional intelligence, I believe individuals can increase their self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. When it comes to personal growth, utilizing emotional intelligence can help individuals become more in tune with their emotions, allowing them to better understand their needs and desires. This increased self-awareness can lead to more informed decisions and actions that align with their true selves. In terms of leadership, emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in understanding and empathizing with team members, which in turn helps leaders to motivate, support, and effectively manage their teams.

By being more attuned to the emotions of others, leaders can foster stronger relationships and create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Well, that is hard-wired theory. Just like in any of my books, I arrived at such a conclusion because I tried, tested, and learned from my scars and successes. That is also healing has such a prominent place in my work. Yes, my function as a doctor is to heal people, but I also had to heal myself. Regarding healing, emotional intelligence can be used to process and manage emotions to utilize all the means at our disposal, great and less. On that, one of my signature quotes is:

“Make leverage of your liabilities to keep moving forward.”

- Dr. Bak Nguyen

Stress and fear can drown someone. They can also be surfed upon, therefore, served as accelerators. By developing greater emotional resilience and learning how to leverage challenging emotional experiences, we all have the chance to find and experience happiness. Overall, my unique perspective on emotional intelligence in "HOW TO LEVERAGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE" aims to provide readers with practical tools and insights to help them better understand themselves and others, and to use emotional intelligence as a catalyst for personal growth, effective leadership, and emotional healing.

For those looking to learn more about my books and mindset, here is a way to access all of my audio libraries from a simple membership: The books are also available from conventional outlets such as Amazon, Apple Books, Audible, and Barnes & Noble. For those looking to be mentored personality, reach out to me on the social network. Welcome to the Alphas!

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