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Empowering Women Through Intuitive Energy Healing – Exclusive Interview With Lesley Sprague

Lesley Sprague is a renowned Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach who helps guide women toward awakening, empowering them to take charge of their lives and businesses. She founded Source, teaching people how to develop intuition using her step-by-step process. Lesley is also the host of The Energy of Manifestation Podcast. Through her work, she addresses the blocks ready to be released, allowing her clients to rise to their next level.

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Lesley Sprague, Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life so we can get to know you better.


Hi, I'm Lesley, an Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach. I am a Mom & Entrepreneur who enjoys the quiet of country life. We live on a small homestead with a large garden, for which I am still finding my green thumb, lol. We have eight chickens, a dog and a cat. I am passionate about returning things to the basics and living a simple life while enjoying the luxurious abundance life offers. We love to experiment with canning and making our bread; honestly, my husband is a better baker than me. I am in my sports mom era, and I love watching my kids grow and develop their passions and talents in hockey, baseball, and all the other sports they love doing. So most of the time, you can find me at the arena or the ball diamond. I love to spend time at our cottage on the water. I am a certified Yoga Instructor who loves spending time outside and moving my body.


I've always felt like I was a little different than others. I've always had a different view of how life works, believing that anything is possible, choosing to find the good in every situation, thinking that Western medicine wasn't the first stop on our family's healing journeys and that the mind can heal anything. But part of my journey in this lifetime is cementing those beliefs deep into my subconscious, not letting the views or opinions of others sway what I know in my core being.


I am here to lead goddesses to their awakening, and for me, that means leading by example. I learn things first, then apply and guide. I believe that we can create anything that we want in our life. We must first see it in the mind's eye and fall in love with it, and then we will manifest it into existence in our physical reality. Every thought you think is meant for you; otherwise, you wouldn't receive it. You can create whatever it is in your life if you choose.


What inspired you to become an Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach, and how has your journey shaped the development of your signature program, Source?


It found me. It was one of those divine interventions from the universe. At the time, I was at a networking event for my profession, where I discovered energy work. It quickly became a love affair. I fell down the rabbit hole of learning about spirituality, energy, personal development, and mindset, and I haven't looked back. I felt at home in my soul.


I realized that not everyone had a solid connection to their intuition like I did. The most interesting part was that I don't recall being intuitive when I was younger; I wasn't born with this gift. Intuition is a learned skill. I learned it, and upon using it daily, it quickly became stronger and stronger. As a result, I noticed the void and developed Source.


Your physical reality makes up only 10% of you and your power. Only 10%! That's crazy to me; we all have so much undeveloped potential. Most people don't realize they can connect to the other 90%. When you tap into what is invisible to the eye (your subconscious mind, intuition, connection to source), you can create whatever you want in life. Inside Source, I teach my

clients how to access it all with my step-by-step system, a systematic approach to connecting to it, and the more you do it, the stronger you get. Clients even begin noticing how their intuition shows up stronger throughout their day, more whispered wisdom from the universe when they aren't asking.


Can you elaborate on how your step-by-step process helps individuals develop their intuition, and what specific techniques or exercises are involved?


When I talk to most people about accessing their intuition, they get caught up in the "How" of it, don't know how to do it, or don't know if they are doing it right. A step-by-step process gives everyone a framework to follow while allowing the freedom to experience the process uniquely. Each person has different strengths and senses that are stronger than others, and each person has a different set of filters through which they experience how they see and interpret the world. So, what makes sense to me might be different for you. When developing your intuition, it is essential to allow your unique personality to shine through; much like no two bodies are alike, no one accesses their intuition the same.


I always teach my clients to connect to their intuition by first connecting to their breath. Then, I have them get grounded and centred. This process helps them get relaxed and connected to the present moment. Then, we begin to relax the mind, letting go of all the chatter to tap into the alpha mind, where all the magic happens. The Alpha state of the brain is the creative or daydream state of the mind when the brain is relaxed and awake. From this state, you can tap into infinite possibilities and access the vast knowledge of the universe.


Could you explain more about how you amplify group energy and elevate vibrations in your group programs and what benefits participants can expect to experience?


I have a unique ability to see and feel energy in its raw form, and because of this, I can play with the intensity of the power inside my group programs. Every person in my programs brings their own unique energy to the container, and each participant begins to calibrate at a higher level just by saying yes. When clients join my containers, they can see themselves at that level; they know they are meant for what I do because, in reality, I am just reflecting back to them what is in their divine truth. By entering my world, clients begin to elevate to the frequency that is created inside the container. They know that this is meant for them. I act as the divine channel for what is needed for everyone's greatest, purest growth. It becomes about releasing the old self and calibrating to the frequency they are meant for.


Every thought you have is meant for you; otherwise, you wouldn't have thought it. By choosing what you want in your world, choosing what you want to create opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and the universe brings these opportunities to you when you expand into the right frequency.


My clients are rare. They know now is the time to calibrate to their highest frequency and rise into their divine Goddess. It is their time. They know they are meant for more: more abundance,

more love, more joy, more freedom. They choose their destiny and create the business that goes along with it.


What motivated you to start The Energy of Manifestation Podcast, and what key insights or advice do you aim to share with your listeners?


I started my podcast to share my knowledge and insights with the world. I don't think the way most people do, and I don't see the world as most people do. As a result, I have a unique way of operating, and more people need to hear. My podcast has become one of my most vulnerable platforms; It's a place for me to be real and honest with my audience about what I am experiencing and how I am shifting, growing and aligning to my highest potential. My listeners experience real-life, in-the-moment energetic upgrades by listening because when I am in that space, I directly channel what needs to be heard from the universe. Often, I am called to do an energy clearing for my listeners, to clear blocks that keep them stuck. My listeners also have the opportunity to go deeper within the podcast and get exclusive content and transmissions by subscribing to the activation portal.


Can you share some examples of significant transformations that your clients have experienced after working with you and how your unique approach contributes to their rapid progress?


Clients broke through the blocks through my work, holding them back from earning $100,000 months. My clients could see the blocks in their business and, as a result, completely changed the direction of their marketing and unkinked their abundance hose. Clients were able to shift their perspective on relationships, creating more profound and more meaningful connections with their partners. Many of my clients unlocked the floodgates in their businesses and have experienced increased sales. I have even shared with a client that she may have been pregnant before my client was aware. Through continuous work, my clients have completely shifted from their old way of being; they allow more ease, freedom and abundance in their lives. My clients have released karmic blocks from their past lives, let go of generational patterns and felt the shift in calibrating to their new frequency.


In your bio, you mention your ability to see and move energy in various aspects of life. How do you identify and address energetic blocks in your clients, and what techniques do you use to facilitate their release and growth?


In everything that I do, I am always connected to my intuition. From there, everything comes up in a priority sequence. Some things must be released or shifted before moving on to the next thing. For example, when building a house, you can't start with the roof, then do the windows, then the plumbing. Things have a specific order in which they need to be attended to. So, I am always listening to and being guided by my intuition. Because I have such a strong connection to it, I always trust what comes up for me. I have training in a few different modalities, and my intuition always guides me to what is needed to release what is holding them back from their highest potential.

What inspired you to write your book Goddess Rising: A Journey of Self-Awakening? Can you share any information on it?


This is a funny story. Honestly, I had never thought of writing a book, like never ever, but I was chatting with a friend of mine and out of the blue, she asked me if I had ever thought of writing a book. I immediately said no, but then fear, a little anxiety and an overwhelming sense of you must do this washed over me. I knew that this was something that I had to do.


I have been on a journey, and I am on a journey. Diving deep into the programming of me, healing old wounds, understanding myself at the deepest level and aligning to the truth of who I am. About finally becoming the person I had always hidden away, about fully stepping into my highest potential. I knew that this was my story. Writing has quickly become a way of integrating and shifting for me. This may not make sense to some, but that's okay because this is for me. If I am honest, this journey doesn't always make sense to me either, repeating patterns I thought I had moved on from. This is why I am choosing to write my book, to share my story, because I know that this message is meant for others, too.


I want to bring you along on this journey of calibrating to your highest potential. I want to bring you along to rise into your Goddess. I knew that this information that is downloading through me couldn't wait. It can't wait to be released. It can't wait to be finished because this is needed now.


Goddess Rising: A Journey of Self – Awakening


Join me on a journey of self-awakening. This is a movement. This is why I have created a membership to accompany the book so that you can receive teachings that accompany each chapter, chapter releases and previews before the book is finished, access to weekly transmissions, a community, and so much more.


Goddess Rising is about allowing yourself to be free and step into your truth fully.


As a Goddess, you are confident, know your power, and are abundant. As a Goddess, you know your worth and deserve nothing less than the best. As a Goddess, you are a divine connection to the source; you have the power to create anything your heart desires inside the tip of your baby finger.


Rise Goddess Rise


It's time to release your old way of being, and I know you know this to be true. You have yearned for a while now; otherwise, you wouldn't be here searching.


The time is now.


If you are ready to Rise, dear Goddess, send me a DM for the link.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and visit my website for more info!

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