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Embracing Positive Life Transformation – Exclusive Interview With Anna Krzysztoszek

Anna Krzysztoszek has more than 20 years of international experience in business ‒ from large corporations to start-ups. She is the owner of Green Butterfly ‒ Coaching & Recruiting. The completion of her German and Dutch studies, her pedagogical education, the certificate of a Psychological Advisor and various business degrees, such as Master of Business Administration (MBA), reflect Anna's main focus and passion: combining her economical expertise with the always present interest in people and the art of making the best of our lives. This especially applies to professional matters ‒ after all, we spend a third of our life at our workplace.

Anna Krzysztoszek, Owner of Green Butterfly Coaching & Recruiting

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you, your life, and your business.

I am Anna, the owner of Green Butterfly – Coaching & Recruiting, which is a passion-based business for me! We offer customized coaching, recruiting, and consulting services for private and corporate customers. I currently live in Berlin, Germany. However, I was born in the seventies in at this time still communist Poland – so my life has been an adventure full of a wide range of different experiences and changes so far.

Why Green Butterfly – Coaching & Recruiting and how do you help your clients?

Good question! The business name is linked to a blog site I once ran. It stands for a positive life transformation and uplifting growth experience. I don’t believe we can or should stay the same during our lifetime. Change and transformation can be stressful and challenging experiences but they are a normal part of life. Green Butterfly emphasizes that change can lead to something positive and uplifting. Letting go of things, jobs, circumstances or even people does not have to be negative as it is linked to the experience of embracing new possibilities. What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

Generally everyone – private or corporate customers – who have the impression a change or improvement is needed, especially as far as professional matters are concerned. Do you feel you cannot stay in your old job or profession anymore? There are technics and ways to figure out what the next best step should look like. Do you feel as a business owner or leader, there is some support needed in finding the right people or raising the retention ratio in the existing team? We can support you here as well. Change, growth, and transformation are a natural part of life and it does not have to be overly stressful or dramatic – we help to embrace change, work out and implement the right solutions.

What would you like to achieve for yourself and your business in the future?

From a personal perspective, my business should remain passion-driven. Surely, there are tasks, activities, days, or weeks which are more frustrating or boring than others, but it is important for me I continue to put out there what I stand for. The freedom of creation and meaningful service combined with the ability and possibility to earn money from my passion makes me feel happy, fulfilled, and abundant.

What is your work inspired by?

One of my best friends asked me this question a while ago. She probably expected a name of a mentor or an author. But I am most inspired by my coaches and customers. Supporting somebody or a team that has been through a lot and is ready for change, ready to make an effort is a moving and inspiring experience. It just feels meaningful and important.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I think it was more an outcome of a process than one single moment. Accepting myself, the true me and not the image of me I had in my head was surely pivotal for where I am today. Probably most of us have a piece of garment in our closets that we do not wear often or have not worn at all until now! We tend to have an inner image of ourselves linked to what we should do, and who we should be. Accepting what is, what I like or dislike, my skills or lack of them, and my interest or disinterest in certain topics, became and still is a crucial point in my inner landscape. Another pivotal thing was probably letting go of irrational fear or at least learning to manage it. It surely contributed as well to where I am today. Luckily, both abilities – accepting what is and letting go of irrational fears – can be trained and learned, so that every transformational life moment can be managed more confidently and calmly, no matter how strong the storm outside appears to be.

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