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Erase the Chaos - Shift Your Mindset And Experience Order, Action And Results

Written by: Guest Writer, Tess Day


As we strive for perfection it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that Chaos is an essential part of our journey.

Visualisation and creating give birth to chaos. This beautiful chaos is my description of the invisible. When you daydream and vision the idea of something, be it how to take your business to the next level, a new product offering, even your ideal home, chaos is ignited.

THE TEST! How much do you want it?

Think about the butterfly, who starts out as an adorable squishy caterpillar, many people think that it weaves a cocoon for when its wings are about to immerge. This is not the case, the caterpillar enters that cocoon and chaos reigns, it breaks down into a mulch and then with all the right ingredients in place, that were always there, it transforms at the exact timed moment and emerges as this beautiful colourful butterfly. There is no accident, there is no skipping steps, instead it flows with the process.

Chaos, as uncomfortable as it is, is essential to our growth. But we are not taught this, we are taught to be logical, to have a plan, and stick to it without deviating from it.

Who here reading this has been able to accomplish that? Removing all feeling, characteristics of your unique personality, to fall in line with a stereotypical process? It is not possible!

So why then do we all think that is the route to our desires being fulfilled?

When Chaos kicks in, it is time to slow down and pay attention, I’ve worked with so many professionals who have avoided the chaos state, who then wondered why they never accomplished what they truly wanted.

Chaos can feel like fear, especially when we are dreaming and attempting to move into a space we have never been in before, when we must become mulch before we can emerge. The person who sets the vision is not the person who achieves it, but instead the person we become along the way.

More and more people are working with coaches right now, people who are two steps ahead of them, to support them as they evolve and grow. I believe it is time for us all to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and embrace the genius that lives in the chaos. Slowly but surely drawing out threads of a plan we can then begin to weave, one that connects to our emotions of excitement and passion for our vision. Discovering what we are really committing to, because then the plan we draw up will be so absolutely align with us and the journey we are on that it will come to pass.

You will find your order, you will then take the correct action and the results will be amazing.

The only way to erase the chaos is to work with it and to transform into who you need to be to achieve your dream. Remember you already have everything you need within, perhaps you just need some support to help your figure it all out.

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Tess Day, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine

Tess Day is an online coach, speaker and businesswoman whose work shares the common goal of helping people discover their inner voice, build their self-esteem, boost confidence and break free from their fears.

From Small and Medium Enterprise’s to solo-preneurs, to those with a big dream but no roadmap, she has discovered that the greatest talent lies hidden in their silence.

Her teaching concentrates on how to find their voice, their inner power and internal guidance system using practical, consistent steps to create real change from within.

With 17 years working and developing her coaching practise, Tess has a huge amount to offer her clients, when they are ready to step up. From creating the vision to getting all those plans and actions steps in the right order at the right time.


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